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Chapter 7.

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They go back to Frank's place.

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hello. So, this is my attempt at smut for this story, I hope it's okay. I had my friend check it out before I posted it and she liked it so I thought what the heck. Oh, and if the ratings wrong, sorry. I'm British and I don't understand the American rating system. Hope you enjoy the chapter.

Gerard turned to Frank as he was driving home. Frank glanced at him quickly and then back to the road, noticing the street lights shining on Gerard's emerald eyes.
'You live alone yeah?' he asked. Frank couldn't keep the small smirk off his face.
'What?' Gerard asked, but Frank could see him smirking out of the corner of his eyes.
'Nothing,' Frank replied. 
'Its just, you're gonna be screaming pretty loudly,' Gerard said, nonchalant.
The smirk dropped off Frank's face and a blush crept over his cheeks. Gerard laughed lightly.
'Not if you go on like that, I won't,' Frank said. Gerard laughed again.
'Ah, your loss,' he sighed. Frank stuck his tongue out at him, blush deepening. Gerard just smiled back at him and Frank looked back to the road. 
A silence descended over the two men, the street lights rolling over the car one by one as they glided along. Frank was slightly nervous, but something about the mesmerising stars in the sky, the Black Flag playing quietly from the stereo and the faint scent of Gerard was calming him.
It wasn't long before they were pulling up to Franks apartment block, the nerves beginning to build within Frank once again. 
He killed the engine and turned hesitantly to look at Gerard. He was smiling at Frank, genuinely, just smiling. Frank found himself smiling back as he slowly went to get out the car, making sure Gerard was following, which he was, and they walked towards the building.
'It's a nice place,' Gerard said faintly, looking upwards. Frank scoffed.
'Hardly,' he replied as he opened the door and motioned for Gerard to enter.
'Thank you,' Gerard said, smiling smugly at Frank. Frank just glared but you could see the ghost of a smile on his lips. 
They headed up to Franks apartment on the second floor in silence. 
Frank opened the door and made a little 'ta da!' hand gesture, which made Gerard laugh slightly. Frank was a little nervous about Gerard seeing his apartment, it wasn't exactly a palace.
'Its not much,' he said, rubbing the back of his neck, 'but, ya know, it's enough for me. I mean the areas alright and the neighbours aren't too bad, most of the time. I mean, what with the bookshop not doing so well and everything I-' Frank didn't get to finish his sentence as Gerard's lips collided with his. It took him by surprise so it was a couple of seconds before he let out a contented sigh and began kissing back, hands reaching up into Gerard's hair. 
Gerard licked a fierce line across Frank's bottom lip and he moaned before opening his mouth and dancing his tongue with Gerard's. Gerard moaned into the kiss before pulling away. He smirked, slightly breathless.
'Sorry, you just look so fucking cute when you go on like that,' he said. Frank blushed slightly.
'Well, thanks,' he said. Gerard groaned.
'Don't blush, seriously.' Frank smiled.
'Then don't make me,' he replied. Gerard smiled back at him. 
'Then stop being so cute,' he said. Frank looked down, feeling his stomach jolt.
'I'm really not that cute, ya know.' Gerard placed his hand under Frank's chin and lifted his head up to look at him. Franks heart began beating faster in his chest.
'You are,' Gerard said quietly, 'you really are.' He leant in and placed his lips softly to Franks. Frank began kissing back, moving his lips perfectly in time with Gerard's and walking slowly back towards his bedroom. 
When they reached the door, Frank tried to reach behind himself and find the door handle, but his hand was wondering aimlessly over the wood without finding it. Gerard pulled away and laughed softly, taking his hand off Franks waist to turn the handle.
They both entered the room, Gerard placing his hand back on Franks waist, and stood staring into each others eyes. 
'You have really nice eyes,' Frank said faintly, words falling from his lips before he'd really registered he was saying them. 
'So do you,' Gerard smiled. Frank leant in and began kissing Gerard again, backing towards his bed until his legs hit the bottom and they were floating down onto the soft duvet. Gerard pulled away, slightly surprised, but he quickly smirked a little and began kissing down Franks neck, causing soft moans to fall out of the younger mans mouth.
Gerard kissed along Frank's neck until he reach the top of his t shirt, when he sat up and stared straight into Frank's eyes before curling his fingers around the hem of Frank's shirt. Frank could feel his heart beat quicker as he placed his hands over Gerard's and guided them to pull his t shirt up. 
Once it was off, Frank wasted no time in peeling Gerard's jacket off his shoulders and ripping the older mans t shirt over his head. He drank in Gerard's perfect, pale, smooth skin. He leant in and placed his lips to Gerard's, leaning back onto the bed again. Gerard began to kiss down Frank's neck and across his chest, causing Frank to shiver slightly and moan when Gerard wrapped his mouth around one of his nipples, licking the bud until it was hard. He rubbed the other one with his hand before moving down lower onto Franks stomach. 
