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Tonight the World Dies

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(A/N this is going to get very political and very offensive really fast. I’m trying to be realistic, and I’m following the American History. The Way family would historically be against slavery but be mildly to extremely racist. If there are political themes you don’t agree with, I probably don’t agree with them either. Keep in mind that you are supposed to fecking hate Mikey. And I’m sorry, I’ve realized the language I use is terribly new-fashioned, but that can’t be helped at the moment. Oh, this is likely the weirdest chapter I’ve ever written… And it’s kinda repetitive… sorry)

Gerard sighs, looking out across the land he calls his own. The dirt trials leading up to his home will soon bring his brother to him, bring someone he is ashamed of, but the country is proud of, to him for a feast. A feast to Gerard’s daughter’s short life, a feast for Saint Nicholas and a feast for a new year filled with hopes.

Gerard can’t wait for Michael to leave, and he hasn’t even arrived yet. Michael always puts Lindsey on edge, ever since he hit her. The womenfolk have been properly warned to hold their tongues no matter the insult aimed at them, and to do everything the master of the house (Gerard) says.

Franklin (A/N LOL finally got an excuse to call him that) and Jamia have been instructed to stay within calling distance of each other in the presence of Michael, or at least Jamia must be accompanied while talking to Michael should that occur. Perhaps a few pleasantries will be shared, but nothing more than that will be exchanged between the two parties in all likelihood, mainly due to Michael’s disregard for women. But Gerard does not want to take chances, or risk any one person’s well being.

It’s not simple for Gerard to dislike his younger brother; it took a long time for Gerard to realize how much he truly did despise Michael. Between siblings, there are generally three feelings. You don’t know one another well enough to judge, you hate them or you love them. Gerard switched from loving to hating Michael, something he never thought would happen. But with Michael’s violent tendencies, his deep Christian faith turned Gerard from his brother.

Civil conversations between the two was rare for years, from when Gerard was sixteen to twenty, when he finally learned to hold his tongue for Michael. No, not the other way around. While Gerard may technically be head of the Way family, Michael is the only one considered worthy of much of anything. Gerard is pleasant enough but doesn’t take enough risks, and Michael is a politician living in Washington with a very wealthy socialite wife.

Anyone would choose the well-known Michael over the secluded Gerard. Michael is a good friend to have politically, but it’s like skating on thin ice—you never know when you’ll fall through. Gerard is steady, there’s no thrill in knowing him. It’s simple arithmetic; you want to be with Michael if you need any behind the scenes dealings, with Gerard if you want a good laugh. Oddly enough, most people chose Michael.

“It won’t be as bad as you think it will be.” Frank says from behind Gerard, rubbing his tense shoulders as the sunsets. Gerard sighs yet again, not wanting to have to let his Frankie go for a week while Michael visits.

“I don’t believe you’ve ever met my brother. It’s going to be positively horrid.” Gerard protests Frank’s voiced beliefs.

Frank rolls his eyes. “You need to lighten up. It’ll be fine. We just need to stay apart, and everything will be fine.”

“You… do you want to stay apart?” Gerard asks, nerves blinding his logic.

Frank chuckles. “Of course not. I am breaking the law to be with you. Don’t worry, just relax. I’ll always want to be with you.” Frank promises, hugging Gerard around the waist. Gerard leans back into the hug, relaxing for a moment.

“Thank you, Frankie.” Gerard smiles. Maybe having Michael vacation at the mansion for a week won’t be so bad after all.

time lapse

Horses kicked up the dust as the carriage proceeded down the road at a sow pace, making its way to the Way manor ever so slowly. There are two horses pulling the elegant wooden carriage, their hooves clacking against each other like Gerard imagines two coconuts would. (Monty Python reference anyone?)

The carriage is obviously expensive; there are rich colors for the blinds, and they’re made of thick fabrics for winter travels, as it is winter and there is a light layer of snow. The carriage is of high quality wood with patterns engraved on it. It’s not too fancy, wouldn’t want to attract thieves or bandits (a word Gerard has trouble saying after his daughter’s untimely passing). It’s attractive, and something one would suspect to belong to an upperclassmen yet be caught somewhere in the middle.

Carriage drivers carry pistols at all times.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the carriage pulls up to the front of the house where the Ieros and the Ways stand at full attention, (I’m)patiently waiting for their guests to arrive. Gerard repetitively straightens out his already perfectly ironed shirt, nervous and somehow trying to make himself perfect for the brother he loves and hates so much.

The carriage comes to a halt, and a pale driver (fact: Channel popularized tans later in time than this, to tan is like the shit to be) hops out of his seat, his legs no doubt sore from the carriage ride but his face doesn’t show it. He immediately opened the carriage door, his face impassive. Out stepped a dark skinned woman, followed by an almost tanned woman with high cheekbones and dark brown hair, almost black matched with dark eyes.

Then out stepped a lanky man with pale skin and a dignified, pretentious look about him.

(A/N I’m too happy to write about Mikey, and I STILL have writer’s block. I promise the next chapter by my birthday… which is in April. Oh, and Mikey should have gotten out of the carriage first [chivalry an’ shit] but it was more dramatic this way. LOL, I had a really crazy story idea that would confuse the feck out of everyone…we’ll see if I post that or not.
Sorry this is so short. It’s been like 2 chapters of just anticipating Mikey. But y’all, you’re going to find out why I killed Bandit soon… I think. In the next couple of chapters. God, I’m so fecking ecstatic!

LOL I just learned you can add yourself to your favorite authors... I never thought you could.)
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