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27. "You'll Always Have A Place In My Heart" -Gerard Arthur Way

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I'm posting up chapter 27 cause 26 was too short. :) hope you guys like. 
Ray's POV
Christa is not here today at school. This sucks. I hate it when she's not here because my whole day goes poop. What in the world is Victoria doing..
"hey what the fuck?!"
She was standing between Mickey's and my locker. 
"what? I can't stand here?"
"not next to my locker. Please move, I need to take something out of my locker."
As much as I hate her, I won't be rude. It's not right to be rude to girls. She moved respectfully.
"thank you" I said and opened my locker. I got my stuff and glanced at her. I smiled and walked away. What was she doing there?

Victoria's POV
Crap, Ray just had to come by. I'm pretty sure Emma's locker is around here. I always see her open one of these lockers. Oh well, I'll check again later...

Ray's POV
I was walking to homeroom when I found Bob with that chocolate girl again. I decide to eavesdrop to see what they were talking about. 
"she's just, ugh, I dont know how to explain it. She's to complicated."
I heard chocolate girl say. 
"then why are you still her friend?" Bob said. 
"because, well, it's more like I'm pretending to be. I like to find out crap about her and create a rumor. She never finds out its me. And she also gives me stuff so yeah haha."
"ahaha, that's good" they high fived and continued talking.
"would you like to hang out with me and my friends today?" Bob asked her. 
"sure, that'd be nice."
"okay, I'll pick you up after 1st period."
"okay cool, see you then.." they hugged goodbye and They started to walk opposite ways.
"hey!" I said next to him. 
"oh hey what's up Ray"
"nothing much, lets go buy chips?"
We passed by the girls restroom and that's when we saw Emma come out. 
"hey guys!" she said. 
"hey what's up, wanna come with us to buy chips?" Bob said. 
"sure, but I won't buy some. I'm kind of in a diet"
"why?" I asked.
"because I feel fat"
"you're not. You're fine the way you are." Bob said. 
"you're beautiful the way you are."  Frank said coming behind Emma and hugged her from behind. 
"aww thank you Frankie. But I at least want to loose 10 pounds."
"whatever you'd like honey. Hey guys." Frank said
"hey" Bob and I said. 
"where are we going?"
Eddie said coming between Bob and I. 
"hey Edith, to buy chips." I said. 
"oh okay, I'll go too. Oh and hello you people"
We arrived and bought our chips. And of course, Frank and Edith bought the most junk food. They seem to eat and eat and eat and never get fat. I understand Edith, she's a ballerina. She works out all the time, but Frank? How in the world does he not get fat?! If I stop working out for about two weeks and eat junk food all the time, I gain weight. 
"hey guys...I'm nervous..."
Edith said stopping. We all walked back to where she was standing. 
"why so?" Emma said. 
"because, my performance is getting closer and closer by the rehearsal and the evil slut sometimes scares me. She's done so much to me is not even funny..."
"aww it's okay little sister, everything will turn out just fine. Screw that whore.."
"didn't you guys hear, everyone already did!" Frank said bursting out into laughter. We all followed along. 
"dumbasses" Victoria said passing by. 
"shut up slut before I punch you in the face again." Emma said flicking her off. Victoria started to walk faster when she said that. We all just exploded laughing.
"good one Emma" Frank said giving Emma a knuckle punch in the arm.
"hey look here comes Mickey and Jade" Eddie said. 
"hey guys" Both Mickey and Jade said. 
"where's Gee?" Eddie asked. 
"he's sick." Mickey replied. 
"so he won't be coming to school?!"
"nope, I'm sorry Eddie."
"it's okay Eddie, Christa is not here either. It could be lonely brother and sister day" I said to Eddie giving her a pat on the back. 
"yeah that'd be fun!" Eddie high fived me. 
"he told me to give you this.." Mickey handed Eddie a note. 
"okay thanks, I'll read it later" 
The bell rang signaling the students to head to homeroom.
"alright I'll see you guys later." I said and walked to my homeroom with Bob. The others did the same as well. 


