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Chapter 13

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The last thing I remembered

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“Maggie, hi.” “Lily, sweetie, can we talk?” She sounded desperate and pissed.

Um… sure.”

Honestly I didn’t, but I knew Brandy would throw a tantrum if I didn’t. “Great! Um… it’s about the wedding.”

I snapped my head up and sent Brandy a death glare. “Okay, could you hold on for a minute?”

“Um… okay.”

I handed Gerard the phone, “Hold it, don’t say a fucking word. All of you.” I whispered and grabbed by the arm and took her to the hall. “Ow! Lily you’re hurting me! Lily!”
“I don’t give a crap if I’m hurting you!” I practically threw her to the wall.
“You fucking lied. You said that she was going to apologize! She just wants to talk about her wedding!” I was so close to losing it.

“I had to get you to talk to her. She misses you Lily… please? Just talk to her Lil's.” Her voice sounded sad. It took a few minutes to think. “Fine.” I sighed in defeat. “Yay!” She had an enormous smile on her face. We made our way back and the entire time she was doing her little happy dance.

I grabbed the phone from Gerard and just gave Maggie the happiest fake voice ever.
“Hey Maggie, I’m back.”
“Are you okay hun?” I heard some yelling.”

“I’m fine Maggie. What do you need to talk to me about?” “Oh, um the violinist that was supposed to play cancelled on me, and I was wondering if you could play. You could leave right after the mass. I really want you to come Lily. You’re extremely good. Please?”
No, no, no, no, and HELL NO. I knew my family would be there and they don’t like me all too much… You know what? Fuck it. If they don’t like me it’s their problem. “I’ll do it Mags, and I’ll stay for the whole thing .” Her voice instantly perked up. “Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really owe you one. Um.. you can bring whoever you want. You do have a date right?” I giggled.

Wait I giggled? I do NOT fucking giggle! “Yes silly. I have a date.” I smiled and looked at Gerard. Shit I’m turning mushy. “Oh! You have a boyfriend?!”
“Yes Maggie!”

“It’s about time Missy! I can’t wait to meet him I’m going to tell Daddy, and Justin and…”
I just laughed. Gerard is going to be in a hell of a ride. “What’s your fiancé like?” Really I should learn about this damn guy. He’s only going to be my in-law.
“He’s nice, and sweet, cute, tall, dreamy, muscular, athletic. He’s a great guy Lily. I think you’ll like him
His family is okay… his brother is weird though, dresses in black olot.” And she went on and on about family and him for a good 30 minutes. “He sounds like a really nice guy Maggie.” I smiled

“I was wondering if you could come two weeks before the wedding. I want to take you to get your dress, nails, hair, you know the girly stuff.” Girly stuff?

“Okay Maggie I will.” What the hell am I saying? Get out of it Lily!
“Make sure to bring your boyfriend!

“I will!”

“I’ll be sending the invitations out tomorrow, and I need to go because I need sleep. Oh and Lily I’m sorry for what I did. Really. I didn’t know it was going to be that bad.” She actually sounded like she meant it.

“It’s fine. I don’t care much about it anymore.” I semi- yawned.
“Okay. I guess I’ll see you soon then. Bye Lily!”
I put the phone down and looked at everyone. “How’d it go?” Kat said sleepily. “She called because her violinist cancelled, so she wanted me to play and I said yes. She wants me to go two weeks prior to the shin dig.” I shrugged. I turned my head towards Gerard, “Gee, we’re going to a wedding.”

Brandy looked at me with bright eyes and flashed me a smile. But that face didn’t last too long. “Wait! What about your family?”

“What about them?” I asked going into the kitchen and getting myself a Diet Coke (A.N. xD Thank you Mr. Garcia for getting me hooked on Diet Coke.)

“Aren’t they going to be there? You really shouldn’t be drinking that. I still can’t believe we bought Garcia AND Ms. Olivan that big pack of Diet Coke and a box of donuts Junior year.” She followed me into the kitchen and sat down.

“Yes they’re going to be there, and I honestly don’t care. About them and the coke. Also it was yours and Iris’s idea. I just wanted to see their faces, Garcia was super happy.” I sat down across from her. “And besides Brandy, it’s getting old. My family just should get over it already.”

She laughed, “Than you do care. I can see it!” I just rolled my eyes. “You’re acting even more ridiculous than Gerard does at bed time.”

She laughed, “Do I even want to see that?”

“Depends. Do you like watching a grown ass man having tantrums and fits about what to wear to bed. I mean honestly dude, you’re going to fucking bed! Wear boxers and a t-shirt!” I rolled my eyes.

“You sure can pick them. I bet you wear just a shirt or nothing at all.” She giggled.

“No! I wear a t shirt! His t-shirts actually! Stop laughing Brandy!” I was blushing like a fucking tomato. “I don’t sleep in the firetrucking nude! I wear his shirts to bed! Damn it Brandy!”

She was in hysterics for 5 minutes, during this time I was hitting her repeatedly.
“What’s going on?” I heard Gerard say. He was standing in the doorway.

“Nothing pretty boy! Just go back to sipping your juice!” Brandy laughed back. You could probably imagine his confusion. His girlfriend was blushing a very deep red while her best friend was hyperventilating in her seat. Gerard just gave a skill full eye roll. “Come on you two. We’re watching Star Wars!”

“Eww. Star Wars.” Brandy wrinkled her nose.
As soon as my ass hit the couch I was pulled into a certain vampires lap. The last thing I remember was watching a pod race go on.

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