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Lust, Dominance, Love

by imashamally


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I woke the next morning and rolled over to a cold side of the bed. I opened my eyes to see Gerard wasn't there but a note was in his place.

Sorry I wasn't there when you woke up. I told you last night I wouldn't be able to see you today. Band meeting all day but I am keeping my promise about tonight and make sure you wear the dress and wear no makeup as I wished.

I folded the paper and sat it on the bedside table. I smiled and rolled out of bed to dress. I pranced to the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee and saw a Starbucks cup sitting there full. I grinned and saw written on the side was "For you Sugar, might not be as sweet as me." I giggled and heated it in the microwave. My stomach started growling which would make sense considering I hadn't eaten hardly enough for a mouse in the past five days. I couldn't finish my dinner last night because I misinterpreted what I saw, the first night being here I had little money to buy groceries and other than that there has been no time for me to eat. So, I just snacked and nibbled on things now and then. When I turned around from removing the coffee there was a plate stacked with what smelled like chocolate chip pancakes. They were still warm so Gee must have left not too long ago. I sat down and scarfed them down. I had to say the man could cook breakfast. I don't know about anything else but he can seriously be the chef for me in my book. I heard my cell ringing in the den, so I hurridley ran to retrieve it.
"Hello?" I gasped out of breath.
"Hi sweetie." It was momma.
"Hey." I tried sounding enthusiastic even though I most definitely wasn't.
"How are things?" She asked sounding a little upset.
"Things are great. I got the job at the club and everything is working out fine." I partly lied.
"Are you sure? Do you need extra money?" She asked obviously worried I was going to be poor and on the street beggin for money as a whore.
"Yes. I'm sure. I got paid the night before last and trust me it was a huge check." I could actually sound sincere about this one.
"How much?" She asked not believing me.
"$800." I assured her.
"Wow, and you just started there?" She said a little astonished.
"Yes momma. Don't worry about me. I'm fine and I have someone special taking care of me." I smiled thinking about how perfect Gerard is.
"Oh?" I could hear her smile. "Who might this be?" She asked urging me on.
"His name is Gerard Way. He is the lead singer for My Chemical Romance and the co-owner of the Burlesque club." I sighed. "He is perfect." I whispered feeling a blush creep up my neck.
"You didn't sleep with him just to get the job did you?"
"Oh mom! No, I would never." I said only telling a white lie. I didn't sleep with him to get the job but I did sleep with him because I think I'm in love.
"I think I'm in love him." I whispered.
"Just don't get hurt." With that she stopped and apologized. "I love you. Be safe and I'll talk with you soon." She hung up before I could say anything. Well now my mother thinks I'm a whore. Oh well, guess you can't impress everyone no matter what you do. I collapsed on the sofa and immediately fell asleep. I didn't have work tonight according to Gerard, so he must have told Desiree I wasn't coming in tonight. He must have that power since he is the owner.

