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Velvet and Strass

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I woke up sprawled over Gerard's chest as he stroked my arm. I blinked once or twice and looked up to see him smiling.
"Morning." I said groggily and indescribably worn out.
"She's alive. Its 12:00." He exaggerated rolling me off of him gently as he propped himself above me with his elbow.
"Sleep well princess?" He asked kissing me lightly.
"Sure." I mumbled lightly trying to not let my disappointment show through in my face.
"Are you still upset after last night?" He asked looking into my eyes.
"I'm not upset Gerard. Like I said I don't want you to say you love me just for the hell of it. I've heard that enough. I told you how I feel and I want you to accept that but I won't expect it from you until it means something." I turned my head from him and rolled on my side. He rolled me back over and crawled between my legs while moving his arm behind my head. He leaned down and took my lips with his in the sweetest kiss. I hated myself now for saying it last night but damn I meant it. He pulled away and kissed my nose.
"Get up and get dressed. We have some shopping to do." He said rolling from beneath the sheets to pull his boxers on.
"Shopping?" I asked holding the sheet closer to my shivering body.
"Groceries and whatever you want." He grinned as he went to the bathroom to shower. After the door was closed for less than two seconds he poked his head out the door and curved his finger towards him. I leaped out of bed and ran to him where he pulled me in the bathroom with him to shower.

"Ready?" He asked pulling on his coat waiting for me at the front door.
"Yup." I said taking one last bite of my cereal and approaching him as I put my arms through the sleeves of my coat. We walked hand in hand through the doorway and out into the nippy cold air.
"We'll get groceries last, so how about we go to fifth avenue. And I don't want to hear anything about how expensive it is." He said coming to a stop about a block from the stores.
"Can we go to Louis Vuitton?" I asked jerking his hand towards the store.
"Anywhere you want baby." He kissed my hand as he lifted it to his pink lips. There were so many people inside but the clothing wasn't my favorite from here. We split ways while he went towards the men collection and I put everything down just because the price was so damn high. Holy shit, jewelry was in the thousand dollar range, definitely not my forte. I ran my finger along the glass showcase and paused at one ring in particular. It was a Les Adentes double flower ring and it was absolutely gorgeous. I looked up when hearing a older woman behind the counter introduced herself. She saw me admiring it and unlocked the casing then handed it to me to try on. It was a perfect fit naturally but the price was $8,750.00.
"Its beautiful but I can't afford this." I smiled sliding it off my ring finger and handing it back to her.
"I work here and I still can't afford half of this stuff, so I understand honey." She smiled sadly while I watched her place it back in its case. I continued scanning over the jewelry, loving the diamonds and crystals sparkling over my skin. From the corner of the store I saw sparkles and chandeliers hanging over a show case of shoes. I walked to the shoes sitting perched on the shelves and one in particular caught my eye that was in my price range. They were Coleen wedge pumps in velvet and strass. Originally I would never have been able to afford them but they were on a huge sale for black Friday, so I snagged them and that would be the only thing I was getting today. Gerard met me at the front desk with a new black button down shirt with Louis Vuitton cuff links and very nice slacks.
"I love it." I said feeling its texture while he handed the clerk his card.
"Yeah, I do too. And no you can't have this one." He grinned while he took my shoes from my hands and placed them next to his shirt.
"What are you doing?" I asked as he scanned his card and signed his signature.
"What does it look like I'm doing, I'm paying for our stuff." He said collecting the receipt and heading towards the door with me following behind.
"Gerard, I was going to pay for those." I said catching up to him as he was half way down the street.
"Well too bad. I already did, so be happy. Besides I get discounts in there, the manager is one of my good friends." He smirked as I tried to take my bag from him.
"I'm carrying them." He said moving the bags to his left hand and taking mine in his.
"Well I guess that is a good thing right?" I asked smiling as we strolled down the parkway.
"What is a good thing?" He asked with a confused oval taking place on his lips.
"The manager being your friend?" I said swinging his hand in mine.
"Sure as hell is. I might be a celebrity but that shit is fucking expensive." He laughed and told me to meet him in Henri Bendel if I wanted to go somewhere else.
"Okay." I kissed him quickly and ran across the street to Juicy Couture while he did his own thing. I was really looking forward to being in here because I wanted to get something and surprise Gee. I looked around and a sparkling teal short nightgown caught me attention. I walked over to it and saw the matching bra and thong to go with it. All together the total was about fifty dollars but it was worth it, so I hoped. When I walked back over to Henri Bendel Gerard was smoking a cigarette against the wall waiting for me.
"What's in the bag?" He winked scanning the pink bag in my hand. I blushed and hid it behind my back while looking down at my shuffling feet against the sidewalk.
"Nothing you need to know." I said taking his free hand with mine.
"Fine." He sighed like a whining child. "Well, I can't afford anything else today so I say we get your grocery shopping done princess." He smiled as we walked.
"Sounds good but I'm paying." I smirked and he just shook his head.
"Nope, I"ll pay." He said as he unlocked the doors and we drove off.

