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Chapter 10.

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Where do they go from here?

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Gerard pulled Frank towards him and crashed their lips together passionately. Just as Frank was beginning to think everything was going to be okay, Gerard pushed him away and slapped him across the face. Frank brought a hand up to massage his stinging cheek. 
'My little brother, Frank,' Gerard whispered before slamming the door in his face. 
Frank stood there, mouth open in shock, staring at Gerard's door for a couple of seconds before he turned away, still not sure where we wanted to go. 
Tears were beginning to spring behind his eyes but he wasn't sure whether they were from the slap or all of Gerard's actions.  He walked slowly away from Gerard's house and back down to his car, not daring to look back.
When he sat down behind the wheel, no tears came, no kind of emotion at all. The only thing Frank could feel was the stinging on his cheek where Gerard had slapped him. 
He didn't sit there long before he was pulling away and driving back to the coffee shop. He really needed to see Freya right now.

Gerard cried. Of course he fucking cried. He cried for hours and before he knew it, it was half past three. His breathing was fast and his eyes bloodshot when he finally stopped. He couldn't believe Frank had ever done that, it still hadn't sunk in. In a moment of weakness, he picked up his phone and dialed the second number on his speed dial, voice still shaking when they picked up. 

His mum was at his house within half an hour, features falling into a sympathetic look at the tear stained face and blood shot eyes of her eldest son. As soon as she was inside, she enveloped him in a huge hug. Gerard refused to start crying again, his mum rubbing her hand comfortingly up and down his back.
'You gonna tell me what happened then, sweetheart?' Donna asked softly. Gerard nodded his head and pulled away from his mother. 
'Coffee?' he asked. Donna shook her head and Gerard lead her to sit down on the sofa. 
'Basically,' Gerard began, 'I met this guy. He is...amazing, just amazing. He's sweet and kind and funny and just, perfect. But, then he comes round to have a Star Wars marathon with me and Mikey and it turns out he...he was the person who, who bullied Mikey in high school.' Gerard looked into his mothers eyes, swirling with many emotions. Sympathy, confusion, shock.
'I didn't even know you were seeing anyone,' she said. Gerard sighed.
'I haven't been for very long.' 
'The way you described him, he doesn't sound like the kind of person to do that to Mikey. Why did he?' Gerard looked away from his mother, avoiding her gaze.
'Drugs,' he whispered. She placed a gentle hand on the top of his arm.
'They do horrible things to decent people, sweetcheeks,' Donna said, sensing how much this was bothering Gerard.
'You really like him, don't you?' she asked gently. Gerard's heart fluttered. Frank had said he loved him and, well, he was pretty sure he loved him too. 
'I think I'm in love with him, mum,' he replied softly. Donna sighed.
'Love is a powerful, dangerous yet wonderful thing, sweetie. You've gotta mean it.' Gerard looked up into his mothers eyes, as if questioning what she meant, but Donna saw it there, in his green orbs. That flame hidden deep down inside. Love. She nodded slightly, she understood. 
'Talk to him. What's his name?' 
'Well, talk to Frank, talk to Mikey. Communicate, sweetheart. It's the only thing that's gonna work. I can see you love this man very much and I know how much you love Mikey. So, just talk.' Gerard looked at his mother and she smiled at him. He smiled slightly back before taking her hand in his and just talking for a while.

