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No Sympathy for the Dead

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Funerals. (Filler)

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(A/N: This is mostly just a filler. And guys… I did quite a bit of research on this, so it might be a bit dull. And, um, I'm sorry if I got some facts wrong, and there is going to be a whole lot of weird going down.)

Gerard and Lindsey walk into the funeral home hand in hand, completely silent. They'e clad int their darkest colors, the rich fabrics adorning their mourning bodies only accenting their pain. The chatter amongst wealthy guests cease altogether once the husband and wife pair walk into the viewing parlor, the guests feeling sympathy and pity, but also that look of greed.

The elegant, finely carved deep brown wood is sanded smooth, child-sized in the shape of a deathbed, a coffin. It's logical for the coffin to be small; there is the body of a small girl settled into the soft purple lining.She's dressed in a simple but sturdy white dress-- should she remain in purgatory she shan't be ashamed of such a garment, and will be able to move about properly. Her skin is pale-- even the finest embalmers couldn't do anything about that. Her milky face is surrounded by a shoulder-length spill of delicately placed dark hair, the usual green curiosity in her eyes masked by the death of her lids and curtain of lashes.

Bandit Lee Way is in her final crib, her coffin.

Lindsey doesn't wish to see the body, but Gerard pulls her closer. He needs to see her, see his little girl for one last time. THe audience watches silently as the Ways approach their daughter, curious as to the imminent futures of the spouses as they see their dead offspring.

With one quick look, Lindsey's eyes begin to flow tears, and sobs wrack her body s she hugs herself closer to her husband. She's ruining Gerard's best suit, but neither of them care. Their daughter is dead, and there is nothing they can do about it. All Gerard can seem to do is stare at the form of his only child, transfixed. he wants to remember her always, wants her to never leave his memory and never leave his mind. He wants to remember what she looked like, remember the man-made smile she wears to her death.

Gerard frowns, a wave of bitterness watching over him towards his guests' silence. Perhaps the arsenic used to embalm the late child of his is affecting him, getting to everyone's heads and forcing their mouths shut. They shouldn't stare at grieving parents with sympathy and greed, they should carry on with their lives and not make a big deal of it. It isn't right, looking at them for their money now that they're heirless. Without Bandit… there is no one to keep their respectable name of Way, no one of their blood to pass their fortunes along to.

Gerard will no doubt have to rewrite his will, but right now the object of his fixations is that his girl won't live a long, happy life. That's all he ever really wanted for her, wether he was around much or not.

Because no matter how many times Gerard thinks it, no matter how many people say it, it's still s hard to hear that Bandit is dead. No matter how many empty voices say the over-used words "I'm sorry for your loss", he knows that the words aren't meant and they don't hold any value to him. He just accepted it, somewhere, that his girl isn't coming back and he needs to grieve while he can and forget the incident.

Gerard and Lindsey kneel in front of the soul they are attending, quietly muttering their prayers for Bandit's soul to move to Heaven and for the Lord to keep her soul. Tears still slide down Lindsey's cheeks, as she reflects on Bandit's life and how she should have been a better mother. It's cruel that Bandit left the world so early, but it can't be changed thus prayers are sent to the ruler in the sky.

Gerard would like to think that every person gets their own in the afterlife, granted it's safe for the world, because that's what he wants. He wants to be with Frank, wants to spend hours and hours together with Frank and no conflicts or problems. If there is a Heaven, there is a Hell. If Gerard's affections towards the same sex are taken into consideration, it would seem he's going to Hell.

All of them, Lindsey, Jamia, Frank and Gerard, are going to hell.

But that's certainly something to ponder another day, not at the funeral of their only child.

Lindsey manages to pull herself back together to greet the guests, but the two excuse themselves from the vigil of their late daughter as soon as they find an opportunity. After all, they do have to prepare for the requiem mass tomorrow.

(Time Lapse… Sorry about all this weirdness, I took the process of a website that may/may not be right)

The tenor bell at the church rings out, and the gentlemen and their wives, dressed in their darkest colors, take their arranged seats in the pews. The entire remaining Way family and the Ieros sit at the front of the church, husbands next to their ladies, all with somber faces. Some sorrowful expressions are false in the church; many guests had never met the child they falsely grieve over. The Ways never showed bandit off to their associates if they could help it.

The priest greets the coffin in his black cope, sprinkling Holy Water over it to ward off the Devil. Bandit is carried slowly into the House of God, her feet placed towards the alter as she is set down at the church's stage.

Psalms are spoken, prayers are sung and sent. It's all a haze to the wedded elder Way couple, but they're happy to believe their daughter will go to Heaven even if they desire such a place nonexistent for their own benefit. they're selfish, but that makes them no different than anyone. They do believe that wherever bandit goes, she will be happy.

They chant with all the other Catholics, let the priest give his sermon. The priest once again sprinkles holy water on the body, incensing it.

Everyone sings as the body is carried out of the church, sing as they follow the pallbearers to the grave over dew covered grass.

"May the angels lead you to paradise:
May the Matyrs receive you at your coming (…),
and lead you into the holy city, Jerusalem.
May the choir of angels receive you,
And with Lazarus, who was once poor,
May you have everlasting rest."

In Paradisium, the final song of goodbye.

The air is chilling, the sun beginning to set as the body and its packagings are lowered into the sacred pits of the earth. There is holy water, incense and prayer in latin, the priest asking more of God than normal for such a young child, a child not so mundane in the wealthy society of New Jersey.

Her head lay east as they bury her; symbolizing her wait for Christ to resurrect her soul.

The attendants eventually part the graveyard for a meal at the Way Manor, the farewells made early with no alcohol. There will be plenty of that at the part on the morrow.

FILLER. Um, shit happens in the next chapter, I promise! Like, the shit that begins the end. WE'RE ALMOST DONE!!!! AAAH! Leave me a review? Please?
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