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Chapter Two

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Immortality has always been a curse for Jared. All that is threatened when he meets a woman who changes everything, even his very life.

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5th February 2012

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jared leto fan fiction: These Immortal Streets

Chapter Two

He didn’t leave his house. He wanted to walk on out into the night the same way he did every night but the thought that he would see her prevented him. He wanted to see her with every part of his being but he didn’t want to have to watch her leave again.

He wasn’t quite sure why she was on his mind, what sort of power she had over him suddenly. She was just a woman lying in a whimpering heap on the docks. But it was more than that. It was the knowing smile she gave him, it was the piercing of her eyes. He couldn’t wrap his own mind around it but it didn’t matter. He was more stupid than a fish chasing after a false bait.

So he remained inside. His head a mess and everything he had done before not important now that she was on his tired mind. He could have given himself a meaning now to these immortal days but that seemed unlikely. He didn’t know her name, she didn’t know what he is. It was a fantasy he was spinning for himself and he loathed the very idea of it. What was he? A little girl who wears a crown thinking royalty is in her future?

He sat in front of a blank canvas without an idea other than her on his mind. He gripped the brush so tightly in his hands he wasn’t sure if he would be able to let it go. The night tore through the window panes and he took a breath of the air around him. The thought of immortality that was somewhat unbearable before now seemed torturous knowing that he would perhaps never see her again. He wasn’t sure why he was doing this to himself, why he was allowing his mind even the thought of her. He was making his own existence impossible.

A frantic knock sounded on his door. His eyes shot towards the sound and he dropped the brush from his hand. In all the years he had lived in this rundown building there had never been a knock on his door and something inside told him to ignore it. His curiosity however overruled his conscience and he stood to his feet. He cautiously made his way to the door as another knock sounded louder than the first. He rested his hand on the knob and swallowed down the nervousness he felt rising inside of him.

She rushed through the door once he opened it and shouted for him to close it. She was drenched in sweat, her face the perfect portrait of absolute terror. Her hair clung to the skin of her face and tears fell rapidly from her eyes. She cowered towards the window and kept her eyes on the door.

He slammed the door shut and rushed to where she sat on the ground beneath the large window. He kneeled down and tried to take a hold of her. She resisted, her heavy breathing a testament to the fear obviously plaguing her. He could have rejoiced, could have smiled because she was actually there before him but the state that she was in was enough to worry him tremendously.

“Are you alright?” He demanded, his own panic beginning to rise.

She took several breaths, moved the hair from her face, and looked up at him with a slightly calmer composure. Her blue eyes were afire with fear and desperation. Her tear stained lips parted and she let out a breath of a laugh.

“I told you that you could help me.” She whispered.

He wasn’t sure what to say. He was suddenly dazed by the sound of her voice. Being in the presence of someone completely mortal was enough to drive him to absolute insanity. He hadn’t allowed himself this in so long and now as he watched her he couldn’t tell if this was a dream or not.

“They are following me Jared…They all are.” She stated in a very monotonous tone. If he had been of right mind he would have caught that something seemed horribly false about all of it.

“Who is?”

She shook her head and reached her hand out to him. Gently she touched his face, looked into his blue eyes and hushed him. “They will come back.”

“When?!” He demanded. The feeling of her hand was fire and he wanted it to consume him.

“Soon.” The corners of her lips twitched before she slowly rose to her feet.

“Where are you going?” He asked, rising as well. He felt a panic inside at the thought of her leaving.

“Nowhere…I’m staying here, aren’t I?” She sat herself down on the edge of his bed as she spoke.

He looked down at her. Watched the way the night twisted through the blonde strands of her hair. The echo of her accented voice remained with him and her touch was still ablaze on his face.

She laid down on her side, her back to him and made a small noise of comfort. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched the slight air around them move the lace of her dress.

“Who are they?” He questioned with a desperate curiosity. He wanted to help her. The state of her previous panic had scarred him beyond concern.

She didn’t answer though. All he heard was the soft and even sound of her breathing as it steadied into sleep. He ran his hand back through his hair and tried to calm. Something was a miss but he couldn’t see past the fact that she was here. As if she was the woman he hadn’t waited an eternity for.
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