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Oh! Kyo's done it again!

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Kyo finds love in an American called Angie on the dance floor...

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Kyo was alone as usual but he didn't mind. He was busting some moves on the dance floor to LM.C. It wasn't his usual type of music but well....he was drunk. He felt someone dancing next to him. "Hey" a sexy voice purred. He turned around to see an American girl about his height with bright blue eyes looking at him. "Hi", He stopped dancing and turned to face her. "I'm Angie," She said ,"Wanna dance with me". Kyo sure had scored good tonight. "Sure" He rpelied with a rare grin. "I love this song" Angie said. "Punky heart, right?", Kyo asked, doing a random dance move which made her laugh. "I love your laugh already and I've only know you, what two minutes?", Kyo laughed along with her before they leaned forward at the same time to kiss. "Maybe we should take this somewhere privet?", She asked with a grin on her lips. "Yeah" Kyo knew what exactly she meant...

Angie and Kyo managed to find an unoccupied room down a long hallway. It was a smallr oom with a kingsize bed and purple walls. Simple yet cool. He lay down on the bed and unzipped his jeans and pulled Angie down with him. She gasped as he removed his underwear with no hesitation. "Your turn", Kyo grinned, sexily. She stripped out of her little school girl outfit and lay next to Kyo's now naked body. "You ready?" She asked, winking at the vocalist. "Hell yeah", He said, pulling the girl on top of him and she started moving back and forth on top of him. Kyo let out a moan and pushed deeper into the girl who let out a shriek. He stopped. "What's wrong?" He asked, concerned. "Nothing.." Angie said as she carried on. He gripped her arm hard as he went even deeper inside of her and couldn't hold it back any longer. Kyo came inside the girl and she moaned as it dripped down her thighs. Kyo could hear the party playing Obscure from their Vulgar album. he smirked as he said, "Some Dir En Grey fans eh? Bet they don't even know I'm here". "Oh...I don't love you because you're Kyo the sexy vocalist, I love you because you're unique" Angie said sweetly, kissing her new found lover. "I know, cutie", Kyo grinned. Angie kneeled down and said, "You want me to do it?". Toshiya was the last person to do this to Kyo and nobody else even in the band knew about it. It was one night when Shinya had gone to bed and Die and Kaoru had left and they wre both very drunk. "Please" Kyo said but it came out more of a moan.
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