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Chapter 14

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December 17th...

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You are cordially invited to Maggie Nicole Giordano & Tomas Anthony Prince wedding!
Date: December 17 2010
Mass: 5:00PM Reception:7:00 PM-3:00AM
Mass will be held at St. Baptist Church in Hoboken, New Jersey. Reception at Juniors Banquet Hall.
We would love to see you there!

Gerard’s POV
“Again Lily!” I heard Brandy yell from the guest room. “You are THE worst teacher ever!” I could just imagine her face. She’s been practicing for 4 hours already… “I know I like to piss you off.” Well she does need a break….

Lily’s POV

“Again Lily!” Brandy said. My back was hurting like hell. “You are THE worst teacher ever!”
“I know. I like to piss you off.”

“Brandy it’s been 4 hours!” “So?! You worked 9 hours for All Region and State!”
“Lily that invitation for the wedding is here.” Gerard came in. I rose up and grabbed it.
“What, no kiss?” His lips were already puckered

“No too busy Gee.” He grunted in return. “Okay so December 17th… you want to get there on the 3rd so we can spend time there.” I looked up at him. He smiled, “Sure whatever you want.”

“Wait, what about us? I thought we were all going to have a Harry Potter weekend!” Brandy interrupted. “We were going to do it with wands and shit!”
“We can do it when we get back Brandy.” I smiled.

“We sort of need to start packing Lil’s… you know I can pack for you.” He smirked. He brought his lips to my neck.

“No, I can pack my stuff thank you. I need to get back to practicing Gee.” I pushed him away.
“I also need to call Maggie.”

He grabbed me by the waist and whispered in my ear, “You need a break. I have things in mind on what we could do.” I was blushing so hard, I put a tomato to shame.

I could feel that sly little smile on him. His hands were traveling up my shirt, and he landed his lips on mine.

“Um… hello. I’m still here. No sexy time in front of me!” Brandy yelled.
Gerard just smiled into the kiss. I eventually had to breathe. “Um… that’s it for today Lil’s. I’m going to go before I vomit from this cuteness.” She stopped midway to the door. “I’m really happy you’re playing again.” She gave a small smile. “Maybe sometime you could sing.” Her voice was hopeful. “You have such a beautiful voice-“ I interrupted her.
“Baby steps Brandy. Baby steps.” I smiled.

“Baby steps.” She repeated with a big grin. She gave a wave before leaving. As soon as she was out I pushed Gerard away.

“I need to put my instrument away.” His eyes followed me, like a cat who’s about to strike. As soon as I zipped it up he carried me bridal style. “Gerard! Put me the frick down!”
He attached his lips to mine once more. Then he growled. He fucking growled.
“No.” Then he zoomed off to the bedroom. Damn vampires…

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