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Melody’s POV:
“Ry, what do you want to drink?” I asked, as we entered Starbucks. “I’ll have… Three triple chocolate cookies, and a chocolate frappuccino with extra cream!!” he said, and I grimaced at the amount of sugar. Great, hyper Ryan was all I needed. No, before you ask, I’m not cheating on Brendon, and Ry’s not cheating on Luna. Every now and then, Luna and Brendon go off and do ‘Sister and Brother’ stuff… And Ryan and I go out for coffee or something similar…
We sat down in our usual seat in Starbucks, over by the window on the comfy sofas. Ryan with his mountain of cookies, and extra extra large chocolate frappuccino with extra extra cream, and me with my strawberry frappuccino with normal amount of cream and ONE white chocolate cookie. “So, how’s things with you and Loony?” I asked him, and he smiled at my nickname for Luna. “Great, thanks!” He said, as he took a massive slurp from his drink. “What do you reckon they do on their idiot’s day outs?” Ryan asked, and I smiled, and said, “Well, Brendon said once that they do family stuff.” “No way do they go to church, or anything like that. They’d kick Luna out, some of the stuff she says!” Ryan said, and I giggled, knowing exactly what he meant. “Hmm…” He said, pushing the now empty cookie plate away. “They were good…” I nodded. “Yes, they probably were, but you won’t be having any more, because A- you’ll be sick, and B- I’m paying!” he laughed, then frowned, “When have I ever been sick from too much chocolate?” I shrugged. “There’s a first for everything. Don’t you remember when Brendon drank too much vodka and he puked all over you?” Ryan grimaced at the memory. “And remember when May went on that boat after fish & chips?” I nodded, “That was disgusting! But pretty funny.” Suddenly, Ryan’s phone began to ring. He took it out of his pocket, and saw Spencer’s name come up on the caller I.D. “Oh what does he want, he knows right now is Ryan&Melody time! Why’s he calling? Better answer, Jon might have done something naughty, again!” He said, picking up the phone.
“Hello?” he said.
“Hi, Ryan, I think you’d better come over here. Right now.” he said, urgently.
“Aw, man do I have to? I’m with Melody!”
“Bring her. It concerns her too!” he said, and put the phone down with a hasty “bye”.
“I guess we’d better go,” said Ryan, and put his phone in his pocket and taking out his car keys. We went back to Ryan’s car and he drove us to Spencer and Kirsty’s. “Well, c’mon,” he said, as we walked through to the living room, “spill the beans!”

Luna’s POV:
“Brendon!” I called, as he followed me out of the door, “Spencer is calling me… Check your phone and see…” “He’s called me too. 19 times.” he cut across me, before I could even finish my sentence. “Why didn’t you answer?” I asked, crossing my arms. “Because my phone was on silent.” He replied. “Well, he’s your best mate, I suggest you call him back!” I said, sticking my tongue out at him. “Okay, keep your wig on!” he said.
“You want us to come to yours? Why dude, we’re busy! Fine, see you in five.”
“So, I take it we’re going to Spencer’s?” I asked, and he nodded. And we climbed into his car.

Melody’s POV:
“Soooo, Spence, you gonna tell us what the hell is going on?” I asked. “Yeah, I am, when Brendon and Luna get here.” a car pulled up on the drive. “They’re here.” said Ryan who was sat next to me.

5 minutes later…
Kirsty shook her head. “Spence, you’re not gonna achieve anything from this, honey, why don’t you just…” “NO!” he yelled. “Ryan and Melody don’t need to be deceived any longer.” “Are you okay, May?” I asked. She was mega pale. “Yeah I’m just…” she groaned, and ran to the bathroom. “She’s not very well…” said Jon, running after her. There was an awkward silence, which Brendon broke, by saying “sooooooo…” “so what?!” said Spencer. “Spill the bean man!” said Brendon, and I laughed. I was sat on him, and Ryan was sat on Luna. “Well, earlier, Kirsty offered to make me a cuppa. And she did, but she dropped the sugar.” “Cool story bro.” Said Ryan, and I laughed. “But the sugar never hit the floor. Because Kirsty’s a witch, and she magically stopped the sugar from hitting the floor.” I caught Ryan’s eye, and we both burst out laughing. “OH MY GOD! Spencer, your imagination is brilliant!” Ryan said. I nodded in agreement. I turned to look at Brendon, who was doing his best to look like he also found it hilarious, but there was a look in his eye that said he was concerned. Luna’s face was the same. Kirsty was biting her lip, and (now that they were back, May and Jon were shooting glances at each other. “And… The rest of the story?!” I said, impatiently. “Okay, so I nearly passed out from shock. And then May and Jon showed up here, May ranting on about how Jon had bitten her, and that she was a vampire. Having just seen magic, I could accept that they were telling the truth. There was no way it was a coincidence. Then, Kirsty and Jon started telling me the rest. Jon told me that you two,” he pointed to the Uries, “Are in on the act. Is that true?” I looked at Brendon, and he looked away. I stood up. “BRENDON!” he hung his head. “great,” I said, ready to go mental. “AND YOU WERE PLANNING ON FREAKING TELLING ME WHEN? NO, OBVIOUSLY IT’S NOT IMPORTANT TO TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR ANYTHING.” I said, and with that, I left the room. “leave her, she’ll chill out later.” I heard Ryan say, “Although, I’m pretty pissed that you never told me before, Luna. I thought there were no secrets in this relationship.”
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