"First things first you need coffee." He laughed as he put a package of Starbucks coffee in the cart. For almost an hour we searched through the aisles for necessities and things like that. About a hundred dollars worth of groceries for my place and Gerard's we left to unload at his place and I could keep my stuff there until I was ready to go.
"Thank you for everything." I said collapsing on his lap while he sat on the bar stool in the kitchen.
"Don't thank me anymore." He smiled kissing me passionately. He pulled away and brushed my cheek with his fingertips.
"Are you coming to the club tonight?" I asked batting my eyelashes.
"Of course. You really think I would miss your performance if I didn't have anything to do?" He said kissing my neck viciously which I'm sure would leave a mark. I moaned and pushed myself from his lap before I would be late getting to the club.
"Are you staying here tonight?" He asked as I headed towards the door.
"Yes. Are you driving me to the club?" I asked slipping my coat on.
"Sure am." He said grabbing his keys and leading the way.

I had to sneak from backstage to find Gee sitting at his usual table with a few other men smoking and laughing. I wrapped my arms around his neck from behind scaring him and kissed his cheek.
"Hi handsome." I giggled as he held up a finger to the guys. He turned around and whistled at my last outfit for tonight.
"Wow, that is something." He was astounded at the white sequin bikini top that was quite revealing you could say and I felt a bit self conscious in it, plus the white leather skirt was skin tight with my black dance heels. My makeup was quite heavy with my hair pulled back in a ponytail. I leaned up on my tippy toes seeing as he was still taller than me even while I'm in heels. I pecked his lips quickly before scurrying backstage to go on. Tonight I wouldn't be singing but just dancing with the other three girls in matching costumes but different colors. It is extremely ironic how I'm put in white clothing. White is supposed to mean purity but I'm far gone from pure. The crowd was large tonight and everyone was going crazy while Give me Everything by Ne-yo and Pitbull played to our moves. The rush was so exhilarating and I loved it, so much. I ran off stage and went to find Gerard. He was still at his table saying his goodbyes to the guys at the table when he saw me approach.
"Ready sugar?" He asked as he stood and wrapped an arm around my waist.
"More then ready." I smiled and he nodded as we left the club .

