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Epic Fire:D

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Mikey tells Emily just what he's been thinking:3*edited 6/26/12*

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Mikey’s P.O.V
“Then please explain guys.” Emily argued. I thought for a second then stuck out my tongue and got up to turn in my drawing. As I walked I realized that there were only 2 days til she left. I decided I had to tell her I liked her today, so when I got back to my seat, before I lost my courage, I would tell her.
“Emily, I want to tell you something. I-” Then the fire alarm went off, interrupting me.
“Fire alarm. No talking, single file!” Mr. O’Keefey called out.
I went to try to tell her that I loved her because I was starting to lose my courage, but her seat was empty when I turned around. I turned to follow the class out of the room, but instead tripped over a random chair. Groaning, i got up and jogged out the door in the hope to catch her before all my courage disappeared.

I saw a flash of black hair ahead.
“Emily!” I called out. That’s when the smoke hit my nose. I started coughing, the air thick with it now. I couldn’t see and my glasses were going black as well.
“Emily!” I tried calling out again. I sprinted ahead, barely breathing, causing me to tire quickly. I had to get out of the building but I couldn’t see anymore. I was starting to get dizzy when I heard a voice.
“Mikey!” Someone screamed, sounding 5,000 miles away. “Mikey! Help!” The mystery person yelped again. This time I recognized it to be Emily. I got over to where she was and saw she was surrounded by fire. I tore off my coat and began to smack the fire until I finally got enough down she stepped over. We ran down the stairs and just barley out the door before we both collapsed unconscious.
Emily’s P.O.V
“What the hell were you thinking?!” Were the first words I heard when I woke up. The first thing I saw was my red-faced dad glaring at me.
“What?” I asked confused. My voice was raspy from the smoke.
“Did you start the fucking fire?!!?! And why the hell didn’t you stay with you class?!” My parents screeched at me, causing the nurse to squint her face and most likely think about calling child services. If only she would.
“EMILY!” My dad yelled in my face.
“NO! I didn’t start the ‘fucking fire’ ok? I ran outside to leave but I was pushed into the corner then I couldn’t get out until Mikey came over and helped me since the fire had reached me! And don’t you think you should be nicer considering I ALMOST DIED??” I screamed, crying harder and harder as the words left my mouth.
“When the hell do I leave?” I sobbed.
“Tomorrow, now.” My mom responded coldly. The doctor came in and started telling them my condition then okayed me to leave. After gathering my stuff, a nurse walked in to clear my sheets. I grabbed her arm gently and looked at her.
“Where is Michael Way staying?” I asked, using his whole name. After thinking for a second, she took my hand.
“Follow me.” She directed me down a long, white hallway to room number 204.
“This is his room.” She said. I walked through the doorway and entered the bright room.
“Hey.” I heard a voice croak from a bed to my left.
“Hi.” I croaked back. He started giggling then drew a deep breath causing a sad look to appear in his eyes.
“When do you leave?” He asked.
“Oh.” He whispered, “ Em, I need to tell you something.”
“Okay.” I nodded.
“I like you. A lot.” He smiled. In return, I walked to the side of his bed and bent over him pressing my lips hard against his. We stayed like this for what seemed like and eternity until we both needed air and a nurse came rushing in due to his heart rate going faster and faster.
“Damn things.” He muttered blushing as the nurse scolded us. After she left, a mischievous smile spread across his face.
“Ya know I used to wanna be a nurse?” He informed me.
“Okay..” I replied, a bit worried.
“I learned how to turn off these machines.” He smiled even wider before reaching over to toy with the heart monitor until it went blank.
“C’mere.” He grinned like a kid on Christmas day. I crawled into his bed and we lied there kissing. We spent the better part of the day doing this until I knew I had to go. My heart filled with sorrow and panic as I rose from his side. I knew I’d never get to see him again most likely yet I was pretty sure I loved him. I mulled over this for the rest of the day while packing and had become positive I loved him by night. It was probably the worst night of my life. I cried myself to sleep finally at 1 A.M. just to be woken up in what felt like a matter of minutes by a knock on my window. I got up to look and almost screamed when a face popped up.
“Shhh!!” Hissed Mikey, his chocolate brown eyes glittering with happiness. I looked at the clock, which said it was 1:30 A.M.
“What?” I asked sort of grumpily.
“I, uh, wanna I don’t know, give myself to you.” He admitted shyly before producing a box from behind his back. A box of… condoms.

A/N on the site i had this before, this part was a new chapter... so pause between and it will be coolish.. idk haha:P Continue!
I stopped for a second after realizing what he was holding, then I began to walk towards him. I pressed myself against him, forcing his mouth open.
“So yes?” he asked. Instead of answering I snaked my hands to the bottom of his shirt and slowly pulled it off. Together, we backed over to my bed. I pulled him down ontop of me and then felt his cold hands on my stomache. We pulled apart momentarily while he pulled off my shirt but immediately went back together, like a rubber band. His cold, shaky fingers fiddled with my bra latch for a bit before finally getting it open. I ran my hands down his chest to his belt buckle. I unlatched his batman belt and tugged off his jeans. We buried ourselves underneath the covers before carrying on. A half an hour later we just lied there smiling at each other.
“I love you.” He whispered for the millionth time, kissing my nose. I happened to glance at the clock.
“Fuck.” I muttered.
“I have to be ready to leave in an hour.”
“Your leaving at 4:30?” He asked confused. I nodded. Suddenly I felt tears streaming down my face.
“Whats wrong?” He paniced.
“I’m leaving you and going to England, b-but I love you.” I explained, barley able to control my sobs. I finally broke and feel into his arms.
“Shhh Emily, calm down.”
“And carry on” I giggled like a madman. The lack of sleep was getting to me. We got up and got dressed.
“I have to take a shower so just wait here ok?” I said.
Mikey’s P.O.V.
As she left to go take her shower I lied down on her bed.
“Damn,” I thought to myself, “She’s leaving in, like, 2 hours.” I couldn’t belive it. Now though, I knew I had to get over to Pencey. Hopefully mom will let me. I heard a throat clearing and I looked up to see Emily in a small, black towel.
“Can you, uh, go outta my room for a minute?” She asked making me laugh a bit. We had just done the deed yet she didn’t wanna change in front of me. I didn’t fight though since I could kind of understand. After a few minutes she let me back in. She was wearing sweat pants with a field hockey stick design on the leg and an Invader Zim hoodie.
“Casual?” I teased. She stuck her tonuge out but smiled at me. I was gonna miss her smile. She leaned in and kissed me. And I'd miss her lips... We lied down on her bed again and talked. Just talked and talked until 4.
“You have to go.” She said sadly. “ My parents will murder me if they know we slept together.” I stroked her hair and kissed her one last time, waiting to pull apart til I heard someone atop the stairs calling to her.
“Goodbye Emily, I love you.” I told her.
“I love you too!” She whimpered, her eyes welling up. I turned and climbed out the window but hopefully not out of her life.
A/N hahahahah this chapter makes me laugh xD ik that sounds weird but its cuz my friends who have seen this story always tease me about teh sex scene xD why? well one, its a sex scene(: and two, i wrote this on a school gmail account hahaha(: i hope you guys enjoyed itt:3 i love writing this, even though i dont get to write it ofter(damn computer viruses:l)byeee guys, til next time(:
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