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Going Home

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This one was quite emotional for me to write- But I'm just too sensitive anyway. The story is nearing it's end- Not so soon though there is still a couple more parts in the process of being written...

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6am and Jan had already gotten Daredevil saddled up ready for the trip outside.
Embeth was eating breakfast which he had cooked, he had also placed a single red rose next to her plate as a farewell gift- Not that she knew it yet.

He stood beside his giant black steed rubbing his back distractedly feeling as though his heart were breaking with every moment growing closer to losing her he felt ever more hopeless, if He could he felt he would die.
Daredevil picked up on it easily for he didn’t seem his usual strong, calm and confident self.
He snorted alot and threw his head back often; which Jan knew to be signs his oldest friend was distressed.

Finally the moment he had dreaded so was upon him.

He sat at the table as she finished the last of the food, Embeth thanked him for the rose and the breakfast but she had noticed something was wrong when she asked him what the problem were he told her Mary had left them. He didn’t say where because he knew it would cause her to ask questions, and he really couldn’t cope right now with them the only thing on his mind was her...

He couldn’t tell Embeth he was going to free her either, not without crying.

Something he refused to do.

He told her he would be taking her for her walk that day.

And although he had put on Daredevil’s saddle; he had decided not to take him after all....walking would take more time; More time he could spend with Embeth before she were gone forever.

Where are we going? She asked easily with no inclination of the pain he was holding inside.

I don’t know he lied; I thought we could just walk for the sake of walking.

And with that he touched the wall as he usually did when Mary took her out and whispered the same Latin words he used every time.

And out they went.

It were cold outside but she didn’t seem to care she liked the fresh air.

They walked in silence for 20 minutes, Embeth knew they were close to the clearing but she didn’t say anything to him she knew they wouldn’t be going there.

With the clearing no more than 5 minutes away, Jan asked that they sit for a few minutes Embeth didn’t mind and sat down against an old, moss covered tree.

Jan followed suit.

He decided he would let her know now, before it were too late how fond he were of her company....but he wouldn’t tell her he loved her....and he wouldn’t say goodbye....Not yet.

He stared at her, hoping she would feel it,
which she did. She turned her head to return his gaze....the same gaze which had terrified her before now made her feel safe. She noticed how beautiful his eyes were.... once you get to know him.

She had never seen eyes like his before, though that’s not really surprising; She had never met someone who had already experienced death....

Slowly he put his arm around her waist hoping she wouldn’t mind.

She flinched a little but more from the surprise of it than the action it’s self.
She still held his gaze; She noticed the sadness in his eyes.

There is something wrong, what is it? She asked quietly,
wondering if it was something she could help with.

She hated seeing such sadness especially now since she liked him....and although she didn’t want to admit it to herself she thought perhaps she liked him more than she dared admit....even to herself.

Suddenly he leaned in close and pressed his lips onto hers; they weren’t cold like she imagined.
Within seconds He pulled away quickly,
stood up and barked that it was time to leave.

Embeth was confused; he’d been so....tender with her one minute then suddenly grew cold and angry.

They walked on, the clearing in sight.

Suddenly just as they got to the clearing, Jan stopped walking.

What’s the matter now?

She asked him, still hurt because of the kiss and the behaviour which had followed.

On top of the hurt she felt angry with herself because she had definitely felt....more alive than she had in her life during that kiss, she felt angry at herself for allowing herself to feel something for him.

You wanted to go home? He asked, trying to mask the pain.

Well...yes she answered feeling confused; Was he actually letting her go?

She felt happy, But at the same time sadness....She had grown so used to Jan, and she knew very well how she were feeling about him now.....and a small part of herself were telling her he probably felt the same....He must or he wouldn’t have kissed her like that, and wouldn’t be looking so glum right now.

She looked at him, not knowing if she were going to laugh or cry.

She moved closer to him and planted a kiss on his cheek; he ignored it and moved aside, away from her his reaction felt like a bee sting to her heart.

She turned her back on him and walked fast continuing into the clearing towards the cottage; her home.

She didn’t look back at Jan because he had hurt her when she had tried to say goodbye; that and she knew if she saw him in the distance she might cry for leaving him behind.

Jan stood in silence watching her disappear into the cottage not so far away.

For the first time for as long as he could remember he felt the first tear fall silently, without warning.....then the second...the third....and then he lost count, they came thick and fast, it’s a good thing I know the way back so well....He thought to himself seeing as the tears had blinded him for the most part.

But he was in no rush to return; in all honesty he didn’t want to face being there, alone- without her.

Everything about the place which had once been his protection and shelter now seemed a barren wasteland full of painful reminders of her....The person he hoped he could forget in time especially since he wouldn’t have the luxury of dying a real death to escape memories like these.

So instead of turning back, he just stood and watched and waited, He didn’t know what he was waiting for, an absolution maybe?.

He hardly felt the hours pass, he never felt the chill.

He saw the light dim, the winter sun become enshrouded by night, the marrowbone pale moon casting silver light upon the earth.

But he weren’t paying attention to the night unfolding, he were fixed upon the small, white cottage with it’s leaded window panes and dead ivy still clinging around them.

His heart thudded sickeningly in his chest when he caught a glimpse of Embeth through one of the windows, He waited some more.

Time had no place in his mind waiting an hour seemed to him no more than a minute, Yet his heart may have been a clock; for every minute he had spent away from her had seemed a month or more.
Then he turned and went back the way he had walked this morning, back through the trees with many winding paths strewn with fallen leaves....back to his own personal hell.
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