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Pencey Prep

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she arrives! *edited 7/3/12*

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I'm so bad:/ I'm sorry i'm bad about getting the editing done and updates and such, My problem is that my personal computer is broken so i have to use my mom's, but she gets pissy about it so it doesnt always happen:l soon, my dears, sooni will be back to updating xD enjoy:)
Emily's P.O.V.
The car ride to the airport was awkward to say the least, since I spent most of it crying and being ignored. When I finally got out of the car, I found it oddly nice that my parents had decided to just drop me off then leave. I dragged my suitcases over to the waiting area and went through all the procedures. I went over to Mac Donalds because this was a retard airport that lacked Starbucks. I ate my food and finally it was time to board my plane. The seat I had wasn’t bad. I was seated beside a fairly cute guy with an afro. We talked a bit about music and I found out he was a bit of a metal head. After a while, we both fell asleep. As we were leaving I turned to him.
“I never got your name, what is it?” I asked.
“Ray, and you?”
“Emily.” With that, we went outside. I stood around until a black Bentely pulled up. A tall man in a black suit got out.
“I’m here to pick up Miss Emily Merrit and Mr. Ray Toro.” He explained opening the back door of the car. I looked behind my to see afro boy, or I guess Ray, looking at his shoes and walking to the car. I followed behind him and climbed in.
“So your going to Pencey as well?” He asked quietly.
“Yup.” I nodded then looked out the window. I maintained this position for the duration of the car ride. Finally we arrived at the school. A blonde girl in a navy blue blazer with a white shirt underneath and a short, blue, plaid skirt greeted us.
“Why is that blondes are always the greeters at schools?” I whispered unthinkingly into Ray’s ear. He started chuckling and smiled slightly.
“Ok so I’m going to show you your dorm and your roomie then they can show you ‘round.” She said in a overly peppy, british accent. First, she led us to a large, gray stone building.
“This is you rooming block. Ray.” She said, examining her clipboard. Once he got inside she took me to a large red brick building.
“Here you are Emily.” She smiled. I nodded as she gave me my room number. I went inside and up the stairs. I noticed no girls were in the living area and thought I had gotten lucky and would be welcomed by an empty room. Three flights of stairs later, I got to my room. I pulled out the silver key and unlocked the door.
“That’s a hell lot less than I brought.” A voice said.
“Oh, um, hi?” I responded uncertaintly. Then I noticed a unmistakable scent of pot in the room. My room mate must be smoking it. For some reason this made me just a bit more happy.
“Can I have a drag?” I asked. A tall skinny figure emerged from the shadows. She had waist length bleached blonde hair with brightly colored rainbow strands and bang covering half of her face. She was wearing a Blondie shirt and a pair of torn fishnets underneath the blue plaid uniform skirt.
“Sure.” She said. She handed me the joint and gave me a once over as I took a drag.
“You play?” She asked, motioning to my pants. My sweatpants had field hockey sticks decorating the legs and had my old team name on them, the 'Lady Mustangs'.
“Eh, its harder now.”
“No shit Sherlock.” She laughed at me. “Smokin’ does make it harder.” I stuck out my tongue in response to her teasing.
“I’m Emily by the way.” I tell her.
“Tally.” She says. I lay my suitcases down and flop onto my bed.
“So you excited to be here?”
“No,” I scoff, “I was dating a boy back in the states and I liked him... a lot.” I tell her.
“Oh really? What was his name?” She asked.
“Mikey Way.” I said.
“Wait, last name again.” She ordered, her eyes alight with intrest.
“Way?” I said. She processed the information, her eyes growing bigger.
“Holey shits that's crazy! There's this hot guys here, Gerard, his last name is way too!”
"Woah legit?? Does he have dark brown hair, green eyes, an oddly unforgettable chin structure, and is he artsy?"
“OH MY FUCKING GOD!! It's Mikey's brother!!!” I screamed.
“SWEET!! Gerard is like, the hottest guy here, but he doesn’t really talk to anyone. I bet his brother is soo hot. Am I right?” She gushed. We begin walking downstairs and outside.
“Yeah, he’s super hot.” I replied, smiling.
“Will you introduce me to Gerard?” She begged.
“I don’t know him like, at all.” I tell her, following her into the court yard.
"Come on, just say hey and mention his brother?" She begged.I looked around then I saw the boy from the picture.
"Fine," I agreed. I walked over and stood beside him and watched as he finished his drawing then he slowly turned towards us.
“Hi.” He said quietly. Just then a loud scream errupted from beside me. I spun around to see Tally still squealing, only quieter into her hand. Rolling my eyes I turn back to where Gerard had been sitting only to find an empty seat

