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These Immortal Streets

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Immortality has always been a curse for Jared. All that is threatened when he meets a woman who changes everything, even his very life.

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Chapter one

He looked about the empty streets with little and nothing on his mind. He’d seen these damned shadows before, he’d seen the night. He wanted something else. He didn’t want walking girls who gave their soul for a few bucks and he didn’t want a fight that always ended up the same. His opponent laying on the ground, a hand up to his bleeding chompers and himself walking away as if he had only hurt a fly.

He could have died right now but the night was powerful. Immortality was less than he had dreamed it would be. He could have gotten better thrills joining the navy, could have found a girl that would give him more than a few kicks. But he had chosen this and it was worse than the heat on a poor Sunday.

“Want a drink, mister?” It was an old man that asked from the doors of one of the bars. It was a shame that such an aged man had little to offer and everything to poison with.

He continued walking. The night around him was empty, he couldn’t even think that’s how lonely he was. He couldn’t feel the wind that whipped past him and he couldn’t care less about it. You didn’t care about things like that when everything inside as gone numb.

He stopped. He heard whimpering. He looked about himself, his surroundings as peaceful as a whistling river. He tried to find the source until finally the sound was sharper, closer. He looked behind the stack of boxes on the dock only to find crumpled body laying there. He sighed to himself. It was probably a junkie, throwing their life away for a few hit of ecstasy. He turned to walk away.

“Wait! Please wait!” The voice was small, broken and wounded.

He contemplated walking away but he had an eternity to waste, what were a few more moments? So he turned back around and watched as the crumpled body rose to an actual figure of a person.

“I need your help.”

It was a woman. Tall, blonde, the kind of girl you hung up on your wall but would never meet. She looked at him with blue eyes that could seduce a monk and smiled. Her smile was more than he could define. She had something about her. A sensuality, a beauty, an irresistible thing that made him remain standing there.

“What’s your name?” She asked, suddenly she wasn’t whimpering anymore but that slipped his mind completely.

“Jared.” He didn’t move his eyes from her face. She was like an angel in a glass jar, she couldn’t be touched. Or at least that was the feeling she gave off.

Again she smiled that intoxicating smile. “You could help me with a lot of things.” She nearly whispered, her hand gently touching his shoulder as she walked past him. Her touch was stronger than any hit he had experienced.

He watched her walk away confused and yet overwhelmed with her presence. He wanted to shake her off, wanted to forget it. She was just some woman, wasn’t she? But he wanted to know what she needed help with. Had to be something didn’t it? And he didn’t mind being any ladies helper
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