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Chapter 8.

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The morning after and Mikey.

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The room was dull and dim when Gerard woke. His initial panic at being somewhere he didn't recognise was quickly replaced by a warm feeling flowing through him as he turned to look at Frank, lying asleep next to him. He smiled at the younger man, strands of his hair falling onto his delicate face. His breathing was even and his dark eye lashes were contrasting with his gentle, pale skin.
Gerard thought about moving but the thought of leaving Franks side when he looked so adorable was quickly overlooked. He lay there, on his side, watching Frank sleep for god knows how long. 
'Are you just gonna keep watching me sleep?' Frank asked quietly, making Gerard jump slightly.
'I didn't know you'd woken up,' Gerard replied. Frank turned to look at him and smiled, opening his sleepy, caramel eyes.
'I didn't know you were a creep that watches people while they sleep,' he said. Gerard just smiled back at him.
'You're the only person I watch while they're sleeping.' Frank made a contented humming noise and leant into Gerard, wrapping his arms around his waist. Gerard leant back on the bed and ran one of his hands through Franks hair. 
They just lay there, breathing steadily for a while, Gerard running one of his hands absentmindedly through Franks hair. 
Suddenly, Gerard turned to look at the clock. It read 10:32am. 
'Hey Frank?' he asked. Frank hummed in reply. 
'We have to be back at mine for twelve because Mikey's coming over for our Star Wars marathon, remember?' Frank sat up and looked into Gerard's eyes.
'Oh yeah. Okay, so it's like, half tenish now, how long will it take to get back to yours?' Gerard thought for a second. 
'About half an hour, I think.' Frank smiled at Gerard. 
'We'd better get dressed pretty soon then,' he said, before leaning down and kissing Gerard softly on the lips. 
Gerard sighed contently and kissed back, wanting it to last longer but all too soon, Frank was pulling away and looking around for his clothes. He located his boxers and slipped them on under the covers before getting up and finding the rest of his clothes, Gerard's gaze following him as he did so. 
He was dressed quickly and turned to face Gerard, who hadn't moved an inch. Frank smiled at him.
'Were you watching me get dressed?' he asked. Gerard smiled back.
'I might have been.' 
'Well, as long as I'm the only you watch get dressed and I get to watch you get dressed as well, then I don't have a problem with it,' Frank said, approaching the bed and trying to prize the duvet off Gerard.
'Hey!' he protested, 'I didn't get to see you naked.' Frank smirked slightly.
'You should of made more effort to look, then,' he said. Gerard glared at him playfully.
'Unfair,' he said. 
'Yeah well tough,' was Franks reply.
'Fine, have it your way!' Gerard declared, throwing his hands up, causing the duvet to be ripped right off him, leaving him sat in Franks bed, naked. They both stared at each other, neither knowing what to say. Gerard was smiling slightly at the light blush that had formed on Frank's cheeks.
'Oh,' he said quietly, 'hi.' 
'Hi,' Gerard said back.
'Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?' Frank blurted out, clearly slightly embarrassed. Gerard's smile grew as his stomach flipped.
'You...might have mentioned it,' Gerard replied.
'Well, you are,' Frank said, more confident this time, 'really beautiful.'
'So are you,' Gerard said, 'so are you.' Frank beamed at him. 
'So, are you just gonna lie in my bed naked all day, or...?' Frank asked, still smiling. Gerard pretended to think, creasing his forehead before replying. 
'Err, I reckon I'm gonna just, stay here,' he said, smirking slightly. Frank merely smiled at him. 
'Well, I'll be off then, see you later,' he said, haphazardly placing the duvet back over Gerard and beginning to walk towards the bedroom door. Gerard sighed. 
'Okay, okay. Pass me my boxers, yeah?' he said. Frank looked around and located them at the bottom of the bed, passing them to Gerard who quickly put them on under the duvet.
Once he was done, Gerard leapt out of bed and kissed Frank on the lips before getting dressed slower than he ever had in his life.

