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Going Out

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Two weeks had passed from when the Hessian had revealed the prophecy to Mary, who had made some small progress with Embeth.

Embeth had come around a little, Not much but she were at least on speaking terms with Mary. She quite liked her though she didn't know why; perhaps it was because she were a woman too.

She were even more surprised with herself as she could now utter the odd civil word to her captor- It wasn’t that she liked him she still despised the man but at least he hadn’t beheaded her; for that much she was grateful.

He had asked Mary not to mention the prophesy or anything he had discussed with her a fortnight prior lest Embeth marry out of pity which he feared would forfeit the prophesy rendering the entire affair useless.

Embeth however was still no more inclined to wed him now than she had been when he had shown her the altar.

She sat on the edge of a threadbare mattress in a small side room the German had given her, which she had noticed at the time he assigned it to her, had not existed previously.

Mary sat beside her as she usually did when they would a chat which almost always excluded the German, Not that he ever noticed.

Why is he keeping me here? Embeth asked Mary solemnly on one such night.

Before Mary had a chance to reply Embeth asked another question; And why does he want to marry me anyway?

Well, you should feel proud Mary replied confidently but inwardly she knew it was all a lie she could only imagine the sadness the young woman must be feeling.

No one has managed to turn his head in all the years I have known must be special.

Mary smiled encouragingly at Embeth hoping her words would work a little she could not bear the thought of suffering for God knows how many more years she would be stuck here if she didn’t convince Embeth in time and she knew some of what she had said was a bit of a white lie but she were in no position to berate him.
He had after all told her to say anything about him which could help Embeth step into the right direction so to speak.

If that is so Embeth continued after a fairly long pause; Then why drag me here and lock me up like a prisoner? Take me away from those I love? No one would do that if they really cared.

Mary became irritated at how difficult it was trying to convince the young woman, it required alot of thought and perseverance....and the patient of a saint, but still she battled on trying to sound as positive about the situation as was possible.

Oh but... Mary finally said.
He is a strange sort of man...

She thought a moment longer before continuing.

I suppose he never had much use for social etiquette....He believes fear can achieve anything.

Mary smiled sympathetically at Embeth wondering if she sounded as convincing as she hoped.

Seeing no reaction upon the younger woman’s sorrowful face she sighed almost ready to stop. For now though she had rehearsed in her mind what she wanted to say next if it didn’t work she should admit defeat this night and try again tomorrow.

Trust me Embeth, his bark is worse than his most cases; You must try to understand him better and then you’ll see for yourself; he isn’t so bad as he pretends to be.

Slightly surprised by Mary’s words she couldn’t resist asking why he must pretend.

Mary now, thought harder to answer this unexpected question but failed to come up with anything.

Don’t ask me she said finally, ask him when you feel up to it.

After 10 minutes of quite Embeth found herself thinking about her location, We can't be so far underground she thought as she listned to the rhythmic drip drop of rain as it pattered down over wherever they were.
The sound was loud and oddly comforting.

She had never appreciated the rain before, had never liked it.
She hated how cold it were and how wet.
She hated the smell, the mud it created.

Only now had she realised how wonderful rain could be, it helped flowers grow; She loved flowers.
She missed looking out of the window in the cottage and seeing the beautiful colours of their delicate petals, the fragrant, floral breeze in the summer.
She thought about the withered old flowers she had seen at the altar and wondered with a tinge of sadness if she would ever see a living flower again.

Then she wondered with even more sadness if she would see her family again....or Markus.

Are you alright my dear?
Questioned Mary in a mothering tone as she moved across to place a comforting hand on Embeth’s shoulder.

A silent tear slipped down her pale cheek.

Mary? Do you think I shall see my dear old mother again? And my father....Oh my and.....and...and. At this point she let out a cry of total despair giving way to heart wrenching sobs.

The sobs made her body shake beneath Mary’s hand.

Mary stayed with her until the loud sobs turned quiet before stopping altogether when the girl lay still after crying herself to sleep.

With a sigh the older lady let the girl alone to sleep while she went to find the German responsible for this mess.

May I have a word? She asked rather formally as she approached cautiously.
she took his silence as permission to speak.

It’s about Embeth she explained.
at the mention of her name he turned to look giving Mary his full attention.

That poor girl is beside herself; She spent the last hour and a half crying.

She waited for any sign of emotion to pass across the Germans face, none of which did.
It almost broke my heart to see it.... Mary added on.

What is wrong this time? He replied dismissively.

Well Mary started then paused momentarily to gather the right words.

I don’t think having her cooped up down here is helping to win her over....she’s craving the outside world.
She glanced at him hopefully wanting him to understand what she were hinting at.

Hmm, perhaps it would do her good to have fresh air he said pausing slightly before continuing.

Tomorrow I should like you to take her out for a short walk. If that helps to lift her spirits then you may take her out daily.

Mary was taken aback by his reasonable answer.

Thank you for understanding. I’m sure it will help alot.

Mary was genuinely grateful, but she still hadn't quite finished.

There is one other thing....She stated nervously not wanting him to think she were taking advantage.

Ja? replied he rather more pleasantly than Mary had expected.

What about the girls family? Would you permit for her to see them?

He thought about it carefully for a minute, Maybe; However I don’t think she should see them so soon.
Much safer if we wait until she has warmed to me first.

Mary waited patiently for him to finish explaining.

That way it is likely she will come back. I don’t want to run the risk of having to bring her back here forcefully.

Understood Mary dutifully replied.

So the very next day almost as soon as Embeth had finished her uninspiring breakfast which happened to be the very same thing she had eaten for every meal since being here...boiled cabbage.

Mary had suggested the two women went out to fetch some better foods.
Outside? Embeth asked a bit taken aback wondering if she had understood Mary’s proposal correctly.

Of course outside! Do you see anything edible here besides what is in front of you?
The German had sounded more aggressive than he had planned.

Joking definitely wasn’t his strong point.

We need to get some better food into you soon or you’ll waste away to nothing...Mary told Embeth while stealing a quick glance at the German and continued with a playful expression; Or before you drown yourself in that cabbage...

The joke seemingly went over his head as he said nothing.
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