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4- No Use Crying

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I was trying to steal my best friend's wife now.

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"Please don't go Kacy. Let's just talk about this!" Brendon pleaded, following me to Spencer's car. Spencer still hadn't moved. He looked horrified.

"I have nothing to talk about." I yelled at him, unable to keep my voice lowered. "I may not fucking turn you on anymore but that doesn't give you a license to cheat."

"What? Of course you fucking turn me on." Brendon said, grabbing my arm. "I don't want anyone other than you Kacy. That's how it's always been, you know that. What the fuck is this about? Did Spencer fill your head with some bullshit?"

"Don't pull him in to this." I snapped. "Unlike you, I don't pull my friends in to our relationship." Oh god, I now felt out of control. I was just so fucking mad. Where did I even think I'd go? I only had Brendon.

"Hey, don't cry." Brendon said, surprising me. I didn't even realize I was crying. "I'm not cheating on you honey... It's just your hormones." I was so sick of people saying that. "Once that baby comes out you'll be back to normal."

"I'm still me." I whispered, feeling severely depressed. "It's not like I've turned in to an alien or something Brendon."

"Sure, sure..." Brendon said, using what he had to assume was a soothing voice. It wasn't very soothing. It made me feel as if he were trying to talk to me like I was a baby.

"I just want to get something to eat."

"Then let's go." Brendon said, gently grabbing on to my hand, letting go of my arm.

I shook my hand away from his, shaking my head as well. "No, I want to go with Spencer."

He frowned but didn't say anything as I opened the car door, shutting it in his face. I felt so cruel as I looked at his sad face but... he was hurting me. It wasn't the hormones. It was him! Why did he have to act as if I were overreacting?


"Yeah Kacy?" Spencer looked over at me.

"My hand hurts." I finally cried out, having been holding the pain in.

Spencer sighed and reached over, taking hold of my hand. I stared out the window, watching Brendon stare at us.

"Can you move your fingers for me?" Spencer asked.

Slowly I did.

"Nothing is broken but be more careful. Next time tell me if you want someone to hit Brendon. I'll do it for you." Spencer joked.

I laughed, "Can we just go somewhere? I know we just got back but I- I don't want to be here."

Spencer smiled, "Of course. Where to?"


"Anywhere it is."


(Brendon's POV)

I hadn't had enough time to sober up. I still smelled like sex. What had I been thinking? Of course Kacy would catch on. What had it been... three months? I'd been cheating on my wife for three months.

I was a scum bag but... I couldn't bring myself to stop. Why couldn't I stop?

"What the hell was that about?" Ryan asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Hormones." I mumbled, knowing it was more than that.

"Oh." Ryan said, finding that to be a perfectly acceptable answer.

That answer wouldn't last for very long though. Kacy had finally snapped. How much more could she take before she decided to leave me? I couldn't let that happen.


(Spencer's POV)

"No french fries dipped in milkshake?" I asked, jokingly.

Kacy wrinkled her nose in disgust. "No way." She laughed, "How about for you?"

"I'm not feeling any pregnancy cravings actually." I said, grinning.

"Sometimes I wish I wasn't pregnant." Kacy whispered, frowning. "Is that... terrible?"

I paused, surprised by the admission. "... No. People have doubts all the time."

"It makes me feel terrible but it's like me being pregnant has ruined everything. I still love Brendon but it's not the same."

"Just give it time." Back to trying to save their relationship. I couldn't help myself. "Maybe after the baby comes..."

"Things will get harder Spence, not easier."

I shrugged, "Well, if that's true then leave him." I covered my mouth immediately. Had I really just said that?

Kacy looked at me in surprise, "Really?"

"If you feel like you should." I muttered, blushing. "I can always... help you."

"What do you mean?"

"If Brendon doesn't step up and take care of the baby with you then you know I'll always be around to help. So will Ryan and Jon." Bringing Ryan and Jon up seemed to lighten the situation. Holy shit. I was trying to steal my best friend's wife now. Oh dear God, I was a terrible man.

Kacy looked down at her french fries and sighed heavily, saying nothing. We were all digging holes. Would we be able to help each other out of them?
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