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Chapter 2

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Interesting story name, right? Kabuto crashes into the academy to see what all the fuss is about.

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So the first chapter was a little introduction into the characters and place. It all gets better from here~

Hopefully, very hopefully, I will update this every Week. Maybe. Don't hold me to that but it's a goal I'd like to work to.

Disclaimer: I don't own the places or anything. 

Does anyone remember when my authors notes were somewhat interesting? No? Me neither.

PJ's POV: Saturday.

I cautiously opened the door with the number "3" on it. The last room at the end of the hallway. The rooms must be pretty big because it was a long hallway, and quite a big building; as it looked from the outside. 
"hey, team member! I'm Chris" i was greeted by a shorter, messy brown haired guy; who was holding his hand out and smiling somewhat awkwardly. I shook it readily, analysing the situation. He must of been waiting for me to come back from retrieving my luggage from outside of the academy, where I had forgotten it. Chris was standing a mere few feet from the door and the other roommate (a tall, dark haired, skinny guy) was lying on the top bunk lazily. 
"I'm PJ, by the way" I addressed them both, placing my luggage on the only free bed; the bottom bunk. A triple bunk we had, quite impressive. I'd never seen one before.
"hey, I'm Phil" the other boy spoke from above me, waving his hand a bit too frantically and smiling at me. I waved back, running my free hand trough my shaggy hair. It needed a wash, after the journey we just had to this academy. I scanned the room, and it was pretty big, as I had suspected. The triple bunks were roomy and looked comfortable, there was a 3 seater sofa on the other side of the room, a bookcase. And an en suite bathroom. Pretty nice. 
"so, PJ, where do you come from then?" Chris asked from the middle bunk.
"I'm from the village hidden in the mist, where are you two from?" I answered and asked back, being my polite self.
"I'm from the star village" Phil said proudly. That was extremely interesting, I've always wanted to visit the star village. See the legendary star, the valley of death, the amazing shinobi. 
"wow, so how much training did you do around that star? I hear it's dangerous training! And I'm from the land of birds, boring old me" Chris spoke faster than I could, I only just comprehended what he said. 
I think Chris and I both were waiting for Phil to tell his story.
"not enough for it to permanently affect me, but they said I was doing pretty well" Phil said happily. They were both pretty optimistic, which I liked. Good atmosphere, I like them both. Chris has jumped from his middle bunk and started to unpack, putting clothes into one of the huge drawers by the window. This academy was obviously built with space in mind. I wonder if we could redecorate? I sat down on my bed and unzipped my bag, hearing an abnormally loud crash behind me. At first I thought maybe Chris had knocked something over whilst filling his drawer, but when I turned around he was worriedly looking out of our window, clutching clothes he meant to put in the drawer. I moved over to the window, Phil repeating my actions and peered outside. It was unclear at first what was happening, but as I digested the picture I realised that the kind teacher that was outside the academy addressing us all just a few minutes ago was being held by the throat. His apparent enemy was wearing glasses, sporting a short grey hair do and a black outfit. Kakashi Sensei - suddenly remembering his name - didn't seem to be trying to escape. Odd. It was interesting to watch, as I looked around the surrounding scene I spotted students who obviously realised what was happening outside the comfort of their dormitories, and left them; wanting to gain a better view. Without a word I left the room to do just the same. Running down the corridor and out the door into the open courtyard, what had been revealed was that the Kakashi Sensei being strangled was just a substitution, and the real Kakashi Sensei was sitting on a high branch in a tree. 
"guys, guys, it's not safe here, go back to your rooms!" Naruto Sensei came running out from the staff dormitories along with Iruka Sensei (he must of gone to fetch him) and was trying to shoo us back into our building. We were between curiosity and authority, but the silent crowd settled with standing in the footpath, behind wooden frames that separated the grass section from the gravely path. Iruka Sensei was now helping Kakashi Sensei to capture the odd man, Naruto Sensei making sure the crowd were safe and keeping us within the borders. It looked pretty complicated at first, they were jumping in between trees, the odd man throwing shirukens at Kakashi Sensei, as Iruka Sensei was now out of sight. But it was soon made clear. The odd man lunged forward, trying to grab Kakashi Sensei, who was just in reach. But merely an inch before he grasped his sleeve he stopped still, and with a barely audible "ping" he fell to the floor; tied up. 
"this is pretty intense, eh?" Chris whispered in my ear. I couldn't take my eyes off the scene in front of us.
"it's interesting, to say the least" I murmured back to Chris. He grunted in approval. It was obvious now, you could see the thin strings glint in the sunlight. If you ask me, the odd man wasnt trying hard enough to elude such an obvious tactic like this. Iruka Sensei emerged from the academy roof, landing with a soft and gentile thud on the grass.
"whats your motive, Kabuto?" Kakashi Sensei questioned menacingly, holding a kunai close to Kabuto's throat. The odd man, Kabuto, spat at him. Iruka Sensei moved to Kakashi Sensei's side, brushing a leaf out of his tall hair. It's almost like something is going on between them.
"spit it out, Kabuto. What's your game?" Naruto Sensei advanced on Kabuto, getting in the way of my view as he stood in front of the man. 
"I'm merely looking around, gentlemen. You're not too keen on visitors, are you?" Kabuto sneered. He has a sarcastic tone. The crowds eyes had not averted from the scene just yet. 
"Where's Sasuke? Where have you got him?" Naruto Sensei almost screamed at Kabuto. He seemed a bit tetchy about this Sasuke guy. 
"what does it mean to you? You'll never find him. You don't have enough time" Kabuto smiled, quite sinister.
"don't you even say that!" Naruto Sensei was just about ready to lose it, raising his voice even more. I wouldn't like to cross Naruto Sensei.
"Naruto, keep your cool" Kakashi Sensei spoke smoothly. Kakashi had lowered the kunai by this point and had assumed a more comfortable standing position.
"well, I see I hit a nerve there, I better be off" Kabuto laughed and pulled free of the strings, easier than I thought it could be. Why didn't he just do that before? He fled, jumping onto the academy roof and out of sight.
"what was that all about?!" Naruto Sensei questioned loudly. 
"should we go after him, Kashi?" Iruka asked Kakashi Sensei, using a nickname which I thought was quite cute.
"no, he doesn't seem to be a threat. But now he's seen what's going on here Orochimaru has a bit of an advantage. We'd better keep an eye open" Kakashi Sensei replied, almost speaking to the whole crowd. 
"students, go back to your dorms, there's nothing to worry about" Iruka Sensei addressed us, sending a small mutter to move through us. 
"yes, it seems he was just here to scare us, maybe Orochimaru sees this place as a threat" Kakashi Sensei finalised. We gradually moved out of silence and into our dorm building with an eruption of "could you believe that?!" and "what a weird guy" being repeated and not answered. It was certainly odd, and as I opened our door and got down onto my bunk I wondered what else we should expect.
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