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28. An Unexpected Call

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Edith's POV
"how are you feeling?" Mikey asked me as we were walking to his house. 
"I'm feeling great. Why do you ask?"
"well, I'm not sure what was in the letter. And when I saw you crying, I thought maybe Gerard said something he wasn't suppose to say. The whole letter thing was already weird enough."
"oh, he didn't say anything he wasn't suppose to say. He wrote me a Valentines letter."
"are you serious? But Valentines isn't till a couple of days.."
"well, I guess...I dont know! Maybe he wanted to give me the letter before time?"
"maybe... So what did he say?"
"he just expressed to me how much he feels about me. It was put so well that it made me cry."
"you guys must love each other huh?"
"yeah we do."
"have you gotten him anything yet?"
"I haven't actually. I went shopping last week but couldn't figure out what to get. I hope I can figure it out soon."
"he likes chocolates..."
"oh great idea Mickey.." I said sarcastically which made him laugh. 
"your welcome" he said grinning. 
"so what have you gotten Jade huh?" I elbowed him. 
"well I'm gonna give her the biggest ballon I've ever seen. Which I saw in CVS pharmacy and..a big box of chocolates and I want to take her out to eat."
"nice plan. She'll love the chocolates!"
"I know! She told me she loves chocolates!" he said taking hold of my arm and squeezing it with excitement.
We joked around the rest of the way but once we stepped on the lawn, silence fell and my eyes started to swell up with tears. 
"is there anyone home Mickey?"
"I think just my Grandma. Since my mom had to go to work, my granny will be taking care of Gerard."
"oh okay.."
"she's really sweet though. So don't worry about her not liking you"
"okay, good to know."
Mikey opened the door and we stepped inside his house and found an old lady sitting on a rocking chair knitting a scarf. She looked up and her face lightened up at the sight of Mikey. 
"oh Mikey, my little boy, how are you?" she said getting up to hug Mikey. 
"hello granny, I'm fine thank you and you?"
"I'm perfectly fine. Who's this young lady?"
She looked over to me with the sweetest and most warming smile I've ever seen. 
"is this your girlfriend Mikey?"
"no, this is Gerard's girlfriend. She came to visit him. Eddie this is my granny Helena, granny this is Edith"
"oh hello Edith! What a beautiful name. My best friend from high school was named Edith. You're so petite it's adorable!" she gave me such a lovable hug I felt a tear come down my cheek.
"oh honey, why are you crying?"
"I'm feeling a little down that's all."
"oh come here"
She gave me another hug and I felt like staying there forever. She was so heart warming and nice. 
To bad she let go of the hug. 
"you can go visit Gerard now. I'm not sure if he's sleeping or not but you can go head."
"okay thank you."
"nice meeting you Edith."
"nice meeting you too Miss"
"oh please, call me Helena."
"will do" 
She sat back down on her rocking chair and her and Mikey started talking. I walked down the stairs to  the basement and opened the door slightly. I saw Gerard sitting up with a white Tee and messy hair reading a comic book. 
"Gee?" I said and he looked up with widened eyes. He put down his comic book and grinned. I walked over to his bed. 
"Edith! I feel so alive now!" I sat on the bed and gave him a big hug. 
"I felt like a zombie just lying around. How are you?" he said in my ear. I pulled away with teary eyes and kissed him. He gently pulled away from the kiss. 
"Eddie I'm sick..."
"I don't care." I kissed him once more with much love and pulled away to lye down with him on his bed. 
"why are you crying?" he said to me as he wrapped an arm on my waist. 
"your letter. It was so nice. Thank you Gee."
"your welcome sugar. I was hoping you liked it. I promise you I will be giving you the biggest bouquet of flowers once I'm feeling better."
"thank you but it isn't necessary. Your letter was enough. It was the best gift I've ever had. Of course I'll be your Valentine Gee." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he grinned. 
"Edith your so beautiful. How about I tell you a poem?"
"roses are red, violets are blue, it's almost valentines and I like you! HA!"
