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I'm waiting.

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This ones quite short.

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Embeth had lied about where she had been, she had to- She realised how impossible it would be to believe she had been held captive inside a tree with a ghost.

Instead of the truth she explained how she had walked further than she expected the day she went missing how she had become lost and then taken directions for the next town from an old gypsy.
She had stayed in the towns inn and worked as a barmaid to pay her way until she knew how to get home.

Her family had a hard time believing it but they didn’t really care, were just glad she was safe.

She was glad to be home except for one thing, Jan.

Every day for 3 weeks Jan would stand at the edge of the clearing just watching, watching and waiting.

By day there he would stand transfixed on the cottage hoping to catch a glimpse of her.
At night he would return back to the place his mind would be tortured by memories of his life, death and....her.

He hated her, but loved her too.

He had never been a religious man, Thought of God only because of the prophecy.
But now, he prayed every night by the hour that if she would never love him, then at least let her think of him from time to time.

Wether by the grace of God or not, Now....There’s a question.

But what ever the answer, his prayers had been answered.

Hour after hour she would sit and think, think about how once upon a time her life had been simple; she thought only of Markus, her heart thoughtonly of her family....But now, her mind thought of the hell she suffered at Jan’s hands.

She began to thank God for allowing her to escape.....But had she wanted to leave? Quite simply...yes she did.

The harder question to answer was wether or not she had wanted to leave him....

Markus had asked her to marry him and she had of course accepted- she couldn’t exactly refuse him could she?
What would she have told her family if she had?

In her mind she thought of Markus....but her heart ached only for her undead warrior.

He had no doubt forgotten about her and were arranging a wedding with some other poor girl....that thought made her eyes well up.

She thought again of Markus, he were a gentleman, despite being a farmers son, but then who was she to judge when she wasn’t exactly of a high social status either?
He was nice...
But he couldn’t protect her from any real danger...Not like Jan could.
And he could never make her heart beat fast through terror, he couldn’t make her miss him or want him so much it physically hurt.

She had decided against her better judgement her heart belonged to her mad, bad and dangerous soldier.
But still, she would marry Markus- It would be the logical thing to do...even though the idea hurt her so.

2 more weeks passed both lovers by, each as oblivious of the pain the other felt.
Jan had resigned himself to permanently reside in hell, no more did he venture to the clearing- he feared himself.

Everytime he saw Embeth with Markus, laughing with him, holding onto his arm it felt like the sword in his side on that fatal day....except this blade was in his heart.
He felt the rage rising up inside him, his lust for the blood of the red headed man.
He felt his hand grip the hilt of his sword ready to pierce the flesh of Embeths lover.

He knew it would break her heart to lose her beloved- that is precisely why he stayed away.
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