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The Ball part 1

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THE BALL. Title says it all... humor isn't very good, but it's getting better xD (oh, and no, there isn't going to be a female OC lead)

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I frown, walking down the stairs in his green and black pinstriped suit. Going to a ball… this is going to be interesting. Very, very interesting. And probably more than a little embarrassing.

“Ha! Frank you’re dressed like a bumble bee!” Mikey yells at me, trying to lighten up the mood.


I frown. A bumble bee… why is there something wrong about that sentence? Besides the fact it came from Ray’s mouth, I mean.

“Aw Frankie, are you an upset Bumble bee?” Mikey asks, baby talking me.

“Yeah, poor Frankie baybee!” Ray chimes in.

What is it? There’s something wrong with all this…

“Does Frankie bean need a hug?” Mikey asks.

I finally grasp what I was looking for. “Bumble bees aren’t green and black, they’re yellow and black you idiots.”

Mikey and Ray flush scarlet. “Oh shit…”

I sigh. “Now that you two have managed to make complete dunces of yourself, let’s get this over with. I wanna see Gee.”

“’Cause you luuuuuuuuuuuurv him!” Ray mocks.

I glare at him. Idiot, stupid Ray.

Ray’s eyes widen. “Oh shit I’m right, arent’t I?”

“It’s none of your fucking business.”

Ray hold up his hands in defeat. “Subject equals forgotten.”

Mikey sighs. “Well, I suppose all that’s left is to wait for Bob… I wonder if he’s seen what I got him yet.” The evil master-mind muses.

Suddenly a loud scream of protest is heard. “MIKEY FUCKING WAY, WHAT IS THIS ABSURDITY?!?”

Mikey sighs. “I better go help him out.”

I start to get worried. “Michael, what did you do?”

“It’s not that bad… I promise.” Mikey grins evilly before disappearing up the stairs. Ray and I can only look after him, quaking in our metaphorical boots. What did we just get Bob into?

“Is it just me… or should we be scared?” Ray asks me, shivering.

I nod gravely. “We should be very scared.”

(Time lapse)

As we step out of the limo we’ve rented for the occasion, I have to struggle to keep giggles down my throat. God Bless Mikey.

Bob is in a pink leopard print suit with puffy lace material trailing in the back like a train, bejeweled with sequins and fake jewels, a delicate strip of pink ribbon serving as a mask. I’m glad I got to chose my own getup for this masquerade.

Mikey is dresses as a mouse, no doubt because of Gerard’s annoying nickname for him, “Mikey Mouse”. Ray… Well, Ray’s dressed up like a disco king, with bright pastel colors swirling around on his tight clothes and bell-bottom… pants. They are pants, right? Not some sort of pink and orange abomination?

And I’m happy to be dressed like a 20th century gentleman. Huh. Never thought that would happen… I wonder what Gerard’s going to be… I hope we can find him.

I pull on a fake smile to hide my worry, walking into the ballroom as if I know exactly what I’m doing.


My eyes widen as I see what’s going on, the swirl of elegant costumes and half-covered faces before me. My own face is covered with a black ribbon, making me seem like more of an enigma than everyone else who’s dressed in bright colors.

Despair overtakes me as I look over the crowd of men and women, everyone sharing at least one trait with my black-haired best friend.


I sigh. Leaning back against a pillar in the large ballroom. This is impossible. I can’t seem to find Gerard in the swirl of dancing bodies, the masks and costumes eradicating him from existence almost completely.

“Hey handsome.” A girl with long red hair slides next to me, smiling cheekily.

“Um… Hi.” I say, looking at her. She’s wearing a black Victorian dress, the dark lace reaching from her neck to her arms. She seems well built, a rather large bust and delicate wrists and long, pale artistic fingers. I gasp. It can’t be… this can’t be…

“Having fun?” She smiles.

I shrug. “This isn’t really my kind of thing.”

She giggles. Gerard wouldn’t giggle… well… yes, he would. “Dance with me?” She asks, extending her hand to me.

I smile, accepting the hand. Looking around in the center of a crowd is better than being around the edges.

She takes one of my hands in hers, setting her other arm across my back, pulling my body to hers… weird. It feels strange. Her chest is king of… cold.

“Do you want to lead or shall I?” She asks, giggling again, snapping me out of my daze.

“Sorry.” I mutter, ad start to lead her across the ballroom floor. I try to multi task and look for Gerard, but she pulls me in and all I can focus on is us dancing. It’s almost magical, like what you’d find in a fairy tale.

She smiles at me sassily, like she knows what she’s doing and is loving every minute of it. After what seems like mere seconds but must have been a minute of being lost in her, the song ends and we have to stop dancing. I bow to her as required, but don’t want to part. There’s something oddly familiar about her, but I can’t quite pin it. She couldn’t be Gerard… Gerard’s a guy. I know I said Gerard could be a girl, but I was joking…

I stretch out my hand for her to take. “Honor me with another dance.”

“As many as you want, hotstuff.” And with that, I really don’t think of her as Gerard. He would never say that. Sure, he called me beautiful once but we were… we were… well, we were watching the Simpsons.

She wraps her arms around my neck as the music starts, both of us realizing it’s a slow song. Her chest pressed to mine, our hips swaying together in the music.

Once the song ends, I’m left wanting more of her.

“I must go, it’s not my place to have danced with you twice.” She smiles sadly.

“Please don’t go!” I beg. She gives me that sad smile again.
“I’ll give you something to remember me by.” She presses her lips to mine, and I feel a swell of desire and care run through me.

As she disappears into the crowd, all I can think about is how much I liked the kiss. But I like Gerard. Not this mystery girl with flowing red hair and familiar hazel eyes.

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