"oh god, Gee" I chuckled and he kissed me on my cheek.
"no, I'll right a better one and I'll give it to you on Valentines day."
"alright. I'll come by after school and give you your gift."
"you don't have to give me a gift."
"but I will."
"well I can't wait to see what I'm getting." he leaned over me and gave me a kiss. He put his hand under my shirt and started to tickle me. I wanted to laugh but instead I bit his lip. 
"Ouch! Edith!"
"I'm sorry! I wanted to laugh!"
"so you bit my lip?!"
"yeah I dont know how!"
He started to laugh and grabbed the mirror that was on his night stand.
"you made me bleed."
"really? Let me see!" he looked at me and I grabbed his lip with my hand. 
"it's not too bad." I kissed his bottom lip.
"did that make it feel better?"
"lots more" he kissed Me again and for the rest of the afternoon we talked about random stuff till it was 6:40pm and my mom called. 
"I have to go Gee. My mom just called and said I have to be home for dinner." I said sitting up. 
"aww you have to leave so soon?"
"I've been here all afternoon!"
"but I want to stay with you the rest of the night." he pulled me down on him by my waist and we started to make out. 
"I'm gonna get sick soon." I said pulling away. 
"yeah you will and I'll be there to take care of you."
"I'd like that" I leaned over once more to kiss him. 
"okay now I really have to go. I'll see you tomorrow Gee." I got off the bed and put on my shoes. 
"okay pretty girl. Can't wait to see you tomorrow."
I kissed him again.
"bye and hope you get better."
I walked to the door. 
"I love you"
"I love you too Gerard."
I closed the door behind me and went up to the living room. I found Mikey watching The Powerpuff Girls.
"bye Mickey, I'm leaving."
"want me to walk you home?"
"no it's all good. Tell your grandma it was lovely to meet her and goodbye."
"I'll pass on the message. Bye!"
I walked out the door and it was freezing outside. I zipped up my sweater, turned on my iPod and walked home in the lonely cold night. 

When I walked inside my House, my mom and sister were eating pizza and watching a scary movie. 
"where have you been Edith?" my mom asked with a mouthful. 
"I was visiting Gerard. He's sick."
I went over to the kitchen to get a piece of pizza. 
"is he okay?"
"yeah he's alright. He just has the flu."
"oh alright. You should cook him some soup so he can feel better."
"yeah I'll probably do it tomorrow. What movie are we watching?"
"Nightmare on Elm Street now shut up." Jade said. 
I sat down on the floor eating my pizza remembering when I went to watch this movie with Annie. It was such a fun night. We had ditched all day and went shopping and at the end of the day, we went to watch this movie faded, so it could be scarier. We came back home late and I remember I got grounded for 2 weeks. I was really crazy back then. 
"Edith the phone is ringing, can you go get it?" Jade said.  
"ugh sure." I got up to answer the phone. 
"hello, is this the Lynn's phone number?"
"yes who would you like to speak to?"
"Edith. Is Edith there?"
This voice sounds familiar. 
"may I ask who's speaking?"
"Henry Chester. Is this Jade?"
My whole body seemed to go cold and heavy. 
"um no, Edith isn't here. This is isn't Jade either. it's the house keeper. Would you like to leave a message?"
"yes please. Can you let Edith know that I want to speak to her and I'll be in town for a while. Let her know I still care about her."
" yes..uhh I'll let her know. Bye now!"
I hung up before I can hear what he had to say. How did he get my number? I wasn't even able to walk. My hole body felt numb and when I took a step forward, I almost fell. 
"Eddie? Who was it?" my mom asked. 
"oh one important. I'm going to bed now."
"you're not gonna watch the movie?"
"no thank you. I'm tired, Goodnight!!"
I ran in my room and slipped on my pajamas. I wrapped myself with two blankets because it was freezing out. Or I think it was just me. I turned my iPod at full volume and texted Gerard "I love you" and went to bed crying. I couldn't stand hearing his voice. What does he want to talk to me about... This was never suppose to happen. 
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