When they arrived back at Gerard's place, it was 11:47am. Gerard unlocked the door and invited Frank in, feeling a pang of anxiety at the state of his flat. 
'Its a bit messy,' he said, slightly sheepishly. Frank just smiled.
'I don't think it is, I think it's pretty cool actually,' he replied, walking over to look at Gerard's extensive collection of DVD's. 
'I would offer you a coffee but we might as well wait until Mikey gets here,' Gerard said. Frank hummed a response before he whipped round to face Gerard, his eyes lit up. 
'Can I see some of your art?' he asked. Gerard's stomach churned uncomfortably. 
'Err...I uh, I guess so,' he said. Frank beamed at him. 
'Awesome! Where is it?' 
'In my bedroom,' Gerard replied, leading Frank into his room. He pushed the door open quietly and watched the younger man anxiously as he began to take in Gerard's paintings, drawings, sketches. His pride and joy. 
'Wow...' Frank said after a couple of nervous minutes, 'wow, I-Gerard, these are incredible.' Gerard's heart rose and a smile crept onto his face. 
'You really think so?' he asked, unsure. Frank turned to face him.
'Of course,' he said, wrapping his arms around Gerard's neck and kissing him on the lips. Gerard sighed and kissed back, placing his hands on Franks waist when the doorbell rang. They both pulled away slightly.
'That will be Mikey,' Gerard whispered. He saw a spark of worry in Frank's eyes. 
'Hey, what you worried for?' he asked gently. Frank averted his gaze.
'What if he doesn't like me?' he asked quietly. Gerard smiled.
'Hey, look at me,' Frank turned his hazel eyes back to Gerard, 'he'll love you, promise.' Frank smiled and Gerard placed a chaste kiss on his lips before they stepped away from each other and Gerard went to answer the door.
'Hey, Mikes,' he said. Mikey smiled at him.
'Hey Gerard, loverboy here yet?' he asked, smirking. Gerard hit him playfully before stepping back and letting him in. 
'Yes, as a matter of fact, I stayed at his house last night,' Gerard said. 
'Well I say,' Mikey replied, 'he must be something special.' Gerard sighed happily.
Frank came out from Gerard's room. 
'Hey,' he said, timidly. 
'Hey,' Mikey and Gerard said back. Gerard moved at the way so Mikey and Frank could see each other.
'Mikey, this is Frank, Frank this is Mikey,' he said, gesturing to them each in turn. He turned towards Frank hoping to see a smile on his face. Instead, he saw a look of confused terror plastered to his delicate features. 
He turned to Mikey hoping for the same, a smile, but being greeted by a look of shocked disbelief, his eyes sparking with anger.
'Frank, is your surname, Iero, by any chance?' Mikey asked. Frank visibly gulped.
'Yep. Is your surname Way, by any chance?' he asked.
'Yes,' Mikey replied coldly.
'Guys? Have you met before or something?' Gerard asked, voice slightly higher than usual. 
'Yeah, you could say that,' Frank said weakly. 
'Gerard,' Mikey began, 'do you remember high school?' Gerard's forehead creased in confusion, stomach twisting with nervousness and uncertainty. 
'Well, yeah,' he replied.   
'So you remember how I used to come home every day with bruises and cuts and black eyes, maybe my glasses smashed or a bloody nose or lip?' Mikey asked, voice strained.
'Yes...' Gerard replied slowly.
'Well do you happen to know the person who did those things to me?'
'Mikey, you know I don't.' 
'Oh, I think you do,' Mikey said, 'because his name is Frank Iero, he's short and he has black hair and brown eyes and he's stood in your living room.'
Gerard turned to Frank, mouth open in disbelief. Frank just stared into his eyes, his own swirling with shock and fear and...regret. He nodded slowly and looked down at his feet, avoiding Gerard's gaze.
'The man you slept with last night used to beat me to a pulp every day, Gerard, every fucking day.'
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