I woke up around 5:00 that afternoon and realized I needed to start getting ready. I ran towards the bathroom and showered then blow drying my hair and my waves fell into place around my waist. I walked to my bedroom and slipped the dress on over my black lace panties and strapless lace bra. I glanced in my mirror at how the sequins sparkled and the dress twirled as I walked. I strapped my heels on and smiled to myself. I grabbed my coat and keys and made my way down to the front of the building to find a car waiting for me and a man I never had met before.
"Chrysanthemum?" The man asked smiling as he noticed my dress.
"Yes." I said as he took my hand and held the door open for me.
"I'm Worm." He smiled as he shut the door and ran around to the front to get going.
"Its nice to meet you. May I ask where we're going?" I asked as he continued driving.
"I had specific orders from Gerard not to tell you that." He laughed as he turned on a fancy street I had yet to have been to.
"Gotcha. Do you work for Gerard?" I asked innocently.
"I'm the bands sort of bodyguard or security you could say." He said glancing in the rear view mirror to see me fiddling with my thumbs.
"Nervous?" He asked as he pulled the car to a stop.
"A little." I smiled as he approached my side of the car and escorted me inside. The gentleman at the front desk must of known who he was already because he smiled and pointed towards the elevator. We rode up to the sixth floor and he let go of my arm and shoved me a bit.
"My job here is done. You'll find him don't worry." With that he walked back to the elevator. I looked around and saw several tables full of groups and couples and walked closer to the back. I still didn't see Gee. I twirled around and saw him sitting in the middle of the room at a table with the perfect view of the city beneath us. I sauntered over to him shyly and he stood from his chair. He walked the rest of the way and kissed me gently before pulling back and caressing my waist.
"You look beautiful." He kissed me once more softly. "Perfect." He smiled as he pulled my chair out for me.
"You don't look so bad yourself." I noticed he was wearing his usual black button down shirt and slacks. All black which looked rather hot on him.
"I see you listened to me when I said you look hot in all black." I whispered as he sipped his glass of diet coke. He giggled into the drink before sitting it down.
"No. Maybe I just wear black because I want to." He smirked as a blush took over my body.
"Oh." I picked up the menu and read over a few of the items. This place was top notch that's for sure.
"Gee, how about I pay tonight. Since I got paid and this stuff is so expensive for just the two of us." I whispered still reading the menu. He sat his down and lowered mine so he could see my face.
"I'm paying whether you like it or not. I don't care that you got paid, you need to save that money. Just know there are plenty more checks like that one coming for you." He said before looking back over his menu and avoiding my gaze.
"Okay." I sighed as I decided on what to order. After the waiter took our orders and refilled our glasses, water for me, Gerard kept staring at me.
"Do I have something on my face, because you keep staring?" I said blushing all over as I used my white napkin to wipe my red lips.
"No. Your just so gorgeous without makeup I can't keep my eyes off you." He flashed me a toothy smile along with a wink of those hazel eyes.
"Stop, your embarrassing me." I looked down and felt him reach over the table and lift my hand into his own.
"No need to be shy. I just wanted to show you off to everyone." He stated innocently which made me turn red again.
"I don't really know why you would want to be seen with me. You can get any girl you want being a rockstar and you choose to be seen with me. I don't understand." I giggled as he rolled his thumb over my knuckles.
"So, I have the one I want right here in front of me." He kissed my palm gently before placing it down on the table. Within an hour our food was served and it was incredible. After Gerard paid for the meal and gave an insane tip, he took my hand and led me down the street for a walk.
"Lets just walk for a while." He said holding me close to his body as we traveled down the lit up Christmas scenes around us.
"Perfect." I whispered only if he knew I was talking about him not the lights. About two blocks from where we started he stopped and turned to me.
"Chrys, why don't you have any food or drinks besides coffee in your apartment?" He asked bluntly hoping I would answer.
"I..just..I don't know." I said not catching his stare.
"Have you even eaten anything other than what I've made you?" He asked holding my chin in his hand. I shook my head and looked away again embarrassed.
"Why didn't you tell me? You've been starving yourself." He asked barely above a whisper.
"No. I eat just not much. Its not like I'm anorexic or have a eating disorder Gerard. I just can't eat. " I stated trying to control my anger as much as possible.
"No your not or don't but we are going grocery shopping first thing tomorrow." He said kissing my cheek lightly before I turned back to him.
"I know. I'm sorry. Gerard you've got to understand before I came here I didn't have hardly any money. I got that apartment because my mother gave me all she had out the bank just to make me happy. I spent it all getting that apartment and didn't stop to think about food, or clothes or expenses. What would have happened to me if I hadn't have gotten the job at the club? Huh? I would probably be on the street." I felt tears welling up in my eyes. "I had, well have nothing." I started crying as he pulled me into his chest.
"Sugar, its okay. Everything worked out fine. Even if you hadn't of gotten the job, I still would have stalked you until you agreed to date me. Then I would have taken care of you. I mean, Jamia and Frank, they both want to help you. That's why she told me about you not going with them that night because you said you were broke." He said stroking my hair as the tears began to stop. I pulled away and looked up at him.