Frank walked into the coffee shop with bloodshot eyes and a tear stained face. The smile dropped right off Freya's face the second she saw him.
'Oh Frank, honey. What happened?' she asked. He sighed. 
'Can you have a coffee with me Frey, I just, I need to talk to someone.'
Freya looked and him sympathetically.
'Of course dear. You sit down, I'll be over in a minute.' Frank nodded silently and sat at his usual table at the back. 
He didn't even know a second had passed when Freya was bringing over their coffees. 
'Now Frank,' she said, 'tell me what happened.' He sighed deeply and picked his coffee mug up, the warmth a welcome change. The aroma was familiar and comforting and before he knew it, he felt at home.
'Well, you know Gerard?' Freya nodded, 'I took him to a party with me on Friday night and at the end we...well, you know.' Frank began to blush as Freya smirked slightly. 
'But, then we went back to his house to have a Star Wars marathon thingy with his brother today and it turns out, he was the kid I used...I used to bully in high school.' Freya looked at Frank sadly, her eyes radiating sadness and sympathy. 
'It was back when I was on the drugs...' Frank said quietly, 'and the last I saw of him he...well, he kissed me and then slapped me and slammed the door in my face and I just, I don't want to lose him Freya, I can't lose him.' Frank could feel the familiar sensation of tears prickling hotly at his eyes but he blinked them away, determined not to let them fall.
'Honey, you've just got to speak to him, tell him how you feel,' Freya said. Frank gave her an exasperated look.  
'I tried that!' he whined, 'and I got a slap and a door slammed in my face.' Freya sighed. 
'Then try again. Do you think he feels the same way about you as you feel about him?' she asked. Frank thought for a second. Gerard did seem to really like Frank. He was the one to suggest they go back to Frank's place, he was the one to want to introduce Frank to his brother. He must have at least liked him a lot...
'I think so...' Frank trailed off.
'Well then, he'll want you back just as much as you want him. He just needs time. Be patient and try, Frank, and everything will be fine. Just don't give up.' Frank felt his heart rise a little at Freya's words, hope bursting into his veins. 
'Thanks Frey. I'll probably go and see him tomorrow,' he said. Freya smiled. 
'Good idea. And just be honest, Frank. That's all you can do.' He nodded and sipped his coffee.
'I remember how worried your mother was when you first started the drugs,' Freya said suddenly. Frank felt the familiar sick feeling he got in the pit of his stomach whenever someone talked about his mum.
'She would turn up at my house, crying, not knowing what to do with you. I told her to remember the sweet little Frankie you once where, building forts with cushions and coming up with so many stories and characters, just to keep you company. She'd be so proud if she could see you now.' A smile crept onto Franks face as the tears threatened to fall again. The sick feeling becoming a jolt of pleasure at Freya's words.
'You really think so?' he asked. Freya smiled.
'I know so.'

He and Freya spoke for a little while, until nearly all of their third mug of coffee was gone, when Frank's phone rang. When he fished it out of his pocket, his stomach knotted at the name on the screen.
He picked up quickly.
'Hey Gerard,' he said, voice somewhat small. He heard Gerard sigh and Freya got up to leave, letting Frank have his privacy.
'Frank, hi. I'm...sorry about earlier. Can we meet somewhere because I think we need to talk.' Frank's heart was pounding as he listened to Gerard speak, the older mans voice the main cause of the effect, not the words he was speaking. 
Frank Iero was completely, absolutely and positively in love with Gerard Way. Fact. 
'Well, I'm in the coffee shop right now if you want to meet me here?' Frank asked. 
'Yeah, that'd be perfect. I'll be there in about...fifteen minutes?' 
'Yeah, that's cool.' 
'Okay, see you in a bit, Frank,' Gerard replied, hanging up without waiting for Frank's reply or uttering a goodbye.

Gerard turned up 17 minutes later, not that Frank was counting or anything. Not at all. 
He walked into the shop, his eyes just as bloodshot as Frank's, still sniffling, much like the younger man. He approached Frank on his table at the back. 
'Hey,' he said, a weak smile playing on his lips. Frank smiled meekly back.
'Hi, do you want a coffee?' Gerard sat down and sighed.
'No I'm good thanks. I just wanted to talk to you,' he said. Frank could feel his heart beating faster and faster as he looked at Gerard.
'Okay...' he whispered. Gerard looked in deep thought for a second, as if thinking what to say. Frank just watched the shallow creases that formed on his delicate features.
'Back at my house,' Gerard started suddenly, 'everything you said about, me being amazing and me making you feel alive and you...loving me. Did you mean it?' Frank looked into Gerard's dirty green eyes with the flecks of brown and saw something he'd never seen there before; vulnerability. Gerard was opening himself up to Frank in a way he may never do again, if Frank blows this. If he does the right thing, he could see every side of Gerard a million times over and, in that moment, that's all Frank wants, forever. He wants Gerard, every part of him, always. So, he does what Freya said, he tells the truth.
'I meant every word,' he says quietly, but still with a finality that can't be denied. Gerard's tired eyes light up and he reaches across to take Franks hand in his. 
'I love you too,' he whispers, 'but it's not that simple, now. I need to talk to Mikey. You made his life hell Frank, for a long time.' Frank looks away from Gerard and stares at the floor.
'I know. And if I could take it back, if I could change every second of those years, I would. In the blink of an eye.'
'But you can't though,' Gerard replied, pain in his eyes.
'I know,' Frank whispered, looking up at Gerard, 'but I can make up for that time, right? Those things I did?' Gerard sighs.
'I don't know Frank, it's not easy. But I need you to know that he's my brother, I won't hurt him, ever.' Frank feels his heart clench.
'I know, Gerard.' 
'I need to talk to him. I'll call you, later or tomorrow,' Gerard says, letting go of Franks hand and standing up.
'Okay,' Frank says before Gerard leans down and places a chaste kiss on his lips. 
Frank can only watch as Gerard walks out of the coffee shop. Watch, and hope its not the last time he sees him walk away.
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