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I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You

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I'm sorry bout the B.S. i said in my A/N last time, just felt a bit down that day:p you guys are all wonderful readers:) enjoy this chapter:D
“Sooo what do you think you’ll do after dinner?” Tally asked, raising an eyebrow. Gerard and I were going out to dinner at a small diner and then were going to hang out after wards.
“Play music.” I told her flatly.
“HA! More like MAKE music..together.. In bed.” She grinned mischievously and winked while doing hip thrusts in the air. I glared at her and she stopped.
“Incase you forgot, I’m dating his brother.” I snapped before stalking out the door. 2 days and already I wanted to slap her, I really don’t know how well we will work out together. I arrived out side and sat down on the ground, cradling my bass in my lap as best as I could.
“Hey.” A soft voice said. I looked up and saw Gerard in a pair of black skinny jeans and a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt.
“So, do you wanna take your bass to my dorm and then head out?” He asked, shifting uncomfortably.
“Sure.” I smiled attempting to calm his nerves. He lead me to his big gray dorm building and took my bass; running it into his room then returning outside.
“You ready?” He laughed.
“Definatly.” I responded. While we walked over to the resturant we talked a bit about Mikey.
“So was I his first girlfriend?” I pushed for the answer.
“Yes… Damn if he knows I told you that he’ll kill me.”
“Haha no worries, he won’t.” I reassured him.
“What would you do if he came to our school?” He asked making me take a step back. I thought about it for a good minute then answered.
“Cry, kiss him, throw a party, sing, write a song. I don’t know haha but something to let out the happiness.” I grinned at the thought of having Mikey back. I looked over at Gerard who was nodding his head.
“So you play bass?”
“Nah I just carry one around to look cool.” I teased him. “Yeah I do haha.”
“I uh have a band here with my friend, Frank, and we need a bassist.” He hinted glancing at me.
“Ok, I’d love to!” I agreed, nodding my head like I was plugged into my ipod.
“Ok!” He laughed, opening the door to the small diner. As I stepped inside, the smell of French fries and cheesebrgers filled my nose.
“American food?” I asked, my eyes widening in happiness and surprise. He laughed at bit and then we went and sat down.
“What would you like? Anything?” He asked, most likely expecting me to say nada.
“Erm, a cheese burger and fries?” I asked praying I didn’t come off as a pig but rather a girl who actually ate.
“Haha ok and yay you aren’t fake, you eat.” He joked with me, “And do you want a shake? Or a soda?”
“Chocolate shake! I haven’t had one since I was like 12!” I told him practically bouncing out of my seat.
“Mikey didn’t take you to the malt shop?” He asked looking like I told him I didn’t know what color the sky was.
“No?” I said wondering why it mattered. Gerard shook his head and then waved over a waitress.
“Why?” I pushed. Gerard turned to the waitress and gave her our order. Well I guess he’s not telling.
Mikey’s P.O.V
It had been almost a week since Emily had left. An hour since she called. A second since I thought of her. But, I didn’t think of her as the beautiful girl I’d give up my comfort area for but as the beautiful girl I may give up. I have no clue why I want to, but Sam. Sam was why and she was one hell of a reason. She was beautiful, more beautiful than Emily. She was smart, but not to smart. And most important, not leaving or in England. But I’m not sure I want to break up with her so no decision making.
“Hey Mikey?” Sam called softly to me.
“I love you, I know I do.” She dropped the bomb and unknowingly helped my decision.
“I love you too Sammie. I really do.”

As I walk into math and take my seat beside Gee as I started calling him, and then Mikey pops into my head.
Do you think Mikey would answer if I call him? I may slip next period to try!
I write on a note to Gerard. I fold up the paper then throw it at his head. He whips around chuckling and fake glaring as he grabs it off the ground. A minute later he responds.
I don’t know I’ve tried but he’s always busy. Still, maybe he’d answer for you;)
I’m bummed but still hopeful. But what’s the chance of him answering for ME and not his brother?
Ok I still am gonna try tho
Haha I’m not surprisedJ
haha I’d be concerned if you were and aww cute face:3
Your such a girl :P
Erm, one question tho, how will you get out of next class
By not going.
After he read my last note the teacher started towards us. What happened next I swear will make it into his life story when he’s older.
“Mr. Way, what is so important that you and Mr. Emily needed to pass a note in my class?” She asked in that annoying teacher way.
“Umm” was all Gerard could muster. She reached out for the note but instead he swallowed it. After a few seconds we both broke out laughing. Our teacher wrote him a dentition slip then went back to teaching. Our note exchange went on for the rest of the class period but thankfully for Gee, the teacher never paid us a visit again. Finally the bell rang.
