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Chapter 6.

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Friday night.

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Hey, I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've updated, I don't really have an excuse. Anyway, I'm sorry if this chapter isn't too good but I hope you enjoy it. Please R&R.

It was Friday night and Gerard was sat in his room, painting, by himself, again. If he had expected anything different then he might have been disappointed but he hasn't been out on a Friday night in years.
He dipped his brush into the deep red paint and brought it up to stroke expertly over the canvas, adding a new shade to the painting.
He let himself get absorbed by his surroundings, the colours, the textures, the smell. That's why it took five rings before he even registered his ringtone tone blaring out.
He jumped and nearly dropped his brush, regaining composure and placing it onto the table, walking towards his bed to pick up his phone.
The name 'Frank :)' flashed up on the screen and Gerard's stomach flipped, his heart beginning to speed up. He just stared at the screen for a little while before he realised he should probably pick up. He eagerly flipped the screen up and pressed the phone to his ear.
'Hello?' He heard Frank sigh.
'Gerard, hey, thank god. How are you?' Gerard felt a little guilty at his words. Had he been waiting ages for him to pick up? Or had he rang before even? 
'Yeah, I'm good thanks,' Gerard replied, 'how about you?'
'Yeah, I'm alright. What are you up to tonight?' Gerard sat down on the bed, heart beginning to race a little again. Was Frank asking him out?
'Erm, nothing really, just painting. You?' Frank sighed.
'Well, basically, my friends having this party and he's dragging me along and I really don't wanna go and I wondered if you maybe, I dunno, wanted to like, go with me?' Gerard smiled to himself as his heart fluttered. Frank was asking him out, and he could practically feel the blush that he was sure crept onto the younger mans face.
'Yeah, I'd love to,' Gerard replied.
'Awesome. So, where do you think we should meet?' Gerard could hear the smile in Franks voice.
'Well, where's the party?' Frank paused for a moment.
'Err...why don't we just meet at the coffee shop in about, half an hour?' Gerard beamed.
'That'd be awesome, I'll see you there.'
'Yeah, bye Gerard.'
'Bye Frank.'


Frank stood outside the coffee shop, cigarette I hand, only really to stop him from fidgeting. The smoke burned as it entered his lungs, his eyes darting around slightly out of impatience.
Gerard was late. Thirteen minutes late, actually. Frank was a little pissed off, but only a little. He figured Gerard would have a reasonable excuse, he figured Gerard could do no wrong.
He continued to look around, hoping every person to come round the corner is Gerard until he actually turned up. He approached Frank and smiled sheepishly down at him.
'Hey, sorry I'm late. I started painting again and when I paint I sorta, get lost in it, ya know?' Frank smiled. That was definitely a reasonable excuse.
'Its cool man, I get like that when I play guitar.' Frank could see Gerard's eyes light up slightly in the dim street light.
'You play guitar? That's awesome, how long for?' Gerard asked. 
'Err, since I was like, 7 or 8, I think.' Gerard beamed at him. 
'I bet you're really good,' he said sincerely. Frank blushed.
'Thank you,' he replied, 'I bet you're a great artist.'
'Im sure I am,' Gerard said cockily. Frank giggled and they just smiled at each other for a second.
'So where's this party?' Gerard asked. Franks eyes grew a little wide.
'Oh, yeah, I kinda forgot. My cars over here, I'll drive us.' Frank felt slightly stupid at having forgotten why they met in the first place, but he was reassured by Gerard's smile. They walked over to Franks little car.
'Its a little messy, but I did tidy it earlier,' Frank said, scratching the back of his neck. Gerard laughed breathily.
'Dude, I really don't mind. You should see my brothers car. I bet it's ten times worse than yours.' Frank giggled a little. 
'Okay,' he said, and opened the door for Gerard to get in. 
The car wasn't that messy really. Frank climbed in an looked around. There was quite a lot of dust and a fair few cigarette packets and Red Bull cans but that was about it. 
'Its not messy, honest,' said Gerard, smiling as Frank got into the car. The younger man blushed a little and started the engine.


They arrived at the party about twenty five minutes later. Gerard turned to look at Frank when they got out of the car. His ebony fringe was blowing in front of his face slightly in the breeze. Gerard hands itched to reach out and tuck it behind his ear, touch his cheek. He didn't though, Frank was letting him in and he didn't want to ruin things before they'd even really began.
'So, shall we go in?' Frank asked, looking cautiously towards Gerard. Gerard smiled widely.
'Yeah, of course.' Frank smiled back and they walked towards the house.
The inside was noisy, very noisy. Some punk band was blaring very loudly from speakers all around the house, which was huge. It entered out into a large hallway which then lead off into the living room and kitchen. The air was slightly thick with smoke and people were bustling about everywhere, shouting to each other to be heard over the music, dancing and a few people were making out. Gerard turned to face Frank in the dim light. He was smiling but his expression was uncomfortable. Gerard nudged him lightly with his elbow and Frank turned to look at him. Gerard leaned down and spoke into his ear.
'The kitchen might be quieter,' he said. Gerard could see Frank shiver slightly at his warm breath ghosting over his ear and smiled slightly to himself.
'Yeah,' Frank said back quietly, too quietly, but Gerard knew what he meant. They headed towards the kitchen.
When they entered, a man with curly brown hair was stood in the centre, talking to a group of people who Gerard had never seen before, they were all laughing at what he was saying. Frank called Rays name and the man with curly brown hair looked towards them and smiled brightly.
'Frank!' he exclaimed before breaking away from the group of people who he was talking to and walking over to them.
'Hi Ray,' Frank says before the taller man envelopes him in a hug.  
He turns to look at Gerard after a second and smiles warmly at him, his brown eyes genuine and kind. Gerard smiles back.
'And you must be Gerard, Frank told me about you,' Ray said, causing Frank to blush. Gerard giggled slightly.
'Yeah, hi, you must be Ray.' Ray nodded. 
'Do you want a drink?' Frank asked, looking towards Gerard. Gerard had to swallow the lump in his throat.
'No I-I don't drink alcohol, actually,' Gerard replied. Frank looked...curious.
'Oh?' he asked. Gerard swallowed.
'Yeah I was, well, I had a problem with alcohol a few years ago, I was kind of an alcoholic.' Gerard avoided Franks gaze until he felt a hand on his arm. He looked up into Frank's kind, caramel eyes. 
'Hey, it's great that you've overcome it. You should be proud of yourself. I try not to drink too much these days either, I used to be a little to friendly with alcohol myself.' Gerard smiled at him.
'Really?' Frank smiled back.
'Really. Do you want a coke then?' 
'Yeah, please.' Frank nodded and took his hand off Gerard before walking over to where the drinks were. Gerard's arm felt cold where Franks hand had been before.

