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Cold Feet

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Their last conversation had brought her closer to him, But had seemed to make him more distant towards her.
She knew why.
She hated feeling like she had caused it.

Finally after almost a week of him avoiding her as best he could, Mary took Embeth aside.

What on earth is wrong with him?
She asked her charge, He’s barely said a word all week.
I don’t know Embeth lied.
Do you think he’s having second thoughts?
Mary had no idea, but figured it might be possible, but she couldn’t really see how or why.
And in all honesty she were deeply afraid that might be the case.
If he backed out now, after all this she wouldn’t be very pleased.

That night when Mary was in her own part of Hell she were surprised by the sudden appearance of Jan.
Where’s Embeth? Mary enquired as soon as he appeared.
Sleeping. He answered simply.

You didn’t? She asked worriedly, meaning like last time when he’d almost killed her.
No, she’s in a natural sleep.
What are you doing here? she was puzzled with his sudden appearance.

Mary, honest isn’t something I could be described as, but I have to tell you something....important.

Mary said nothing but listened.

I’m not sure I can go through with....the plan.

Mary, panicked stood up. Why not? She demanted almost shouting, fighting to keep calm.

She’s in love with someone else.....and, In the time I’ve held her there I have really grown to like her.....I don’t know....

He stopped himself for a moment.

I started out caring only about my freedom, I never cared for her, or anyone else.
But then I realised the plan would never work if she didn’t love me.
I tried my best to make her; You tried hard yourself,
But damnit Mary, I got so close to it.
And then I find she loves this Markus. And....

He stopped talking not sure what to say, he had never cried but right now he could.
He wouldn’t but he could easily if he continued talking.

Enraged Mary slapped him across the face and waited for his reaction, waited for him to retaliate....but he didn’t, he stood still, stood silently and rather pathetically.

You have fallen in love with her haven’t you?

Mary didn’t think he was capable of love, But she knew now that he was.

She could tell by the way he spoke, the sorrow in his face as he had told her he was calling off the entire thing.

She was angry, and she intended to reason with him, change his mind.
She repeated herself again, to get a reaction before she even attempted to convince him to go ahead with the wedding.

Have you?, give me an answer, it’s important. Now do you love the girl or not?

His face darkened, what business is that of yours? He hissed defensively.

I knew it. Was all Mary offered as a reply.

And, she suddenly corrected him; It is my business because I am involved.
If you don’t complete this quest of yours, then I am incarcerated here just as well as you are.....and I am not willing to be stuck here because of you.

Is that what it’s about? Your freedom? Fine, I can let you go. He said easily.

What did you just say? Mary almost shouted, Are you telling me now, after all this time that you had the power all along to free me?

The German said nothing, Mary took it as truth.

You unimaginable bastard! She spat.

I’m going to let you go Mary. He told her, with no feeling or emotion behind his words.

What about yourself? She asked, are you going to marry Embeth or aren’t you?

He shook his head, No. I can’t; she’s in love with him- She’s miserable down here.

I don’t want to inflict such a hell upon her, she’s the first person to have taken pity upon me, and accepted me despite my past actions.

I want her to be happy.....

He could hardly believe what he had said; but every word of it was true.

He never set out to fall in love; he liked the feeling but hated it all the same, he knew as he were falling for her it wouldn’t be good...He had tried to ignore the feelings.

He knew he could love her the moment when she thought he were going to sacrifice her....And now he was, But to another man.

And Mary, he said lastly, you are a free woman...enjoy it.

She felt the atmosphere begin to lift, she felt light as air, she felt warmth and bliss she had never known before.

The once dark, cold room began to glow bright white and silver as it began to fade out of focus as did she fade into light.

And then Mary was no more; finally at peace wherever she had gone.

With a heavy heart, still beating painfully, Jan went back to where he belonged, first light he would complete his dreaded task, and let the only woman he had every really loved leave him.
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