Bob's POV
It was time for nutrition and I was waiting for Rebecca outside her class. She saw me and her face brightened up. 
"hey!" she said so cheerfully. "What's up Rebecca. So do you want to get some breakfast before we go to the tree I hang out at?"
"no I'm good, I don't like the school food."
"alright then, let's go. Want me to hold your books?" 
"oh no, you don't have to.."
"it's fine, I'll carry them."
She handed them over to me. 
"thank you" she said with a slight smile. 
"Your welcome" I said and noticed Linda passing by. 
"hey Linda! I haven't seen you in like, years! What's up!?"
Linda Looked up at me with a cheeky smile. 
"oh just stuff, we'll catch up later"
"alright, see you then."
It was nice seeing Linda again. 

Linda's POV
I saw how Rebecca gave me that death glare. She's such a bitch. I hate her with all my heart. And what is Bob doing with her? Does he not see she's such a bitch? Of course he doesn't, she won't act like that in front of him. She always wants to take the guys I like, since the 7th grade.. Ugh!

Emma's POV
"Frank, you know my birthday is coming up right..."
"of course baby. Why do you ask?"
"well just making sure. I remember when you forgot your mothers birthday."
"oh c'mon, that's my mother. You're my MJ"
"so I'm more important than you're own mother?!"
"not exactly. I love my mom but a girl like you, only comes ones in a life time."
He kissed me on the cheek. 
"thank you Frank"
"your welcome Emma.."
We kissed and continued walking to my locker. 
When we got to my locker, we found Mickey. 
"hey Mikes, Watchu up to?"
Frank asked.  
"just caught Vicky's little scam"
Mickey said holding a letter. 
"how do you know it was her?" I asked. 
"c'mon Emma, is obvious, read it."
The letter read:
Meet me behind the Gym, I want to show you something. It's important. During Lunch, don't forget...
"oh this was tottaly her. First of all, she got the wrong locker. Second, if Eddie wanted to meet out back then she would have told me in person. This is pathetic."
Frank and Mickey were laughing too loud a teacher had to come out and shush them. 
"let's get out of here" Mickey said taking hold of the letter and ripping it into pieces and throwing them on the ground. 

Once at the tree, we Greeted everyone and Bob introduced us to his new friend, Rebecca Hazelnut. Rebecca is a girlie rocker if thats what you call it. She's fruity but like a rocker. She has good taste in music but she thinks she's the only one. I told her I listen to Asking Alexandria one day and she said that band sucked. I told her she sucked balls but I'm guessing she took it as a joke because she started to laugh. I remember her from 8th grade, she was nice to me but she was a bitch to others. Specially Linda. I dont know what problem they had. I never found out. All I know is that it had to do with some guy...
"so are you guys dating?" Frank asked. Always in other peoples business. 
"no, We just started to talk. Bob is pretty cool though" Rebecca said and winked at Bob. Bob isn't much of a blushing type but he blushed to her. He must like her.

I honestly think she's not good for Bob. Bob is more like, hardcore. She's scene-ish but needs some work on her style. She has the hair done right, but her dressing style doesn't go with it. She kinda dresses like Victoria, With cleavage showing and tight clothes or whatever. Victoria is a total whore and Becca is going down with her...
"Emma? Are you okay?" I heard Frank say which made me realize I was just standing looking awkward while everyone was sitting. 
"oh what? I'm sorry, I was thinking.." I said sitting down next to Frank. 
"about what?" Frank replied. 
"we'll talk later"
Frank kissed my cheek and we carried on with the rest of nutrition. 

