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Gerard slammed me up against the wall again before lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and wrapped my arms around his neck.

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The whole ride back to the apartment, I couldn't stop thinking about what he said about our relationship. I really hoped he meant it. I hoped this was more than just friends. I needed it to be more than that. My feelings were stronger than that.

Gerard parked in the parking lot and we walked into the building in silence. When we got to the fourth floor, we paused in front of our doors. I wanted more than anything to sleep at his place again, but then again I really wanted to be in my own bed.

I turned to face him, “I should probably go change.” I yawned, “I'm pretty tired. I might just sleep in my apartment tonight.”

I watched as his face fell, but he nodded, “Yea. That's probably a good idea.”

I leaned toward him and pressed my lips to his before turning and heading into my apartment. I could feel Gerard's eyes on me as I left him standing in the hallway. As soon as I was in my apartment, I flipped on the lights and sighed. I knew I was probably making a mistake. I should have just stayed with him.

I had just started to head for my bedroom when I heard my door open. I turned to see Gerard walk in. He smiled, sheepishly, “Sorry. I just can't sleep without you. Can I stay over?”

My heart instantly started to beat ten times faster. I thought I would have a heart attack. I just nodded, not able to speak. This was working out perfectly. The next thing I knew Gerard pushed me up against the wall, his hands trying to pull my shirt over my head. I reached down and grabbed the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head and throwing it on my floor.

I reached for Gerard's shirt as he pressed his lips to mine, again. I could feel the passion. I could tell that he not only wanted this, he needed it. We both did.

I let go of his shirt and let my arms snake around his neck, my hands grabbing onto his hair. Gerard reached down and undid my jeans. Within seconds he was pulling my jeans and boxers down, letting them drop around my ankles.

I stepped out of them and pressed my body closer to his. I couldn't think of anything else I wanted more than to have him. Gerard's arms snaked around my waist and held me as tightly as he could to him, without crushing me.

I broke the kiss and stepped away from him just long enough to pull his shirt off and undo his jeans. Before I had a chance to pull his pants off, he already had them on the floor. It took him less than a second to be back on me. I let my hands explore his naked flesh, trying to take in as much of him as I could.

Gerard slammed me up against the wall again before lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and wrapped my arms around his neck.

He broke the kiss, only to begin kissing my neck. His lips on my flesh was exhilarating. It had been so long since I had been intimate with someone. I heard myself moan.

He pressed his lips to mine and put his hands under my thighs. He stepped away from the wall and headed down the hallway toward my bedroom. As soon as we were in the room, he lay me on the bed. As soon as I was comfortable on my bed, he was climbing on top of me, straddling my waist.

He smiled down at me, before pressing his lips to mine again. I couldn't take it much longer, I needed him inside of me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer to me and deepening the kiss.

Without any warning, I felt him slip inside me. Intense pain shot through me, but was soon transformed into complete pleasure as he sped up his thrusts. I leaned up and pressed my lips to his, letting my hands explore his flesh. I felt him moan against my lips and I smiled. He was enjoying it just as much as I was.

I broke the kiss and began kissing his neck, trying to pleasure him as much as he was pleasuring me. This went on for a few minutes before he finally hit my spot. I let out a load moan, which could surely be heard throughout the building, but I didn't care. I gripped his shoulders, tightly. I heard him gasp, and I assumed my fingernails were digging into his skin. If he cared he didn't say anything. I could feel myself getting closer with every thrust.

I was about ready to lose it, when he pulled out. I looked up at him, confused. He just smiled and took me in his mouth. I let out another moan. I had never had anyone do anything like that before. I almost couldn't believe what was happening.

My hands left his shoulders in exchange for his jet black hair. I gripped it tightly, tugging on it. That was it, I couldn't take anymore. I moaned loudly, getting closer and closer to my climax each time he took me in. Before I knew it, I felt my muscles tighten and my back arched as I came in his mouth. He continued sucking me off for a few more seconds before coming back up to my face and pressing his lips to mine. I could taste myself behind his lips, but I didn't care.

He swung his leg over me and lay beside me, panting just as hard as I was. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Today just seemed to get better and better.

I looked at Gerard lying beside me and couldn't help but smile. It felt everything in my life was falling into place. I never wanted this moment to end. Everything was perfect. I was happy. For the first time since Sam died, I was genuinely happy.
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