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The biggest mission yet.

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A new gathering of people have joined the academy to stabilise the future of the hidden leaf village, as well as help to get Sasuke back. (characters such as Panic! At the disco, One Direction etc)

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Basically I have decided to stop all my other fanfictions, and SMASH THEM ALL TOGETHER. Maybe I'll learn about a little something called commitment, but yes, enjoy ^-^

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters or places in this fiction. Its an Alternate universe, but it loosely follows Naruto's story, but not many of the other Naruto characters in this story.

Yes I have changed some of the characters since first putting this story up, as I couldn't characterise them properly in later chapters.

Naruto's POV:

"so, what are we doing here?" A voice came from the back of the 30 or so young people I'd hurriedly collected. I know I didn't have time for this. I needed to find Sasuke. It's been too long since he left, who knows where he is and what he's doing now.
"the 3rd hokage recently died, as you all know. The hidden Leaf village is very vulnerable, especially now we lost a very powerful shinobi" Kakashi Sensei explained. I sighed and moaned a bit, wishing he could hurry up. Kakashi Sensei shot me a dirty look, signalling for me to shut up. "anyway, we need more ninja, we can't hold down this village on our own, and that's why we we'd like to train you. We have the most up to date facilities, great teachers and this offers you a stable home" Kakashi Sensei finished then sat down on the step behind him, in front of the main building of the academy.
"so, you want us to train here? Do we even get a choice?" another voice asked. I'd collected these people short notice from all over, used up all my money in the process, I've lost my boyfriend, No, you don't have a choice! But I couldn't just scream that at the little twerps, I have to be more mature as a teacher, like Kakashi Sensei or Iruka Sensei.
"look, we really need you, as I collected you all I was told you bunch were at the top of your classes, and this is the best academy around, you'd be fools not to take this offer! Your parents have already agreed. And, dont worry about being homesick or thinking you'll be cooped up in here all the time, you won't be! You'll be off on missions all over the place! Top training" I told them, almost too enthusiastically. There were a few murmurs of agreement and bobbing of heads. 
"I suppose there's not much sense in saying no" a confident voice from around the middle of the crowd spoke. It seemed everything was decided for everyone in the group. Pretty easy.
"well anyway, we've split you up into 3 classes, based on your age and ability" Iruka Sensei began, standing up from the step and addressing the audience. "the eldest will follow Kakashi Sensei" Iruka Sensei pointed to Kakashi Sensei, who waved slightly. "the eldest I shall call out now: Travis Barker, Tom Delonge, Laurence Rene, Simon Rowlands, Jonathan Gaskin, John Be, Jamie Nicholls, Mark Hoppus and Ian Watkins" Iruka Sensei stopped reading from his clipboard to watch those nine students follow Kakashi Sensei through the main building; on their way to campus where they will be introduced to their rooms. 
"the next nine people will be following me, leaving the last nine to follow Naruto Sensei here" Iruka Sensei pointed to me, I smiled and waved at the rest of the students. They looked a bit lost. 
"the people to follow me are: James Davies, Gareth Lawrence, Phil Lester, PJ Liguori, Chris Kendall, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Jon Walker, and Brendon Urie" Iruka Sensei stopped and then passed his clipboard to me, so I would know what the names of the rest were. The 2nd year students filed out, leaving the tiny 1st years behind. Ah, it was great being a teacher. I may only be a chunin, but I'm going to be hokage some day! This just all goes towards that.
"right, you guys, you'll be following me, I'll be showing you to the campus, and giving you a piece of paper with your room number and a map of the whole site on it. Sound cool? Right, to check you're all here... your names are: Gavin Butler, Matthew Davies, Niall Horan, Dan Howell, Rhys Lewis, Zayn Malik, Sean Smith, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson" I looked up, they were all there. 
"right, let's show you to your rooms!" I started towards the academy, hearing the rest of them follow. We passed through the academy's main building and out into the courtyard, then through the courtyard and into the dormitory building. All through this traveling the crowd behind me was silent. I smiled as I handed them their sheets with their room numbers and maps and pointed down the hall to our left.
"all your rooms will be down here, there will be 3 a room, and whoever you share your room with will be your squad" they looked a little clueless. "your squad is who you go on missions with, you'll be with them all the time so you'd better get along" I smirked, remembering when I was put in my squad. Me and Sasuke were frenemies. I shook my head and came back to reality. "everything will be fine, now go find your rooms!" I shooed them away. I got a few odd looks before they all scattered off, checking all the doors for their own, bags of luggage in hand. They were still silent, I'm not sure if any of them know each other either. I turned around to spot Kakashi Sensei down the end of the hall. 
"hey, Kakashi Sensei! Wait up!" I called after him. He turned to face me with what I presumed was a smile, from what I could tell by his eyes.
"Naruto, you dont need to call me Sensei here, were practically equals" he said as he pulled out his favourite book from his trouser pocket. 
"oh, okay!" I chimed back as we began to walk in step. I looked down at his book.
"The latest edition of Pervy Sage's dirty research projects, I presume?" I asked jokingly. Kakashi laughed, but didn't correct me on Pervy Sage's name. Maybe he had given up and finally accepted that he was just an old perv.
"so when do classes begin?" I ask him, filling the silence.
"it's a Saturday now, so, this monday" he answered as we left the dormitory building. I pushed the heavy door shut.
"What are you doing here?!" I heard Kakashi say from behind me. 
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