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Chapter 9.

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What do they all have to say?

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Hello, so this is chapter nine. I just want to say thank you for all the reviews, they really just make me feel ten times better about my writing. I like where this story is going and it means a lot to know all you guys do too. Enjoy the chapter.

Frank's heart was pounding viciously in his chest as he stared down at his shoes. Of all the people Gerard's brother could have been, it had to be Mikey Way, the guy Frank used to bully relentlessly back at school. 
Frank dared to look up at the two brothers. Gerard had a look of shock covering his face, his eyes wide. Mikey was staring straight at Frank, daggers in his eyes. It made Franks stomach churn uncomfortably.
'I, I don't understand,' Gerard said quietly, voice pained. Franks heart sunk. 
'Frank, w-what did you-why? Why did you do it, Frank?' Frank turned to look into Gerard's pained eyes and swallowed.
'Gerard, I need you to know, I was a completely different person back then,' Frank begun. He heard Mikey scoff loudly and turned to face him. 
'I was,' Frank said, 'I'm different now, I've changed.' Mikey just shook his head.
'Bullshit. You were a fucking prick in high school, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one subjected to your daily beatings. Fucking pricks don't change.' Frank felt his stomach drop to the floor. Mikey was right, he had been a fucking prick, but he had changed. 
'Frank, just...tell me why,' Gerard said firmly. Frank turned to face him, sighing.
'Gerard, I used to be addicted to drugs, even in high school. Mikey's right, I was a fucking prick, but I didn't mean to be, I didn't want to be. I've been clean and a lot less of a prick since my mum died. I am so sorry.' Franks heart twisted uncomfortably as Gerard stared back at him, green eyes emotionless.
'Frank, I can't-I can't believe you would do that. I thought...I thought...' Gerard trailed off and Frank stepped closer to him.
'You thought what?' he asked quietly.
'Thought he wasn't such a cunt, huh? Well, he is,' Mikey cut in. Gerard turned to face his brother.
'Mikey, leave it, okay? Just calm down.' Mikey looked at his brother disbelievingly.
'You're sticking up for him?' he asked quietly, 'over your own brother?' 
'No-one's taking sides, Mikey,' Frank said. Mikey didn't respond and the tension in the room was almost to much for Frank to bear, as if the air was closing in on him from all angles with no way out.
'I thought I'd finally found someone worth sticking with, someone I could relate to and who cared about me. I guess I was wrong.' 
Gerard's words made Frank feel as if he'd been whacked in the chest, his breathing becoming more difficult and his heart aching. 
'I, I do care about you, I still want to be with you. Last night, it meant something. I'm still that guy you bumped into at the coffe shop. This, this doesn't need to change anything because I am really, really sorry.' Frank's voice was cracking on the last sentence and he could feel tears welling up and pricking the back of his eyes, a lump forming in his throat. He tried to blink the tears away but he could sees Gerard eyes soften as they saw the emotion in Frank's own ones. Mikey remained silent as Gerard replied.
'It did mean something,' he whispered, 'and I care about you too it's just...I didn't know. I didn't know about the drugs or...anything. I told you about my problems with alcohol and didn't tell me this. Like you didn't trust me.' Frank could see tears in Gerard's eyes and he had to fight back a sob. 
'I, I do trust you, I do. It's just, I didn't...I didn't know how to bring it up and I definitely didn't know Mikey was your brother. I'm so sorry,' Frank said, a sob consuming him at the end. Gerard looked him in his tear filled eyes. 
'I know,' he whispered, causing more sobs to course through Frank. 
'I just, I think I need some space to think. Could you, could you both l-leave please,' Gerard said quietly. Frank nodded silently an turned to face the door. Mikey was staring at him again, but he wasn't glaring, just looking at him. Frank almost felt as if he was looking through him. He looked down and kept walking forward.
'Bye Gerard,' Mikey said quietly as he turned and opened the door, stepping out into the cold, still air.

As son as the door was closed behind them, Mikey turned to look at Frank, just as he had a moment ago. 
'Did you honestly mean everything you said about Gerard in there?' he said, sternly. Frank nodded wordlessly, still trying to bite back sobs. 
'You really genuinely care about him? And like him and trust him? Because if you don't, Frank, if you hurt him, I swear to god, I will bloody kill you, okay?' Frank nodded again before responding.
'I-I think I'm in l-love with h-him, Mikey,' he said, clenching his eyes shut to try and stop another sob.
When he opened his eyes, Mikey nodded and then turned and walked away, but Frank could see something in his eyes, something Frank couldn't work out. He wasn't sure if the nod was an okay for him to get with Gerard or just a nod. He might have walked away so he didn't punch him. 
Frank's heart clenched as his stomach flipped. He walked slowly back to his car and it wasn't until he was safely inside the vehicle that he let he sobs out. White hot tears ran rivers down his pale cheeks as his body was racked with sobs. 
Why hadn't he told Gerard about his past? Why did it have to be that Mikey, of all the people it could of been, who was Gerard's brother? Why wasn't he still in Gerard's flat, comforting him, consoling him, apologizing.
He'd blown it. He knew it. The one chance he'd had at having a lasting relationship, with someone as amazing as Gerard, and he'd gone and fucked the whole thing up. 
He couldn't lose Gerard though, he just couldn't. Not after everything between them. With a stupid amount determination and hope pulsing through his veins, Frank climbed out of his car, slamming the door shut without locking it and walking back to Gerard's house. 
When Gerard opened the door, he had lines down his face the tears had caused, his expression sad, confused and heartbroken. He stared at Frank in slight shock for a couple of seconds.
'Frank, please,' he said, 'I just need to be alone.' Frank sighed. 
'No Gerard, you need to listen to me. I love you. I fucking love you and I want to be with you. I don't care about the past or even the future, I just know you're the most amazing person I've ever met and you came along and I just, I felt so alive again. You changed everything and you're all I could ever want and ten times more and I-I need you, Gerard.' Frank just stared into Gerard's eyes, shocked at all the words that had just fallen from his mouth. He meant every single one of them though. His stomach was churning uncomfortably as Gerard just stood there, unmoving, his eyes swirling with more emotions than Frank could decipher. 
When he finally responded, it wasn't what Frank expected at all. 
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