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ethan lyra

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This my first story so please comment and don't be mean about it please. A ethanxlyra story

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"E-ethan"ethan turned around and froze he saw his childhood crush (still his crush) she is in front of him look like a angle as away then he said look at her pretty face "l-l-lyra"blushing at her lyra said "i haven't seen u and wat 2year"he nod then he said "wat bring u here and shinoh" lyra look at him with a sad face then said "my mom and dad die in a car accident and now i'm living with my aunt Hannah" ethan look at her then gave her a her a hug then said " lyra i'm sorry lyra about your mom and dad so u will be going to be going be going to the shinoh school right" she nod and said"yea and i can't wait to see your friends to my aunt said that she see u alot at her job at Wendy'swith your friends"ethan was in shock that her aunt work at wendys then ask her if she could walk to school with him she said yes then they walk then ethan saw ruby,sapphire,blue,and green they all saw lyra and said "who is she" ethan said "this is my childhood friend lyra" ruby said "oh so this your c-" sapphire push him in the stomach then said "ruby said one word and i kill u my name is sapphire ethan told us alot about u this is ruby my boyfriend and that blue and green her boyfriendit nice to to meet u r u going to school with us r u new"ruby told her that hurt and to breathe then lyra said "yes i'm new and yes i'm going to school with all of u and ruby wat was u going to say before sapphire hit u in the stomach" ruby said "nothing that u r ethan crush since childhood"then he ran and sapphire,blue and green chase after him and the lyra look at ethan like wtf then she said "i'm your wat"ethan then said "you r my crush since childhood and now "then lyra yell at him and said"u had a crush on me sincechildhood and u never told me "then he said " sorry u will always said that we were friend so i never told u"lyra said very angry "u should have told me sti-"ethan had kiss her then she push him then said nothing but kiss him again kiss him then yhey walk in school together a new couple has bloom.
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