Gerard's POV
God I hate being sick. It's horrible and I feel awful, I think I might be coming down with Mono. The worst part is that I don't get to see Edith for the next few days, I can't believe it. I hope she reads my letter though. It's a Valentines letter. Since I can't be going out for the next few days I wrote her a letter telling her how much I love her. I hope she likes it. 
"Gerard, honey, are you okay?" my mom said through the door. 
"yes mom, I'm fine. Thank you anyway.."
"if you need anything let me know" she gave me a sympathetic look, "oh my baby" she said and she went back up stairs. 
"oh wait mom!" I yelled. 
"what is it?" 
"can you bring me some Oreos and milk?"
"sure, I'll be right down"
"thanks mom, I love you"
I appreciate my mom's hospitality but I wish Eddie can be taking care of me. She can cuddle with me and we can watch movies all day. That'd be nice... Crap! I think I'll also be missing Emma's surprise party. It's her birthday on Valentines day. Damn, I just had to get sick..
"here you go honey" my mom said setting down a tray with my Oreos and milk on my night stand to help me up. She picked up the tray and put it on my lap. 
"thank you mom"
"honey, you look terrible. Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?"
"I'm fine Mom, I don't like needles."
"you'll get better sooner if you go. You'll be able to go to school and spent time with Edith!" 
"ehh I'm not to excited about school but I'm sure she'll come by after school with Mickey."
"have you gotten her gift for Valentines yet?" she sat down next to me on my bed. 
"no, but I wrote her a letter. I hope she likes it."
"I'm sure she would. Edith is very loving. She's so sweet. I like her better than that girl you dated..whats her name?.."
"yeah her, she was nice too but, her way of being wasn't too..pleasant."
"yeah I know. I've realized"
"okay well, I have to get back up stairs to finish my work. Yell if you need me for anything."
She cupped my cheek and smiled and left my room. 
I remember the day Edith met my mom. They got along so well. I remember I was watching them from the kitchen counter talking about ballet. My mom was a ballerina when she was younger. It was her favorite hobby and knowing that Edith was a ballerina made her love Edith. Edith is such an adorable person. 


Edith's POV
During my 4th period, I read the letter Gerard gave me. 
"Dear Edith, 
As Mickey has said, Im sick. And it's horrible. The worst part is that I won't get to see you for the next couple of days. The only time I'll maybe be able to see you is if you come by after school which I hope you do because it's hell without you. 
As you can see, Valentines is coming up and I haven't been able to get you anything because I'm sick and my mom told me to stay in bed at all times. I could have told Mickey to get something for you from me but I had the feeling that if I'm going to get you something, I want to pick it out myself. Since we're in bad circumstance, I decided to write you a letter explaining how much I love you and how much you mean the world to me. You're beautiful in every way. From inside and out. You're funny and the most clumsy person I've met In my life. Well, after Frank of course. I love everything about you, the way you comfort me when I'm sad, the way you try to cheer me up, how you're so patient. I remember the day we were baking cookies, you kept telling me to not open the stove and the cookies will be ready when they are. The way you smile, you brighten up my whole day, your body, you have amazing curves and legs. I absolutely love everything about your body. The fact that you are so caring an loving to everyone. The fact that you're not afraid to be yourself. And the way you dance, you put every emotion you can, it's amazing. Every step and move is amazing. It looks like you enjoy to dance and I'm sure you do. I love everything about you. I have never meant these words so much before. The night we spent together was the best night of my life. 
I sure do hope we can end up together and spent the rest of our life's together but no one can tell the future. If there is anything that ever comes between us and makes us split, I just want to let you know that you'll always have a place in my heart. I love you Edith Hailey Lynn. 
-Gerard Arthur Way"
P.S will you be my Valentine?"
I didn't feel the tears rolling down my cheeks till one fell on the paper. 
"Edith are you okay? Do you need to step outside for a minute?"
My teacher asked. I couldn't talk from all the emotion and just nodded. I glanced at Mickey who was looking at me with teary eyes. He knows I was reading the letter. He followed me outside of class. 
"Edith.." was all he said and gave me a tight hug. We stood there till the bell rang. Once we heard the bell ring, we marched to the front gate to head to Mickey's house. 
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