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"the way kid is gonna turn the new kid into an emo, what a fag" i heard a blonde girl wearing waaay to much mascara say. "well at least gerard doesnt look like he fell face first in an oompa loom...

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_gerards p.o.v
it has been days since frank has been in school and I'm starting to get really worried about him, his auntie said he couldn't be at the phone when i called, implying that he was in no fit state to talk. what if something awful happened? i don’t know what i would do if something did. I would probably hate myself for never making a move or telling him how I feel-
"FAG!" some dickhead jock yelled at me as he pushed past interrupting my thoughts, causing me to drop my books i was cradling in my arms.
"shit, fucking jocks" i muttered to myself.
"you okay man?" a male voice with a strong American accent asked me
"yeah, yeah, its cool." i said to this guy that was wearing red converses. i stood up to face this mysterious stranger, it was bert.
"oh my god bert! what are you doing here, at this school?"
"oh nothing really, i just got kicked out of my old one." he said staring at his feet in shame
"what did you do this time?"
"well depends if you mean what i did to get in trouble or what i did to get in trouble when i was in trouble."
"what?" i was lost
"well, first i was smoking weed with the guys in out of bounds area..." this is typical for Bert, i swear he wants to be caught
"...and then when we were called up to the head masters office, before he came in i put drawing pins on his chair, he knew it was me of course because that's like my 'trademark prank'." he explained still looking at the floor
"gawwd Bert, what am i ever gonna do with you eh?" I said trying to lighten the mood a bit
"i dont know, no one does." we walked down the corridor in silence until we reached the lunch hall
"ya know, i still think about you, I dream about you gerard." he looked at me hopefully. i stopped in my tracks causing a few people behind us to mutter "stupid fag" and "fucking emo".
"Bert dont even start-"
"Why not?" he cut me off looking kinda frustrated and flustered
"Because whatever you feel felt for me is in the past, i dont have feelings for you like i said then, okay?"
"i guess...i love having you as a friend." i wasnt sure about the tone of his voice, it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself rather than me
"coolbeans." the bell went and made bert jump out of his skin
"i have science next, you?"
"i have science too!" bert replied suddenly bouncy and happy, not as bouncy and happy as frank...god I miss him
"mr wroath."
"me too." i stated rather than replied.
berts p.o.v.
by the time we got to science the crowds had died down and only a few people who had been sent out of class were roaming the halls. i opened the inky blue door and the class went quiet and started whispering amongst themselves "the way kid is gonna turn the new kid into an emo, what a fag" i heard a blonde girl wearing waaay to much mascara say.
"well at least gerard doesnt look like he fell face first in an oompa loompas concealer!" the dumb bimbo look like she was going to cry. (hahahahaha)
"what did you say to my girlfriend?" a big chunky looking jock stood up and faced me, so close that my long dark hair fluttered slightly as he breathed on me
"oh, am i about to get and insult from a guy with not even half the IQ of a chiuaua." the whole class gasped including gerard.
"oh come on! that wasnt even a bad insult!" i said craning my head around the great lump. everyone was watching us including mr wroath who was pretty sucked into the drama of all this. gerard tapped me on the shoulder.
"they arent gasping at your insult..." gerard whispered in my ear his breath timgling my skin
"...they are gasping because of who you said it to!" i sensed an element of fear in his voice
"oh come on!" i yelled to the class
"like i would be afraid of winnie the pooh here." i said still craning my neck around the guy gesturing toward him. gerard tapped my shoudler again
"NO! bert, the last guy he got in a fight with ended up in hospital!" gerard said hurriedly in a loud whisper. i felt my heart jump as he told me this fact. oh shit. the jock swung a very forceful very unco-ordinated punch at bert and he dodged it easily leaving his first to go pummelling into the wall. the whole class gasped again as the jock swore under his breath. he held out his hand to show a throbbing red thumb looking slightly knocked out of place. mr wroath walked across the room to break us up.
"you broke your thumb? how the fuck do you punch?" i said balling up my fist and showing him how to do it properly
"i was wrong you dont have half the IQ of a chiuaua you have half the IQ of a braindead chicken!" the class gasped yet again
"ohhh would you give it a rest, the guy broke his thumb hes just gonna go crying home to his mom." his face was the colour of beetroot from both anger and embarrassment
"okaaay lads, break it up and go back to your seats." mr wroath spoke out before returning to his perch by the whiteboard.
a lesson later...

the bell rang leaving the shrill noise ringing in our ears.
"McCracken? stay after class please." mr wroath said to me
"wait for me?" i asked gerard. he nodded
"bert is it?"
"yeah sir"
"the display earlier was not.-" he cut himself off by trying not to laugh. i raised my left eyebrow as he turned red as a tomatoes
"im sorry, i cant punish you..." he said still smiling
"why not? NOT that im complaining."
"because chris is the worst student i have ever taught, he constantly chats, he never stops bullying people, i cant punish you for standing up for gerard, i quite like you McCracken...the funny thing is i can punish chris for swinging at you." we both chuckled, mine was a bit forced
"now run along and steer clear of chris, i have seen what he can do to people."
"thanks sir see ya." i opened the door grinning, meeting gerards adorable confused face tha made him look like a five year old
"why you smiling?"
"because mr. wroath let me off." i said smiling to myself
"well thats great! at least you wont get excluded on your first day!" he grinned and i was finding it hard to tell whether it was forced or legit. i dont know him anymore, he's shyer, more timid he doesnt stand up for himself. were is the old gerard? the one that gave jocks what they deserved? the one that i loved? the one that loved me?
YAAAAAY NEW CHARACTER!!! are you getting to grips with who bert is yet??? i hope you enjoyed this. i put a friends reference in there for eilidh (you broke your thumb? how the fuck do you punch?) i know joey didnt say fuck but it suited bert better to say fuck :D i hope you guys enjoyed and i loved writing this chapter
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