“You going to your next class?” He asked.
“Nahhh I wanna talk to Mikey!” I smiled mischievously. After a second, Gerard made a gagging sound and turned to walk away.
“See ya later!” I called after him.
“Yup!” He yelled back. I barley heard him as I made a mad dash back to my dorm area. I raced up the stairs, excitement bubbling even higher inside with every stair. Finally I reached my room and jumped onto my bed. I pulled my ugly pink phone out of my pocket and went straight to Mikey’s number. After a few rings someone answered.
“Hello?” Said a confused sounding female voice. I stopped for a second but ignored it.
“Uh, yeah, is Mikey there?” I skipped past saying hi. I just wanted to hear his voice so the nervous knot in my stomach would go away. The girl called out to him and after a few seconds I heard his voice.
“Hey baby!! Look I’m sorry, I know it’s late but I miss you soo much. Oh Mikey I wish I was back in the states. I love you!” I pushed out all in one breath. Tears filled my eyes I was so excited to talk to him and my grin almost hurt from being so big.
“Oh, hey Em.” He said comfortably. Immediately, I knew something was up.
“Did I do something?” I worried.
“Look, Em this whole long distance thing isn’t working.. And there is this other girl too..” He left off long enough for me to process what he said.
“Wait, what?”
“She just moved here too. But she’s not moving and I like her. I’m sorry but we’re over. Can we be friends still?” He irritated me, using that classic line ‘can we be friends still?’ I thought about responding how I felt, Hell no! You cheated!, but I didn’t.
“Sure” I said, half there.
“Ok go-” He started to tell me but I hung up. Tears were streaming down my face even harder than before, but this time it was out of sadness not happiness. I stumbled to my bed and feel onto it, screaming out of despair into my pillow. I cried, kicked, screamed, and punched around until Tally got back to our room. As soon as the door opened and she heard me, she moved quicker.
“Are you okay Emily? What’s wrong?” She gasped at seeing my, seeing my swollen red eyes and red speckled face.
“Mikey!” I choked out, “He cheated on me! And now I just.” I didn’t finish my last thought because I was coughing and crying and gagging from all the tears so much. I hated the fact that I was letting this destroy me so much but I really loved him. I gave him me and my heart and now he was returning it broken.
“Clean up your face and let’s go out, okay? Gerard’s friend Frankie and his band are playing a gig tonight and I know Gee wants to see you, he got worried when you skipped all the classes.” She suggested gently. I got up numbly and took a burning hot shower. I changed into my sweatpants and Green Day hoodie. I slipped into my Doc’s and we headed out. Tally stifled a giggle as I fought to shove my wet pant leg into my boot.
“Ugh, this stupid bitch!” I cussed at the boot, making Tally laugh even harder. Finally the boot zippered up and we continued on. When we arrived at the club, a small stone building called ‘The Rock Pub’, Gerard was waiting outside.
“Emily! Are You okay? What happened? Did you hear from Mikey?” He practically yelled at me.
“Shut up about Mikey!” Tally growled fiercely.
“Oh no.” A look of dread took over his face, “What happened?”
“He cheated on me.” I said flatly just as the door to the little club opened. A short guy with a half Mohawk, one side red, the other black, emerged.
“Hey Gee, we’re getting ready to go on. Are you coming in?” He asked staring at Gerard. He must have thought he said something wrong because Gerard’s face was contorted in a way that told you he wasn’t too happy.
‘What the hell!” He screamed. The short guy’s eyes opened surprisingly wide.
“Um, I asked if you were coming in.” He stammered. All 3 of us burst out into hysterical laughter as The shortie looked at us like we were crazy.
“Not. You!” Gerard managed between giggles. Finally, we caught our breath and introduced ourselves.
“I’m Tally and that, the one with the worrisomely red face, is Emily.” She explained, managing to tease me while doing so. We went inside and took some seats in the front. Frankie walked onto the small stage and picked up a white guitair with the name Pansy written on the front. I surveyed the area and expected it to be the usual teen agnsty soft music. Then Frank started singing.
“WHILE YOU WERE FUCKING OFF!!” He screeched into the mic. I was happily surprised they ran through the rest of the song, which was amazing, then introduced themselves.
“That was our song, P.S. Don’t Write, and we are Pencey Prep!” I giggled at the fact that they were named after our school. They played through the rest of the set, which was about 15 minutes long, then came off for the other bands to go on. Frank came and sat with us and as soon as he sat he started giggling. After about 5 minutes of his non-stop giggles he stopped and wheezed.