Gerard was downstairs fixing dinner at his place while I was in the bubble bath he made for me. It was so nice and relaxing, he even had a few candles lit around the rim. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes until there was a knock from outside the door.
"Dinner's ready." He yelled through the door before I heard him walk away. I stepped out and dried myself off before slipping on a pair of boxers Gee let me borrow and a Iron Maiden t-shirt. I removed the dark makeup and left my hair tied back. I walked downstairs and was hit in the face with the smell of lasagna.
"Oh my god, that smells wonderful." I sighed as I sat on the stool behind the counter where he was fixing our plates. He placed it in front of me and sat on the other side of the counter with his.
"This is really good." I smiled as he nodded.
"Thank you." He said taking another bite. "Eat all you want. I kind of overdid it." He said looking over his shoulder to the pan full of lasagna. I giggled and finished off mine before I was stuffed. He took our plates and put them in the dishwasher.
"Go watch some TV or something. I'm gonna go take a shower." He said kissing me and going upstairs. I waited until I heard the shower running before slipping into the bedroom and putting on my matching lingerie and short night dress. I made up his bed and put all the pillows back on it neatly. I lit a few candles I grabbed from downstairs and placed them on the bedside tables. I took my hair out of its pony tail and shook it a little bit before sitting cross legged at the foot of the bed in front of the bathroom. A few minutes later Gerard walked out in his boxers while still drying his shaggy hair. He jumped back a little when he saw me and threw the towel across the room before getting a good look at me. He never moved as I uncrossed my legs and rubbed them together while I bit my lip.
"You like?" I asked as he sauntered over slowly. He was still about a foot away from me before he spoke.
"Hell yeah." He said mesmerized. "So this is what was in the bag huh?" He asked kneeling in front of me while he ran his hand up my thigh and back down.
"Uh huh." I nodded as he caressed my smooth legs. He kissed my knee while he spoke sweetly.
"Just what were you planning on doing with it?" He asked never taking his lips from my leg.
"Seducing you." I whispered as I blushed and opening my legs a bit more as they bent at the knee.
"Oh really?" He nipped at my other leg softly before sliding his hand all the way up my gown to my stomach. I lay back on the comforter as he touched me beneath the gown. He pushed it up enough to see my stomach and kissed it leaving a moist trail all the way up. I wanted to give him a show though, so I leaned back up and pushed him down on the bed. He was a little taken back my motions that he was breathing heavily.
He was sitting up with his arms holding his weight while I stood a few feet away from him. I flipped my hair over one shoulder before lowering the strap of the gown on one side then the other letting it fall to my feet in a pool. His breath caught when he saw the sparkling bra and sheer thong. I smiled and sauntered over to him before straddling his thighs. I kissed his chin before capturing his lips with a ghost kiss. I ran my hands all over his pale, smooth chest and down his abdomen before reaching his briefs. I rubbed his hardening cock lightly through the material and heard him moan. He took his hands and ran them down my backside before squeezing my ass. He bit my neck gently and his hands landed on the clasp of my bra. He started getting frustrated when he couldn't get it off.
"It clasps in the front." I whispered in his ear while I giggled at his groan. I lifted my head from his shoulder and touched my breasts before unclasping it but not removing it.
"Do you want to see?" I asked huskily.
"Fuck yeah I want to see." He nipped at my bottom lip. I dropped the bra to the floor behind me and he immediately grabbed them in his palms. I moaned when he took my erect nub in his mouth.
"Your so beautiful." He whispered into my skin. I grabbed his hair softly and rubbed his scalp while I used my other hand to rub the bulge in his boxers. I got off his lap and walked to the side of the bed before crawling to the middle and laying on my back. I spread my legs when he turned around so he was kneeling in front of me.
"Touch me please." I said innocently as I rubbed myself through the material. I continued to touch myself as I bit my lip and tossed my head back. He slowly crawled to lie between my legs and kissed me deeply. He slipped his boxers off as he smacked my hand away from my panties and sat back on his knees. He hooked his finger in the edge and pulled them down my legs before tossing them from the bed. He pulled my legs towards him so my ass was on his knees. He bent down and licked my already wet slit making it all the more moist.
"Your so hot and wet." He whispered huskily before kissing between my legs.
"For you." I said moaning as I got impatient. I sat up and wrapped my arms around his neck before kissing him and tasting myself. He moaned and I wrapped my legs around his waist as I sat over him. I reached down and pushed him inside me gently, just savoring the feeling. I softly screamed as he pushed me down on him hard while he grasped my hips. I rode him up and down for a while before he slammed me back on the pillows and took over. He plunged into me while I screamed into his shoulder before capturing his lips with mine.
"Oh God." I yelped as I felt my muscles begin tightening.
"You like that?" He said between gulps of air. "You like it when I fuck you like that?" His dirty talk caused me to release.
"Yeah. I like it when you fuck me." I scraped my nails down his spine which sent him over the edge because he pulled out and came over my stomach. He stroked himself a few times before bending down and licking my abdomen clean. He collapsed beside me while I lay still quivering.
"Holy shit." I said laughing to myself.
"Wow." Was all he said. I rolled over to lay on top of him as I kissed him hard tasting him.
"I love you." I said running my fingers through his hair as I held onto his face.
"I love you so fucking much." I said before kissing his naked chest and curling up beside him. I was disturbed and pushed from him when he got out of bed with a sigh and shut the bedroom door behind him. I knew then that I just ruined our night.
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