The party was in full swing. Well, for most people. Gerard and Frank were stood outside smoking and arguing over whether Morrissey was better than Henry Rollins.
'Don't get me wrong, I love Morrissey, but Henry Rollins just wins. Simple as.' Gerard chuckled lightly at how animated Frank was getting, moving his hands around in an almost erratic way as he spoke. 
'Im afraid you're wrong, Morrissey wins, face it,' Gerard replied. Frank inhaled the smoke and let it drift from his lungs.
'Why don't we just agree to disagree he asked. Gerard smiled. 
'Deal.' Frank smiled back. 
Gerard turned to look at Frank in the dim light coming from inside. His fringe had been blown slightly in front of his face again an his eyes were glistening in the half light. He put his cigarette out and looked straight into Gerard eyes, a strange look on his face. Gerard felt uncomfortable.
'What is it?' he asked Frank, who just shook his head. Gerard began to panic, Frank didn't exactly look happy. Frank turned his whole body to face Gerard, who did the same, putting out his cigarette. Frank looked up into Gerard's eyes and Gerard's heart jolted. Frank didn't look unhappy anymore, he looked nervous? Curious, maybe. He began to get closer and closer to Gerard until the taller man could feel Frank's breath ghosting over his face. He knew what was coming and his heart began to pound in anticipation. He looked straight into Franks eyes before he felt his lips connect with his, fitting perfectly together. Gerard was just thinking of what to do with his hands when Frank pulled back, eyes wide. The kiss hadn't lasted more than a couple of seconds. Frank stepped back and began to make his way to the house, to leave. Gerard acted on instinct and reached out to grab Franks arm.
'Frank!' he said, causing the younger man to stop, look down at Gerard's grip on his arm an then up into Gerard eyes. The worried expression on Franks face made Gerard's heart melt. 
'I-I'm sorry,' Frank stuttered, 'I don't, I mean, I don't usually do..that. You're probably not even gay and-'
'Frank.' He was looking down when Gerard interrupted him and he still didn't look up. Gerard moved forward and lifted Franks chin up with his fingers. Franks eyes were curious once again. Gerard stood right in front of Frank and put one of his hands on Franks face and lent in, pressing his lips to Franks slightly harder than Frank had to him. Frank was shocked for a couple of seconds before he kissed back, snaking his hands tentatively through Gerard's hair. Gerard's hands snaked around Franks waist as their lips moved perfectly in time and Gerard's heart beat so fast he was pretty sure Frank could feel it where there cheats were pressed together. Franks warmth was wafting of him in waves and Gerard never wanted to leave, never wanted to stop. Franks lips were warm and soft, just as Gerard had expected. 
It seemed and eternity when Frank pulled away for air and looked into Gerard's eyes. Gerard stared straight back, mesmerized by Franks soft, browns orbs. 
'Gerard, I wasn't expecting that.' Gerard let out a breathy laugh.
'Neither was I.' They both stood there smiling at each other until Ray came out. 
'Hey, there you are! Where have you-wow, okay. Cosy, much?' They all laughed and Gerard stepped away from Frank, feeling a little uncomfortable. Frank frowned slightly and Gerard took hold of his hand, making him smile. 
'Alright Romeo and Juliet, if you want to take part in explicit gay activities then I would rather you didn't do it in my house.' Gerard could see Frank blush before reached out and slapped Ray on the arm. Gerard laughed awkwardly.
'Shut up, Ray,' Frank said, looking down. Gerard squeezed his hand and when Frank looked up at him, Gerard winked. Frank blushed even deeper but he couldn't fight off the lopsided smile.
'Oh Jesus,' Ray said, 'I think you'd better go now, yeah?' Frank laughed. 
'Yeah, bye Ray.'
'Bye.' Frank lead Gerard through the house and out the front door to his car. 
'So...' Frank said, rubbing the back of his neck. Gerard scuffed his feet awkwardly, heart speeding up a little.  
No one spoke for a minute or two and the awkwardness was too much for Gerard. He moved right in front of Frank and crashed their lips together, Frank kissing back. Gerard stopped far too earlier and whispered,
'Your place or mine?' into Franks ear, causing the younger man to shiver. 
'Mine,' he said, voice somewhat strained and Gerard smiled. This Friday night was shaping up to be a lot better then he thought it would be.

Yes, just as a warning, the next chapter will be smut. And I haven't written too much of it yet and I've posted none of what I've written so it might take me a while to update but I'd rather it was written well than not the best it could be. Thanks for reading.
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