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Happiness Is A Warm Gun

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Things start to be uncovered.

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It was the next day that the doorbell on the home of Matt and Kim Hausman rang for the first time. It was a slow day, and Matt had been crying over his shoes all day. Meanwhile, Kim had other worries. Was somebody invading her home? Did somebody already live here? Were they being driven out. All that morning, Kim heard giggles wherever she went- the shower, the bedroom, the hall, even the garage. She had sworn that she'd seen a small figure with dark hair out of the corner of her eye, but she figured it was just a shadow or a reflection. Finally, the afternoon rolled around, and brought about the unexpected visitor.
When she opened the door, Kim had almost been apprehensive about talking to the person. She wasn't one for human contact, and the amount of tattoos on this man didn't calm her.
"Hi, my name is Frank Iero. My wife and I live down the street and I've been wanting to introduce my family to you for a while, but I just didn't get to it...", said the man.
"Oh, I'm Kim Hausman. My husband and I just moved here from Alton, Illinois."
"Where's that?"
"It's about an hour away from St. Louis."
"Oh", he answered. The two stood on the doorstep for about two minutes before Kim invited him in and led him to the couch.
"You can just make yourself at home. Would you like some lemonade?"
"Oh, no. That's fine, thank you."
"Well, if you're hungry, let me know... Do you have kids", Kim asked.
"Yes- two girls. Cherry and Lily."
"Well, we're expecting a girl as well, so it'll be nice to have people in the neighborhood we can socialize with...", she said. She was about to stop when she remembered the shoes. "Speaking of which, is there a "Mikey" in this neighborhood?"
Frank's eyes went rather wide at this.
"That's a name I didn't think I didn't think I'd ever hear again in this house. I'm sorry. I must be going."
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