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Please. Just Please.

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This i really a filler.

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This Chapter lacks any much-needed humor, I'm sorry. But I got an idea and it needs this shit to happen.

I took a deep breath, preparing my Skittle Gun and making sure the glow sticks twist-tied to my belt are secure enough. I watch Bob, Mikey and Ray do the same thing. I watch the green-hatted gnomes, as they get ready to charge the lighthouse.

We can see the old lighthouse from behind the rocks where we hide, waiting to strike. The lighthouse is old, you can see it in the off-white color and the shabby wood door (that curiously enough has a white square on it), and we really don’t know what to expect.

“Let’s go.” I tell the members of my team, and we rush the place, followed by the gnomes. I promptly kick down the door, running into the room, followed by my comrades and the gnomes only to realize… it’s empty.

(A/N here’s where I tell you they stormed the wrong lighthouse. JK)

“Check the higher levels.” I command the gnomes, and they do what they can. I sigh, exiting the lighthouse. I stare at the door, realizing the strange white square I’d noticed earlier was an envelope.

Curious, I picked up the letter and read it through. I sigh after I’ve red it through, attracting attention from my teammates.

“What’s that?” Ray asks, raising his eyebrows at the letter.

“An invitation.” I divulge.

“For what?” Ray rolls his eyes.

“A ball.”

Ray looks at my like I fell on my head. “Elaborate.”

“The yellow gnomes are hosting a ball, apparently. Humans only, and we’re invited. Gerard’s going to be there.” Frank shrugs.

“What else? Stop being suspenseful, you prick!” Mikey yells.

I smile. “They’re going to dress Gerard up and drug him. If we can tell which guest is Gerard then we can take him with us. Each of us gets one try.”

Mikey sighs in relief. “It’ll be easy to spot my own brother.”

I raise my eyebrows. “You are aware that there are Halloween-style lawn ornaments that have magic using capabilities? For all we know, Gerard could be a girl.”
300 words of shit. Sorry about that. But yanno... I haven't actually got my muse back. So if, when I write the next chapter, I can just delete this segment and come up with a new idea.
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