He began nibbling lightly on Franks hipbone before he moved to unbutton Franks jeans. Frank seemed to jolt out of his pleasure-induced dreamy state to register what Gerard was doing.
Once Gerard had his jeans off, he lifted his head up with his hands until Gerard was looking straight into his eyes and motioned for him to move up the bed again, which Gerard did.
Frank attacked Gerard's neck the moment he could reach, biting and sucking, causing the older man to groan. Franks hands wormed their way down Gerard's naked torso before they reached the top of his jeans, undoing the button and zip and pushing the jeans down, breaking the kiss to take them off completely. 
Frank turned to look at Gerard, hair sticking up in places, cheeks slightly red, neck slightly ravaged, wearing nothing but his boxers. He almost moans from the sight.
Gerard leans towards him again, attaching their lips together and wasting no time in peeling Franks boxers off until he's completely exposed. A wave of anxiety washes over Frank but the look on Gerard's face reassures him. 
'You're beautiful,' Gerard whispers, kissing Franks lips softly. He smiles slightly.
'So are you,' he whispers back and kisses Gerard more passionately, before ripping Gerard's boxers off and slamming Gerard down on the bed.
Their tongues battle for a while, hands roaming, before Gerard flips them over so he's lying on top of Frank. 
He begins to grind his hips down, rubbing his erection onto Frank's, causing the younger boy to gasp before moans erupt from both of their mouths, softened by the kiss. 
Far too soon, Gerard pulls away.
'Frank, I-I don't quite know how far you want this to go,' Gerard says hesitantly, staring into Franks eyes.
Frank feels shivers travel down his spine at the intense gaze before he replies. 
'Make love to me, Gerard,' he whispers into his ear. 
Gerard crashes his lips back against Frank's, rolling his hips again before he pulls away again.
'Lube?' he asks breathlessly.
Frank reaches out awkwardly to the draw in his bedside table, pulling out the small bottle which he passes to Gerard.
Frank watches as Gerard makes his way down his body, kissing him occasionally, and positions himself between Frank's parted legs. He flips open the lid of the bottle and applies some to three of his fingers, before entering the first one.
The liquid is cold, which makes Frank gasp, but it doesn't hurt. Frank is surprised at the lack of pain, it just feels...uncomfortable. Gerard slowly moves his finger in and out before adding second.
Now Frank definitely feels the pain.
The stretch burns and Frank winces slightly and hisses. Gerard notices the younger mans pain and begins placing soft kisses along his thigh.
Soon, Gerard enters third finger and Frank definitely feels the pleasure. 
He rocks himself slowly back onto Gerard's fingers until one of them brushes over his prostate, causing a spark of white hot pleasure to power through his entire body, making him gasp and moan.
Gerard slowly pulls his fingers out, Frank disappointed at the sudden lack of contact. 
He looks towards Gerard and sees him spreading the lube along his erection. He leans down and kisses Frank gently before lining his head up with Franks entrance.
'Ready?' he asks gently.
'Yes, please,' Frank says breathlessly.
Gerard inches forward, forcing the head of his penis into Frank.
The pain is worse than before, the burn harder and sharper, but Gerard prepared him well. He slowly pushes his penis into Frank, moaning slightly and muttering Frank's name.
When he's all the way in, Gerard kisses Franks lips again.
'Tell me when to move, okay?' he asks. Frank just nods. 
It wasn't long before he was saying,
'Okay, you can move now.' 
Gerard started slowly, pulling himself half the way out before gliding back in, but both the men were already moaning. Gerard began to pick up the pace, pulling nearly all the way out before slamming back in, straight into Frank's prostate. Frank screamed Gerard's name, his back and arching and his mouth forming a delicate 'O', white hot pleasure consuming his body. Gerard moaned Franks name in response and continued to thrust into the smaller man, reaching between them to pump Frank's already leaking member. 
It wasn't long before Gerard was screaming Frank's name and a stream of obscenities before coming inside Frank, riding out his orgasm.
Hearing Gerard screaming his name pushed Frank over the edge and he soon followed, spilling his seed all over their stomachs and Gerard's hand.
Gerard collapsed on top of Frank, panting along with the younger boy. Frank could feel Gerard's heart beating erratically in his chest.
'Wow,' Gerard muttered.
'Yeah, wow,' Frank replied. 
Gerard leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Frank's lips before rolling off him and lying next to him. 
'Gerard,' Frank started, 'I, I um, don't normally do...this, ya know.' Gerard turned to lie on his side, facing Frank who mimicked him. He smiled.
'Neither do I.' Frank smiled in return.
'Well, you must something special,' he said, shyly. 
'Oh, you definitely are,' Gerard replied before he lay back and Frank rested his head on Gerard's chest, drifting into a peaceful sleep.
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