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Know Your Enemy

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Green Day title. They arrive! (fucking finally)

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(A/N: I am trying to make this more historically realistic. I'm going to tell you right now that there will be racism, but Im going to try and keep it out of the focused conversation. Again, in this time in American History African Americans had jut been freed from slavery. Racism was fucking huge, even in Union states. So yes... It would seem that this has minor racist characteristics, and I'm sorry if you take offense. Once again, I stress how much I really am NOT RACIST. This story is about homophobia but the time period... I think you got it.)

Gerard stands with a fake smile shoved on his face, Lindsey to his right, then Frank and Jamia. Gerard carefully arranged them just so-- the master of the house, his wife on his right side where a queen would be were this a medieval castle, guests in assorted places but the male always closest to the right if at all possible. They all hope, the queer Ways more than the Ieros, that Michael won't suspect anything is amiss-- amiss to normal society, that is.

No one is allowed to behave coquettishly with one of the same sex, every one person is to remain with their wed partner and no one else. For five days, the duration of Michael's stay. They're not particularly happy about this, but they've sinned enough times during the last few days to make up for the work-week they must go without.

Michael and his company, Alicia and a black servant girl, walk the short gravel path interrupting the green grass to the inflated house, a sun umbrella held over Alicia by the servant.  There's a happy grin under that umbrella, a look that makes you just expect her to open up her arms and pull you into a delighted embrace. But of course she has to wait to hug any one, wait for their permission in the case of being of the male sex, lest her husband become cross.

Michael is tall-- taller than Gerard (and certainly much taller than Frank) and has long, lanky limbs. His thin pink lips form a straight line, and his eyes seem to hold some trace of intelligence behind his wire rimmed spectacles. His gaze is steady as he takes in his environment, his steps even and well-placed. If he just gained a few pounds he would look like any other confident man working high up in government.

The group climbs the steps to the Way Manor and its occupants, stopping before the head Way. The umbrella is put away,Gerard and Michael quickly look each other over with the same searching eyes, looking for any changes or weaknesses. Neither acquires any new information, Gerard already knowing some of Michael's secrets while Michael stays in the dark with nothing to hold over his older brother.

"Gerard." Michael nods, the words sliding off his tongue roughly, breaking the spell of silence that had overcome the front yard. "Brother." He says the word sans any form of endearment, like it can be used for anyone seen fit. 

"Hello, Michael." Gerard greets, his features covered by his faux happiness. "I'm glad to see you're doing well. How was your journey? I have a room prepared for you and your wife to settle into."

Micael nods. "It's wonderful to you again, also. We will eat supper and then retire, if you wouldn't mind. The travel here was tiring, but without any derailments or serious difficulties."

More false smiles spring onto Gerard's face. "That will do quite well, I believe. Supper will be in a three quarter's hour; you can rest in your chamber until then. I'll have a servant lead you, and a room next door for your servant."

Michael nods his agreement, moving on to greet Lindsey, Alicia taking up the slot in front of the eldest Way brother. She crosses her ankles and out bends her knees, bunching up her flowing skirts in her hands as she sinks down in a curtesy. She tilts her head down, smiling. She's glad to see Gerard.

"It's lovely to see you again, sir." she says politely, straightening out of the curtesy. It's so very obvious that she's ecstatic, she really does enjoy Gerard's company.

Gerard grins genuinely as he looks Alicia over for a second. "Alicia, what did I say about calling me sir? Gerard's my name and I intend to use it." Gerard chuckles, pulling the dark haired girl into his arms, encompassing her in warmth. It is cold in December, though admittedly still nearly seventy degrees fahrenheit.

Alicia is grinning madly when Gerard releases her, happy to be in such a comforting and gay environment. She forgets herself in her bliss and excitement, a rare combination for her, and off her tongue slips a question she shouldn't ask. "Who are your guests?" she claps her hands ungracefully over her lips; it was terribly rude to inquire about such things, as it is not really of any concern she needs to be bothered with.

Gerard notices Michael stiffen, and quickly rushes the answer to the woman to distract his brother's attention. "Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Anthony Iero. They've been with us for a short while, Frank is a business partner of mine. Please treat them nicely, I consider them dear friends."

Alicia smiles, letting her arms fall. "That's just darling! It's like you're constantly on holiday with friends! Though I can't say I've ever heard the name Iero before..."

Gerard hesitates before speaking, uncertain as to tell the truth or not. He decides to lie. "Yes, they're still currently making their name. Their house is undergoing renovations across town, and they'll be here for the duration of your stay. I hope it's not too much of a hassle?"

Michael smiles a chilling smile, speaking for his wife. "Of course not. It is your house, after all."

Gerard smiles and soon all the introductions are mad, hands shaken and curtsies exchanged.  The group makes its way to the grand house, one of the usual servants leading Michael, Alicia and the servant to their temporary quarters.

Gerard sighs once they're gone. "I hope Alicia's all right."

Lindsey nods. "Yes. Michael seemed unhappy with her for asking you questions like that. Let's hope he keeps his temper."

Gerard smiles sadly at the thought of his brother's temper, but puts the topic to the back of his mind as he turns to the Ieros. "Shall we wait for supper in the study?"

Frank and wife nod, seeing as they have nothing better to do. Besides, they can discuss any topic they like in the study as servants never stop by unless requested. It's going to be an intriguing five days.


Well. I'm going to dedicate this chapter to Shiwoggi, I hope you feel better. Also, xXLaylaXx for helping me decide how this story is gong to end. (I'd expect a good six chapters yet, not to worry)

Ah... I typed this on my phone, I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes!*
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