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A chapter:D number 3!

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Things are almot said:3 *edited 6/26/12*

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Mikey’s P.O.V
“I HATE YOU SO MUCH!” I yelled at Gerard in rage.
“Um, why?” He asked. A worried look covered his face."Did you find out how I was the one who broke your Batman action figure? I promise it was an accident!"
“Because Emily is gonna go to your fuckin’ school in a week and will definitely fall in love with you. And wait, what the fuck? You said it was Matt!”
“Emily?” He asked to get me back to the original topic. “Who’s she?” .
“The new girl.” I said, a smile creeping on my face as I thought of her.
“Ohhh Mikey’s got a crush!! Mikey and Emily sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” Gerard taunted me.
“Shut up.” I said blushing.
“What’s she look like?”
“She’s hot. She has long black hair, like, down to her mid-back, and her eyes are a emerald green! And her lips.. Her lips are so soft.” I added, mostly to myself.
“WHAT?!?!” Gee yelled excitedly at me. Blushing I replied,
“Her lips are soft, she kissed me today…”
“Oh.” A grin came onto his face. “So what happened after she kissed you?”
“She ran inside her house and I stood around in shock for about five minutes.” Gerard’s face dropped.
“Your hopeless.”
“Wow, thanks for the self-esteem boost bro.” He smile, reasurring me he would give me a boost anytime I wanted him to, then said he had to go.
“See ya.” I said.
“Soon I hope. By the way, good luck with Emily.” Then, before I could respond, he clicked off. I put my laptop away and changed into my pajamas. I turned on my music and laid down where Emily greeted and guided me through all of my dreams.
Emily’s P.O.V.
I will wait until I go to Pencey, and if he comes, I’ll date him, if not well I’ll have to learn how to live. Or we’ll try a long distance relationship…
I rummaged through my clothes and picked out which clothes to wear. I knew at Pencey during the school hours we had a uniform but after 3:30 it was whatever you wanted. Once I packed my stuff up I went out to get the car keys and go over to the post office.
“Take me to my friends?” Nikki begged.
“Ok, just don’t get out of the car they CAN’T know you’re my sister.” She instructed, putting emphasis on the can’t part.
I pulled up to the house 10 minutes later.
“Pick me up at 3.”
“Because.” She told me.
I pulled out of the driveway and made my way to the post office. As I walked out of the office, i felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around, attempting to punch whoever was behind me and managed to.
“Ow! Shit why did you punch me?” Mikey asked me holding his jaw.
“I’m sorry!” I gasped. “ I thought you were a stalker! What are you doing out here at 10:30 at night?” I asked realizing the weirdness of it.
“Getting the mail then going home to skype my brother.” He explained. “What about you?”
“Ah just, picking up the mail, then my sister later.” With that I got into my car started up the engine then thought about seeing if he wanted a ride home.
“Mikey!” I called, sticking my head out the window only to find he wasn’t there. I drove home, gave my mom the tickets, then went to change and go over the day until 3 A.M.

I walked down the street irrated that school had me getting up when there was still dew and that I had to spend my allowence on lunches when I heard my name called out.
“EM! Wait up!” I heard Mikey call from behind, causing me to smile. I whipped around just as he caught up with me.
“What were you trying to do? Runaway from me?” He joked. His deep brown eyes still heavy with sleep mixed with his bed head made me laugh.
“Late night or late morning?”
“Both haha. I was having this awesome dream.” He told me.
“About?” I prodded. All I got unfortunately was a headshake and chuckle.
“I, personally, had a late night. Nikki made me pick her up at 3 A.M.” I complained.
“Mhmm.” Came his muffled response. I looked at him and realized he was eating the muffin I’d gotten when I got my lunch.
“Hey, that’s my breakfeast!” I giggled.
“Catch me if you can!” He called out through a mouth full of muffin, dashing ahead.
“Argh!” I growled attacking him from behind.
“Stop! Please! No tickling!” He laughed then started coughing. I grabbed my muffin and looked truimphly at him.
“Don’t take my muffins or they’ll choke you.” I told him through our laughter. We continued our walk to school, arriving just in time to be proclaimed tardy.
“Your fault.” I whispered.
“Shut up.” He whined, a smile creeping up onto his face.
After an excruciating amount of school time, lunch finally rolled around. We made our way to the court yard.
“Ew.” Mikey said after inspecting the pizza and finding blue fuzz on the bottom. He looked longingly at my Big Mac. Sighing, I ripped it in half and gave some to him.
“Thank you.” he said. In response I stuck out my tongue.
“You get no fries.” I told him firmly.
“Good, can’t let my thighs get bigger or they‘ll look like yours.” He teased slapping my thighs.
“Ew, is she actually eating that?” One of the cheerleaders ‘whispered’ behind me.
“Yes, yes I am doing a natural thing and eating. You should try it, maybe then you’d be able to cancel out some of the fakeness from the sugeries.” I snapped.
“Shut up, emo.” A voice I recognized hissed at me. I turned around and saw my whore of a sister, Nikki, behind me.
“Shut up, slut.”
“Don’t call her that!” Shreiked one of the barbies.
“I will if I wanna.”
“Em, lets go.” Mikey muttered pulling my arm. Reluctantly I allowed him to move me away from them and towards the school.
“Where are we going?”
“The library.” He told me leading me towards a set of tall, mahogany doors. As we entered the library, the smell of old books and dust filled my nostrils. I inhaled deeply, smiling at the comfort of the large room. Mikey directed me towards a small corner where there were a large amount of poetry books.
“Who’s your favorite poet?”
“The mind.”
“I don’t belive I know any of their work.” He said smiling now.
“Really? What a shame. Then I suppose I also like Robert Frost an awful lot.” I replied. The rest of lunch was spent discussing books in general.
“So Nikki seems like a bitch, not a sister.” Mikey said as he put his finishing touchs on the drawing of Gerard.
“Shes…. Complicated? She can be a great sister when she wants but so easily gets to being a bitch that it gets tiring, ya know?”
“Not really. Girls are so weird.”
“Excuse me?”
“Not to offend you but.. Ya know.”
“Then please explain guys.” With that he stuck out his tongue and then got up to turn in his drawing. Why did I have to leave for Pencey? He sat back down and turned to me.
“Emily, I want to tell you something. I-”
“Fire alarm. No talking, single file!” Called out the teacher. I guess it would have to wait, whatever Mikey wanted to tell me.
A/N: hahaha ok can i just say that its a good thing im editing this??? How did you all read it? haha also, i mean really? i wish i knew less popular poets than Robert Frost to refrence. i mean really? everyone knows who he is haha anyways, i hope you all enjoyed this chapter(:
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