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Chapter 5.

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Aftermath and texting.

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hey guys, so here's chapter five, I hope you like where I'm going with the story. I know this chapter isn't very exciting but the next few will be, I hope. I just wanna say thanks for the rates and reviews on the last chapters, I appreciate them.
Oh, and all the italics are texts messages.

Frank exhaled, smoke forming around him and drifting through his car into nothing. He sighed and closed his eyes. 
He left, again, when he didn't even have anywhere to go. Why does he keep doing that? He mentally cursed himself for being such a nervous idiot and climbed out of his car, dropping his cigarette onto the ground and walking towards the coffee shop.
Freya gave Frank a knowing look when he entered, raising one eyebrow. Frank averted his gaze and blushed slightly, taking an inhuman amount of time to approach the counter. 
'Thought you had somewhere to be?' Freya asked, smirking slightly. 
'I got nervous, okay?' Frank mumbled and looked up at Freya. Her eyes were caring and her expression warm, a smile playing on her lips. Frank smiled slightly back.
'I know how you feel honey. Want another coffee? I'll join you,' Freya asked. Frank let out a happy sigh and his smile grew.
'That'd be nice, Frey.'
Freya made them their coffees and they both sank into the large leather sofa at the back of the shop.
'So, you like this guy?' Freya asked, getting straight to the point. Frank took a sip of his coffee.
'Well, I think-yes, yeah I do,' he replied. Freya smiled at him.
'So, what's he like?' Freya questioned. Frank thought for a minute. How do you describe Gerard? He pouted slightly before replying, 
'Well, he's an artist. He loves comic books, he even wanted to write them, and he listens to some awesome music and he's beautiful and just, he's just perfect Frey,' Frank finished quietly. He took a tentative look towards Freya. She was smiling lovingly at him, a spark in her swirling brown eyes. 
'What?' Frank asked, knowing the woman too well. She sighed.
'You really like him, don't you?' she asked and Frank nodded slightly.
'Then ask him out. Did you get his number?' Frank felt his stomach lurch.
'Yeah, I got his number, but I can't just ask him out. He might not even be into guys.' Frank stared intently at his battered, black Converse. Freya giggled a little, causing Frank to look up slightly.
'Honey, did you see the way he was looking at you?' Frank shot her a confused look and she sighed.
'If he isn't gay, honey, then my names Stevie Wonder. Trust me.' 
Franks heart rose a little, bubbles of hope forming in the pit if his stomach at her words.
'You really think so?' he asked tentatively, a small smile finding its way onto his lips.
'Frank, I know so.' Frank smile grew at this as the bubbles of hope rise and burst into his chest, making him feel light and airy.
'Thanks Freya.' She smiles.
'I'm just telling the truth.' Frank sighed.
'So, seriously, you think he's gay?'
Freya rolled her eyes a little.
'Yes Frank, he's gay.' Frank looked down into his lap and blushed. He heard Freya giggle lightly from opposite him, letting out an breathy laugh himself.


