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Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

He didn’t know what to think anymore than he knew what to do. He had let her walk away and being without her now was like living with a void that felt unable to be filled. He wasn’t sure why he felt this way, he didn’t even know her. Her presence had calmed him. She had brought to him a moment where he could ignore the wretched immortality coursing through his veins. With her gone now he had to come face to face with his curse. He had wanted her to let him into her secrets and yet when she had tried to look inside him he had turned her away. He supposed he was just afraid. Scared of no longer being alone, of finally feeling again.

His head would have been aching if it could, his eyes would be burning with the tears he knew he was crying. He felt ridiculous and weak. He felt childish and impossible.

A knock on the door forced his attention off his own thoughts. He looked towards it and saw that it was morning. He had been sitting there for too long. He rose up cautiously. He had a hope inside that it was her. He had a hope that she had come back, had seen through the guard he had put up. But how could he even envision that? That would be fooling himself.

He reached out and opened the door. Let down filled him when he saw a man standing there. It pulsed inside him, swam through him like a fish in the water, except he was left gasping for air.

“Jared, right?” The man asked.

“Yeah…who’s asking?” He demanded. He felt himself tense the way he always did around people he didn’t know.

“My name is Shannon…” He held his hand out towards him and let a friendly smile spark on his face.

Jared looked at it and then looked back up to the mans face. “What do you want?” He wasn’t sure if he was being unreasonable.

“Scarlett here?” Shannon asked, looking behind him into the apartment. He reeked of arrogance and stood there as if he owned the damn place.

“What do you want?” Jared asked again this time harsher in tone.

Shannon laughed as if something had really been funny. “Just asking a question…she here?”

“I don’t know who you’re talking about.” He wasn’t sure why he felt the need to lie but something about this guy didn’t feel right.

“Don’t mock me…I know she was here, she talked to me while staying here.”

Jared realized who he was. The man Scarlett had been talking to. He grew cautious, even more tense. “Well she isn’t here anymore.”

Shannon’s smile widened. “Good.” He said before he reached out and took hold of Jared.

The unexpected movement caught Jared off guard and he found himself lodged against the wall.

“What the hell do you want?” He nearly shouted, unsure of what he could do. He had always wished his immortality had left him with some preternatural strength like all those other fictional immortals and now he couldn’t have wished for it more.

Shannon didn’t say anything. He just raised his hand and pressed a needle into Jared’s neck. He didn’t feel the puncture but almost immediately he felt the power of whatever had been in the syringe.

“I’ll tell her you say hi…” He heard Shannon say before he lost all consciousness.
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