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Chapter Four

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Immortality has always been a curse for Jared. All that is threatened when he meets a woman who changes everything, even his very life.

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Chapter Four

She smiled at him once he came out. He wondered if she noticed the way his attitude changed. He still looked at her like she was a miracle but there was something different. She was keeping secrets. He wasn’t sure why it was such a big deal. After all it was a little obvious that she was hiding plenty of things considering the way they had met. But the confirmation of it was easy to drive him insane. He had been waiting for this moment where his immortality collided with the beauty of mortality and now it lay broken like a million shards of glass.

“You were in there awhile..” She was looking at him like she was ready to question him. Her eyes held his almost with suspicion. What did she have to be cautious about?

“Yeah…” He muttered looking away from her and resting back against the wall. He could see out the window from the corner of his eyes. If he could feel anything he knew that there was a soft morning breeze sweeping through by the way it whispered through her hair.

“My name Scarlett by the way…” She smiled and stood up off the bed. The skirt of her dress caressed the skin of her legs as she walked towards him. She held her hand out to him cordially, the sweetest smile he had ever seen on her lips.

He didn’t even acknowledge the gesture though. He only held her gaze without glancing at the hand she now withdrew.

“What do you need my help with?” He asked. He wasn’t actually mad at her or even upset. He was tired of eternity. Tired of knowing he was always going to be alone. He was tired of knowing that whenever he caught a small glimmer of hope it flitted away quicker than a hummingbirds wings.

She sighed and folded her arms across her chest. The question made her uncomfortable and she wasn’t sure why she was letting that show.

“You can’t tell me?”

“I can tell you but I- I don’t want to. I don’t want you to know…” She seemed desperate suddenly like she wanted to let him in but somehow she just couldn’t.

“How can I help you if I don’t know?” He wanted to get frustrated, wanted to know what the hell all this was about. But something about the way she closed up like the petals of a budded flower calmed whatever anger he held.

“I don’t want you to…think differently of me.” She whispered, meeting his eyes then. Those delicate orbs displaying a million different emotions.

“How can I think differently of someone I’m not even sure I know enough about to think of in the first place?”

Again she sighed, a small sound of breath before she shook her head. “Not yet.” She replied, her arms dropping to her side.

“Then when?” He demanded. He could feel his control of the situation slipping away.

“Tomorrow Jared…okay?”

He looked at her, contemplated the way she appeared there before him like she was a broken woman. When had she become vulnerable? He had no right though did he? To demand something from her? She was near wilting there in front of him, how could he force it out of her?

“Tomorrow.” He nodded calmly.

She smiled at him and held her hand out which he now took. How he yearned to feel that delicate skin, that feminine touch. The regions of his eternal heart desired if only to feel for a short second, what intoxication would he discover?

“Now let me show you something…” She said as she led him to what she had set on the bed.

He watched her, that beautiful profile and could only think of what way he could help her. He thought nothing of the man who had just come to the door. He thought nothing of the fact that tomorrow was the day of whatever she had just planned with someone else.
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