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Chapter Three

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Immortality has always been a curse for Jared. All that is threatened when he meets a woman who changes everything, even his very life.

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Chapter Three

Morning came with a cold whipping around the room that he felt was all too familiar. He could hear the world come alive outside and with it he felt an ache tear through him. He wasn’t part of that place anymore, hadn’t been for far too long. Humanity was further from him than the damned moon and he was as foreign to it as the Yen to a dollar.

His eyes slid open, the room came into view. He looked about himself. She wasn’t there. He quickly shot to his feet and looked in the bathroom, which was the only other room. It was empty.

Heavily he sighed and let a curse fall from his lips. If he hadn’t slept she wouldn’t have gone but here he was as alone as he always was. Nothing felt right anymore, his mind grew hazy and the remnants of her presence left behind a brokenness he couldn’t shake. He knew it was ridiculous to feel this way, knew that he was acting the part of a fool but how could he help it? She had been the closest he had gotten to humanity in years and now with her gone it had slipped through his fingers like sand.

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on his boots. He resisted the urge to place his hands on the place where her body had laid and tore himself up to his feet. He didn’t want to torment himself, he didn’t want to feel absurd.

He walked to the door, the sound of his boots an echo in the nearly empty place. He made to open it but stopped as he overheard sounds from the other side. It was voices, a gentle one and a harsher more strict one. He pressed his ear to the door and tried to overhear what was happening.

“Come back another time…” The soft voice said. Almost immediately he recognized it as hers. The effect it had on him was incredible.

“And you’ll make sure he’ll be alone?”

“No more questions…just get out of here.” She ordered.

He heard a pair of footsteps walk away and heard her come back to the door. He rushed into the bathroom, closing it quickly and rested back against the wall. He could hear her come in, her calming movements in the room. He wanted to just go out there, the thought that she was hiding something didn’t matter anymore. he just wanted to see her but that would make him desperate. Since when did he lose his sense? He had always been so levelheaded and all he could do now was fall weak beneath an unknown womans gaze.

“Jared?” Her call was soft and curious as she knocked lightly on the bathroom door. “Are you in there?”

He swallowed harshly. “Yeah…”

“I want to show you something…” How innocent she sounded as she spoke to him. It was like she was a different woman than the one who had just ordered the man out in the hall.

He looked at himself in the mirror and mentally told himself to calm down Something was happening. He couldn’t actually abandon all thought because of her. He knew something wasn’t right and he had to make it matter.

His blue eyes were tired, haggard dark circles formed beneath them. His dark hair was a mess and his pale skin was unusually colorless. He wasn’t sure when he had started looking the part of ancient but there it was right in front of him. he turned on the water and splashed cold water on his face. At least he thought it was cold, with his immortal skin he couldn’t tell anymore.
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