“He talked to you.” Tally said, sitting staring at me in amazement.
“Ok?” I was getting irritated seeing as how she had said this at least five times.
“Sorry, haha. So do you like music?” She asked, finally shaking herself out of her daze.
“Yes, I love it.” I smiled.
“Lets go!” She grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door.
“Where?” I asked, giggling.
“My friends band is practicing, you’ll like them.” With that I gave in and followed her. We walked out the gates of the school and down the street to a small house. The bright green house stood out of the rest of the flat, white houses.
“Come one.” Tally urged, opening the door. As I stepped in the door way Tally yelled out.
“Pip!!” After a few seconds of silence she tried again.
“PIP!!!!!” She screamed louder.
“Yeah?” Asked a slightly confused looking girl with black hair. “Oh, hey Tally!” She said. She was wearing a black long sleeve underneath of a Rolling Stones t-shirt matched with black skinny jeans and purple socks.
“Oh, hi!” She said breathlessly to me.
“Pip, this is Emily. Emily, Pip.” Tally introduced us.
“Hi! So, uh, I’m guessing you brought her here to hear Smash Mystery?” Pip asked Tally.
“Yup!” Laughed Tally.
“Smash Mystery?” I asked.
“My band. It’s me, Jemima, Kayla, and Noah.” Pip explained.
“They are so good! Like, amazing!” Obsessed Tally. Pip began blushing at the compliments and a loud call rung through the apartment.
“PIP!” A boys voice yelled out.
“Noah!” She called back a bit quieter. A few seconds later a boy walked in.
“Hey.” He said quietly. As the rest of the band arrived the set up the equipment. After a short fight over who was playing bass, It was decided Kayla would.
“1 2 1234!!!” Pip sung out. Then they started into their song We’re All Weird. I fell in love with it.
“Your amazing!” I gasped, staring at them in awe and raising a few laughs. They rocked through a few more songs like Dolls and Alice before Tally looked at the clock.
“Shit! Em, we got to go!” We said good bye then raced back to the school. We scaled the fence and took off to our dorms. We collapsed onto our beds panting and laughing. Tally propped herself up on one elbow and turned to me.
“Your first day here and your already sneaking out.” She snickered.
“Oh well!” I smiled. Then got ready for bed.
“EMILY!! GET THE FUCK UP!!” Tally screeched in my face.
“Shut. UP!” I growled.
“Geez, not a morning person?” She teased. I glared at her in response.
“Ok, point taken.” She said cautiously, moving away. I got ready then we went off to our classes. On the way to 4th period we saw Gerard. Tally began to get hyperactive at the sight of him.
“Hey.” I said walking over to him.
“Oh, uh, hi.” He stuttered absent mindedly. He was in the middle of a drawing I realized.
“So you’re Mikey’s older brother, right?”
“Yeah and you are?"
"Oh cool, he talked about you alot. all good things, believe me," He laugehed quietly.
“Yeah? Good to know that he likes me enough to talk about me to you.” I smile at him. He smiles back at me and stays quiet for a few seconds.
“So do you maybe want to hang out after our classes? I need to get to know his girlfriend,” He teased with a wink.
“Sure!” I practically yell out of excitement. I was eager to learn more about the Ways.
“Cool.” He said. Then he picked up his stuff and left.
“So?” Urged Tally.
“We’re gonna hang out.” I said simply before leaving her gawking outside my classroom door.
I hope you guys enjoyed thiss!! By the way, this band i talked about, Smash Mystery, is a real band! you gusy should look them up on youtube. They are one of my good friends band and they are amazing)(: love you guys
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