“Uh you okay?” Gerard smiled. Frank nodded piously.
“PIP!!” Tally screamed, scaring all of us.
“Hey!” I turned around to see Tally hugging the girl from the other band, Smash Mystery.
“Oh hey.” She said, having been realesed from Tally’s grip. She sat down next to Frank and ordered a coffee.
“Hey is there a Starbucks near here?” I asked tiredly. Gee’s eye’s lit up at the mention of Starbucks.
“Uh, yeah just around the corner. Did you wanna go?” Pip told us.
“Yes!” I perked up a bit at the idea of a peppermint mocha cappacino.
“Ok.” She laughed. She called over the waitress and told her to not get the coffee but tipped her anyways. We gathered our stuff and headed out. As we were walking, Tally pulled out a joint and lit up. Pip looked at us a second then turned away. I took a deep inhale and started coughing a bit. Which was weird cuz I’d been smokin pot since 7th grade.
“This is pot, right?” I asked. Tally looked at the ground guilty.
“Anyways, Emily aren’t you a singer? It could be really bad for your voice to smoke anything.” Pip said quietly. As a reflex I opened my mouth to argue but shut it. I think about how she has a point, it really is bad for my voice.
“I suppose your right.” I admitted. Pip grinned triumphly and we turned into the store. I was looking at the ground as I walked in so I didn’t realize I was going for the shut door. I looked up just in time to smash my nose in the glass door.
“Shit!” I cried out wrapping my fingers around my nose. I felt for some warn liquid, but luckily there was none.
“You…..okay?” Asked Gee in between giggles. Once I knew I was, I burst out laughing with them. After a bit, I reached to Gee, making it clear I wanted help up from the ground. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Due to the force our face’s came close enough to touch, and then I felt my heart pull back together in a second. Everyone seemed to sense what was going on a left us outside while they went in to order. Gee and I just stared at each other for a while.
“I like you.” He said, finally breaking the silence.

We stood outside, not saying a word. I suppose we were both going over the words we just exchanged. Then, as if we were in a movie, snow started falling.
“Hah, I suppose that this is the time for me to pull a John Cusack move?” He joked, suprising me with his knowledge of the 80’s to 90’s chick flick heart-throb.
“I wouldn’t fight you.” I smiled at him, giggling.
“HEY!! Are you two gonna stay out there and freeze or come in and get some coffee?” Yelled Frankie, interrupting the moment. Gee turned and glared at him.
“Calm down Gee,” I laughed at how angry he was, “Let’s go in, I am freezing!” I added a shiver for good measures. We walked in, floating almost on the coffee smell, and went to our table.
“Mmmm! I love Starbucks, I wanna marry it.” I sighed after taking a sip of my Peppermint Mocha Cappacino. Everyone was too involved in their own lattes and cappacinos to take not of what I said or the foam mustache I had apparently gained. We sat there for a good 30 minutes, not saying a word just enjoying the deliciousness that is Starbucks. As we were getting ready to go, Pip and I were walking to the trash cans to throw our cups away when she started talking quietly to me.
“Sooo I guess Frankie and I aren’t the only secret couple now.” She winked.
“Wait, how’d you figure it out?”
“You too cute together.. And Gerard looked ready to kiss off you foamstache.” She laughed making my whole face turn red.
“And you and Frankie? You two are really cute together as well.” I smiled because they really were so cute.
“Haha yeah, we met at a concert. And it just… happened.” Her grinned widened as much as physically possible when she said the last part. When we got back to the group, Tally was frowning.
“What’s wrong?” I whispered in her ear.
“I feel like a 7th wheel.” She complained glumly.
“Are we really that bad at hiding?” I asked incredulously.
“YES!” She laughed a bit now.
“Here.” I said, linking our arms. Pip came over and linked onto her other arm and we skipped out of the store. We skipped all the way back to Pencey, scream singing Cherry Bomb by The Runaways. The guys followed behind us, laughing whenever we got a weird look from an innocent civilian. When we got to the gates. All of us but Pip started in.
“See ya Pip!!” We all called out simultaneously. Of course, when he thought we weren’t looking, Frankie gave her a quick kiss. As we headed up to our room, Tally started going nuts with questions.
“Did you guys kiss? Are you excited to be dating him? Is he a rebound? Is it awkward? What did you guys do out in the snow? Did you feel his abs?” She somehow got out all in one breath.
“No, yes, no, no, nothing, and no.” I answered smoothly.
“Oh, ok.”
“Hahaha don’t be so disappointed! Anyways, night Tal.”
“Night!” She said and we both collapsed into bed, totally exhausted
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