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Chapter 4 - Supplies

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Jet Star and Fun Ghoul go on a little mission.

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After we’d all eaten, Jet Star and I volunteered to go out and try and sneak some more supplies: spare batteries, ray guns and first aid kits. The dracs had set up a bunch of service stations in the zones 1-4, filled with all sorts of supplies they used. But a lot of them had been abandoned in zones further from 1 and 2, as Korse killed more and more killjoys and it seemed safer for them to stay closer to town; they didn’t have to fear attacks from us anymore, there weren’t enough of us to fight. Luckily for us, most of them had been abandoned with all the stuff left in them. Unluckily for us, they were randomly spread about and weren’t always simple to find.

Jet and I found plain black suits and white shirts in the wardrobe, in the hopes that we would look like we belonged in zone 1 and weren’t killjoys, just in case we ran into any dracs. Of course, we had our guns just in case, but if we could pass as civilians it would be a hell of a lot easier. I still didn’t like wearing it, though. It made me feel like I’d given up all of my beliefs, given up on everything good in the world and joined them, even though I knew it was just for safety. The look on Jet Star’s face told me he was thinking the same thing.
With ray guns and a walkie talkie hidden, we headed outside.


We had been walking for what seemed like hours, though I could tell from the sun’s position in the sky that it had only been about one hour or so. We hadn’t crossed into zone 3 yet, we were hoping to find one soon whilst trailing around zone 4 before taking a risk like that. We were constantly vigilant for any signs of life, we couldn’t be caught off guard, or we’d probably never make it back.

It was almost twilight by the time we found a building, which resembled a small hut: Exactly what we had been searching for. We tried to hide in the shadows as we made our way closer to the building, just in case anyone was inside. We didn’t want to give them time to call for backup before we even got to the building. We sneaked up to the side of the building, trying to peek through the small windows (well, Jet had no trouble but I had to stand right on the tip of my toes to see over the high windows).

“I can’t see anyone in there.” Jet whispered.
“Shall we check it out?” I asked, getting my gun out. He nodded once and we made our way to the door, staying close to the side of the building. Taking a deep breath, we opened the door and ran inside, guns in our outstretched hands, looking for any sign of movement. But there was none.

I found a switch on the wall, and light flooded the hut. There were nothing but crates and cardboard boxes covering most of the dusty floor, half of which were empty.

“Bingo!” I heard Jet Star shout, standing over a box half full with batteries. Next to it was a crate with a few guns piled in, which would definitely come in handy if the new killjoys we met didn’t have enough. If we met them, that was, we didn’t even know what the rest of the riddle meant, or if we were right about the parts we had discovered.

Together, we grabbed the guns and put them in the box with the batteries. I spotted some first aid kits in a corner and grabbed those, putting them in the box too. We had to be quick; it wasn’t certain how long we’d have before anyone noticed the light.

“We all set?” I asked. There didn’t look like anything else of value there for us.
“Um… Yep. Let’s go.” Jet Star said, his eyes scouring the room quickly once more. We grabbed the box, and I switched off the lights and closed the door on my way out.

We took it in turns carrying the box, walking for about an hour before realising that we had no idea where we were.
“Uh… let’s try to get hold of Poison or Kobra…” I said sheepishly, putting the box down and looking for the walkie.

“Uh… Poison? Kobra?” I spoke into the walkie, watching Jet Star kick up dust and curse under his breath in exasperation.
“Hello?” I asked. Why were neither of them answering? I stood there for a minute, trying to see if I could spot anything recognisable in the distance.
“HELLO?!” I half shouted into the walkie.
“Fuck! Hi, are you guys almost back yet? You’ve been gone for ages.” Kobra’s voice came out in a muffled fuzz.
“Why didn’t you answer the first two times? And, uh, we’re a little lost…”
“Can a guy not take a piss?” I rolled my eyes. “Right… Don’t tell me anything that could get you caught. Do you, er… Can you see anything you saw on the way?”
Jet had come and stood next to me in order to hear what Kobra was saying. We both looked around again, “Um. No, nothing.” I admitted.
“One sec.” Kobra said, and everything was silent for a couple of minutes.

“Hey, guys, we’re gonna come try and find you. Hang tight and lie low. You’re still in the same zone as us, I assume?” Poison asked, not wanting to mention any specific details over the unsafe line.
“Yeah we are.” Jet chimed in.
“’Kay. See you soon.”

We hauled the box over to a large bush, which was just about the only thing we could see in the surrounding area. No use waiting in the middle of nowhere with no protection.


The sun had fully risen by the time I noticed our car on the horizon. I smiled and nudged Jet Star, who was half-asleep on the floor, and we picked up the box, walking in the direction of the car.

“Found ya!” I heard Poison’s voice through the walkie. I grabbed my own and said a quick “Fuck yea!” into it as the car approached. I smiled as they both got out, and we put the box down.
“Guess what? We worked out the first line whilst you were gone! Zone 6. Last for all, but it’s first choice for us!” Kobra said, as he and Poison picked up the box and put it in the trunk.
“We got batteries! And spare guns in case the other thirteen need them.” I said, getting into the car. I could hear an odd echo of myself as I was talking and realised it was coming from the walkie at the front. I still had the button pressed down on mine.

“Oops.” I said, realising it and chucking it on the empty seat as the other three got into the car.
“You know the way back from here, right?” Jet Star asked.
“Of course. We’ll find it easily.” Kobra said.

We began to drive back, discussing all of the pieces of the riddle and how they could fit together.
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