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Chaptrer Five

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Immortality has always been a curse for Jared. All that is threatened when he meets a woman who changes everything, even his very life.

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Chapter Five

She wanted to go out, wanted to see the city at night without having to look over her shoulder in fear. He obliged although he wasn’t really sure if that was such a good idea. She would remark on the wind, how could he answer when he was numb to it? She would ask him how he wasn’t eating, wasn’t even hungry. He wasn’t sure if he could confide in her. Did it matter that there was a possibility that she already knew? That she could see the darkness that clung to him? The agelessness of his face? The way his eyes swept over everything like he had been seeing it for an eternity? He couldn’t let it matter because it very well couldn’t be true. He had to keep this secret, didn’t he?

She slipped her hand into his and he tried his hardest not to pine away for the feeling he no longer had. He looked down at her and managed to smile a little.

“What are you thinking of?” She asked very softly. Her hair blew back behind her, her eyes watched him with curiosity.

“I don’t like to think.” He said knowing how ridiculous such a statement sounded.

She let out a laugh that hypnotized him. He had the feeling that every little thing she did she knew how it affected him. Was this her plan? And if he suspected her of something why wasn’t he doing anything to stop it? Why was he falling into it blindly?

“Well then where are you from?” Were these questions really out of curiosity? Or was there an underlying prying there beneath her words?

He swallowed harshly and tried to tell himself not to be tense. Could she feel it in the feeling of his hand? “Not from around here…”

She sighed a little and lowered her gaze. “Don’t want to talk?”

He stopped and turned to look at her. Her beauty there before him was everything e had ever dreamed of and yet he couldn’t see past the way secrets infiltrated her eyes. Why was he succumbing to something so ridiculous as all these feelings overwhelming him whenever he found himself in her presence?

“It’s been so long since I’ve really talked to anyone at all…”

“How long?” She asked looking up at him with an innocence filling her gaze.

“I don’t know you Scarlett…I don’t know anything about you.”

She looked away a bit of insult curbing her softness towards him. “I guess you’re right.”

“I don’t open up easily….It’s been forever…longer than forever.”

“So I mean nothing to you then? I thought that…”

“You thought what? That this was something other than a chance meeting laden with secrets, a call for help that I don’t know a damned thing about?”

She looked hurt and instantly she backed away from him, her hand falling from his. “I understand.”

He felt a knot form in his stomach over seeing how upset she was with him. He had disappointed her and how could he blame her? Had he been too harsh? Had he hurt her feelings?

“It’s fine Jared….I’ll just…I’ll go.” She moved away from him and began to walk away.

He didn’t move. He didnt call out after her. He knew that it was better if he left it at this. If he let her walk away and out of his life. Things were right when she was there. But once she left his sight he felt an emptiness fill him. An emptiness and complete regret. Why the hell did he do that?
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