"Stalked?" I asked giggling as he wiped my cheeks with his sleeve.
"Yup, I would have followed you everywhere to get you to notice me." He smiled.
"It should have been the other way around but I guess things happen for a reason don't they?" I asked standing on my tippy toes to kiss him. When he pulled away he smiled and held onto me tightly.
"Stay at my place tonight?" He whispered. I nodded against his forehead. We strolled back to his car in front of the restaurant and drove to his town house. I still was fascinated by how magnificent it was. He opened my door for me and led me inside where he slipped the coat from my shoulders along with his.
"Coffee?" He asked over his shoulder as I clicked my heels on the floor to walk to the den.
"Please." I said as I stood in front of the lit fireplace watching the flames burn, red and orange. He walked in with two steaming cups of coffee and stood behind me.
"Fire is such a beautiful part of life." I whispered as I continued to stare. "The way it burns, the colors it makes, the sizzle as it turns the wood into ashes." I turned around and sat my cup down on the coffee table as Gee smiled at me from the sofa.
"That's beautiful. Do you write?" He said catching my gaze. I nodded and turned back to the pit rubbing my shoulders softly as the warmth spread over me from its flames. I heard Gerard sit his mug down and approach me from behind. He replaced my hands with his own as he kneaded my shoulders and lowered his lips to them softly. I rolled my neck to the side, enjoying the release he was giving my tense shoulders. He removed them and slid his hands down my sides to my hips and kneaded them through the chiffon of the dress. I turned around and took his hands from my hips and placed them on my waist. I linked my arms around his neck and stared into his eyes lit by the fire surrounding the darkness.
"There is a fire burning inside you Gerard." I whispered as I brushed his lips with mine as my eyes fluttered closed. "Your fire is the same one that burns in mine. Lust..." I kissed him with a feather touch. "Dominance.." I kissed the hollow of his throat before speaking the last word I hardly no the meaning of. "Love.." I whispered before sucking on his neck.
I knew I had him because he bent down slightly and captured my lips with his. He deepened it and lifted me so he could lock his arms under my thighs as he held me against his body. I never broke the kiss as we stumbled up the stairs and slammed into the wall a few times before finally making it to his bedroom door. His hands were obviously full so I reached back and turned the knob for him as he kicked the door open. He kicked the door shut behind us and pinned me against the cold door that soothed my hot skin. He made a trail of open mouth kisses down my jaw line to my neck and over my collar bones. I lifted his face back to mine so I could kiss him deeper than before, moaning the whole time. He gripped me gently and carried me to the bed where he laid me down and followed my body down with his own. I rubbed his shoulders soothingly before flipping us and straddling his chest. I slipped off the bed and turned my back to him while I unzipped my dress only to let it fall to my feet in a puddle. I unstrapped my heels and kicked them to the side before crawling back over Gee where he lay. I kissed him full on the mouth while unbuttoning his shirt in the process before I leaned up as he rose so I could slide it from his shoulders. I kissed each of his biceps before he lay back down and flipped us. I fumbled with his belt as he kissed the top of my breasts. He smacked my hands away playfully and pulled it through the loops. It hit the floor with a clatter and I unsnapped his pants and pushed them down his legs as he kicked them off the rest of the way. I popped the waistband of his boxers against his pelvic bone and he got the hint. He slid them down while I undid my bra clasp and threw it to the opposite side of the room. He sat back on his knees and pulled my thighs closer over his knees. His hands ran smoothly down them until resting on the line of my panties before hooking his finger underneath them and pulling them off completely. I closed my knees as I felt a blush creep over my body and he spread them apart smirking.
"Your whole body blushes when we fuck." He whispered against my lips before kissing me and sliding into me. I gasped out of a slight pinch and he started thrusting slowly. I arched my back to meet him and he moved faster over me.
"Gee." I breathed as he moved in and out of me at an agonizingly slow pace. I wrapped my legs around his midsection and flipped us as I impaled myself on him. He let out a groan and held onto my hips as I moved over him.
"Fuck." He moaned as I flipped my hair over one shoulder, I smiled and leaned down to take his lips with my own. I could feel the pleasure building. He rolled us over again and took control as he held us up by the headboard. He slammed into me as hard and deep as he could. I screamed his name as I felt myself tightening. Next thing I knew was I said the only thing I never experienced.

"I love you." I gasped and he froze in me as I felt his stare over me. I realized it was going to be a mistake but damn it is true. I stroked his cheek and kissed him before he started moving again and lifted my head with one hand while the other held on to my hip. He kissed me with so much love I thought I would pass out. I pulled away and screamed as I released. Gee pulled out and came over my abdomen. I reached down and ran my fingers through it while he caught his breath. He collapsed on top of me kissing me again before mumbling into my neck.
"I can't." What was I supposed to do? Forcing him to love me was definitely not what I intended to do.
"I don't want you to say it unless you mean it." I said rolling out from beneath him to go to the bathroom but I stopped in the doorway and turned to him.
"I loved you since the first time I met you." I whispered more to myself than him before closing the door.
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