Gerard sighed as he opened the door to his apartment, finally fully noticing how much of a tip it was. He ignored the mess and walked into the kitchen, placing his keys in the counter, lighting himself a cigarette and searching through his pockets for his phone. Once he'd pulled out the familiar object, he rang the first number on his speed dial, a ridiculous smile still plastered on his face.
'Hey Gerard,' Mikey said after a couple of rings.
'Hey Mikes, you okay?' Gerard asked.
'Uh, yeah, I'm fine. You?'
'Okay, why exactly are you so happy?' 
'I saw Frank again.' Gerard felt his heart flutter at his name.
'Frank? Who's Frank?' Mikey's confused voice said from the other end of the line. Gerard smoked.
'The guy from the coffee shop...'
'Oh! That's awesome, how'd it go?' Gerard sighed dreamily.
'He's...amazing Mikes. He likes most of the same music as me and comic books and he's just...amazing.' Mikey laughed a little on the other end.
'You really are falling for him, aren't you?' he asked.
'Fast,' Gerard replied, taking another drag of his cigarette.
'Did you get his number this time?' Mikey asked and Gerard could hear the slight smirk in his voice.
'Yes I did actually, he's got mine too.'
'Nice one bro. Look, I gotta go. How about Saturday for that Star Wars marathon?' Gerard inhaled.
'I'm free Saturday,' Gerard replied
'Gee, you're free every day,' Mikey laughed.
'Oh very funny, I might not be anymore actually.' 
'Yeah, right. See you soon, yeah?'
'If you're lucky,' Gerard replied. Mikey laughed.
'Bye Gee.'
'Bye Mikey.' 
Gerard put the phone back on the counter and took a drag of his cigarette. His smile began to fade as he realised he'll probably have to call Frank soon, or text him, and he had no idea what to say. He thought about ringing Mikey back and asking him but he apparently had somewhere to be. Gerard sighed and picked up the phone, walked into the living room and sat down. He opened up a new message and stared blankly at the screen, taking a drag of his cigarette. All the things he could write were running through his head.
'Hey, how are you?' too vague.
'Hi, wanna go out sometime?' too forward.
'Hi, it's Gerard. Remember me?' too desperate.
'Hey, wanna come back to my apartment so we can make sweet, passionate love?' just plain creepy. 
Gerard took one last drag of his cigarette and put it out in the ashtray. He leaned back on the sofa and sighed, staring up at his ceiling. Why didn't anything sound right? And why was he so fucking inexperienced at this kind of thing?
He was cursing his own minds stupidity when his phone went off, making him bolt upright and fling his arms around slightly. He regained his composure, and his heart rate, as he casually picked the phone up off the table. His heart began to beat faster again when he saw the message was from Frank, a smile growing on his lips at the little smiley face Frank put at the end of his name when he typed it in to Gerard's phone. He pressed the button and the text popped up.

Got any Xmen comics I can borrow?

Gerard's smiles grew at Franks message and he quickly typed a reply.

Yeah, I'll trade them for some Thrice CD's xx

Gerard sent the message before he realised he'd put the kisses. He began to panic a little. What if Frank got weirded out? What if he was angry and thought Gerard was gay and coming onto him?
Gerard is gay and coming into him, though.
Surely friends put kisses at the end of messages, right? Gerard sends kisses to everyone, it's totally-
His phone goes off again and his stomach does a weird little flip. He picks up the phone and tentatively opens the message.

Haha, of course. They'll blow your fucking mind!xxx

Frank put three kisses. Gerard sighs with relief and mentally curses himself for worrying over something so small. His heart flutters a little and a smile creeps into his face. He really does like Frank. He replies quickly.

Haha, awesome, thank you xxx

He feels a little airy when he texts Frank, a smile stuck on his face, as if he's floating. It's not even that good of a conversation, he knows that, but he can't deny the completely irrational feeling his has inside, the affection towards the younger man.
His phone goes off again.

Thank you too! And I was just wondering, when are we gonna like, uh, swap? The stuff, I mean. Is saturday good? xxx

Gerard's smile grows. A warm feeling begins to seep into his entire body. He can practically see Frank blushing as he types the message, just as he would in real life.

Yeah, saturday's good (: xxx

Gerard sends the message straight away, already looking forward to Saturday, when it dawns on him.
'Mikey!' he mutters to himself, 'dammit!'
He finds his phone quickly and types a new message.

Shit! I'm so sorry, I have to see my brother on saturday. How about another day? xxx

He feels an uncomfortable churn in his stomach at the thought of blowing Frank off. Then he has an idea.

Do you like Star Wars? xxx

He deletes the other message and sends that one before he really thinks about it, before he consults Mikey. He feels kind of bad before he sends it, Mikey might not want Frank there, but it's too late now. His phone goes off.

Yeah, I love Star Wars, why? xxx

Gerard smiles down at his phone; Frank just keeps getting better and better.

Well, me and my brother are having a star wars marathon on Saturday and I wondered if you wanted to come too? xxx

Gerard walks into the kitchen and turns the coffee machine on.

Oh, I wouldn't wanna impose or anything, we can meet another time xxx

Gerard heart sinks a little. He wants Frank to be there, Frank wouldn't be imposing. He can imagine him feeling guilty for suggesting it. It irks him more than it probably should have.

No, no dude. It's fine, really. My brothers cool with it xxx

Gerard lies. He hasn't even mentioned it to Mikey yet, but Mikey will be cool. Mikey's always cool.

Oh, okay then. See you saturday :) xxx

Gerard beams.

See you saturday, Frank xxx

He opens a blank message and types, sending it to Mikey.

Hey Mikes, it's cool if Frank comes on saturday, yeah? xx
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