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29. A Surprise Birthday Celebration with a Pint of Love. 

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Emma's POV 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!!!" everyone said the second I opened my eyes. It was 6am and the guys, Eddie, Jade, including Edith's mom and my parents were screaming happy birthday to me. Even Gerard, I thought he was sick and had Mono.
"hope your having a wonderful morning!" Frank said and jumped on my bed to give me a kiss. 
"happy birthday sweetheart." he gave me one more kiss and started to jump on my bed. 
"Frank, honey your gonna brake the bed." I heard my mother say. 
"oh, sorry Mrs. Jayliem."
Frank got off and my parents and Eddie's mom walked out of my room leaving my friends and I alone. Frank jumped on my bed again and gave me the best kiss yet. 
"happy birthday once more sugar"
"that's my word Frank!" Gerard said hugging Eddie. 
Frank just turned around and stuck his tongue out at him.
"it's my turn." Eddie said and jumped on top of me. 
"happy birthday best friend!!!!"
"from this view it looks wrong." Bob said. Eddie was on me, one leg on each side and jumping up and down. 
"looks like this move is familiar to someone." I said facing Gerard. I noticed Gerard turn red. Eddie turned around to face Gerard. She giggled and got off me. She walked over to Gerard and gave him a hug and a kiss. 
"happy birthday Emma." Ray said handing me a box. 
"aww thank you so much Ray!" I opened it and inside was a hamster. 
"aww!! This is so cute! I'm gonna name it Frankie." I looked over to Frank and he was grinning like a little boy. 
"happy birthday scenie weenie" Bob handed me a white sheet of paper folded in half. 
"this is all?"
"ugh" I rolled my eyes to him and he started to laugh. We play around like that. I opened up the paper and it had a kind of comic strip with only 3 pictures. On the first one, there was a picture of a blonde hair stick figure boy and a dark brown hair stick figured girl jumping rope. In the second picture, the blonde boy stops jumping rope and pushes the girl in to a pile of mud. And on the last one, the girl is on the floor and the kid continues to jump rope with a grin. On the top right corner it says, "Happy Birthday Emma from Bob"
I figured the boy and girl is Bob and I. 
"nice Bob, you put so much time into it, its a masterpiece." it looks as if a 5 year old drew it. 
"thank you." he said and knuckle punched Mikey. 
"Now it's our turn." Gerard said and gave me a fully covered black box. 
"Gerard, weren't you sick?"
"yeah but I'm a little better. I convinced my mom to let me come."
"oh okay. What's in this?" I shook the box and something heavy moved inside. I opened it and found a picture frame. The picture was of me, Gerard, Eddie, and Frank jumping around on Halloween night. On the right bottom corner it said, "Wild Night Out. Happy Birthday" in cursive. 
"aww, I remember this day. We were so hyper and then crashed at the end. It was hilarious. Thanks you guys." Gerard and Eddie walked over to give me hugs. 
"last but not least, Mikey and I" Jade and Mikey walked over to my bed and also handed me a box smaller than the others. I opened it and found an iPod Nano. 
"no way!!! This is so cool!!" I said when I took it out of the box and everyone gasped. 
"hey! We agreed to buy something not expensive!" Bob said and smacked Mikey on the arm. Eddie stood next to Bob and mocked him. But she hit Jade instead. 
"sorry guys. But Emma is fucking cool so she deserves it." Mikey said. 
"not fair!" Gerard said. 
"oh whatever" Ray commented.
"it's okay you guys, I love all the gifts equally. You guys are the best!" I got up and hugged everyone. 
"oh and, part of my gift is throwing you a party!" Frank said jumping on Bob's back. 
"dude just cause you're short doesn't mean you're not heavy!"
"it's okay you're strong. You can carry me! So anyway, party at my place for the best girlfriend ever!" Frank yelled and everyone followed along. 
Frank's POV 
I got off Bob's back when we got to the door. I ran back to Emma's room so I can talk to her about my Surprise. I'm planning to take her out somewhere before the party tonight. I gave Gerard the keys to my house so everyone, including my parents if they're home, to help set up balloons and stuff. The theme for the party is pretty much Valentines and happy birthday balloons as well. We're celebrating Emma's birthday but I want all the couples to celebrate Valentines day too. Ray is the only one that'll get there late because he'll be out with Christa. The rest of the couples are gonna set up the party. Bob is gonna bring Rebecca. It doesn't get me too happy though. What if she tags along with Victoria? If she does, I'm kicking both of them out. 
"Emma?" I called from outside her bedroom door. It was locked. 
"come in."
I walked in and she was standing by her closet. I walked over mocking her posture. 
"Frank, I dont know what to wear."
"how do you not know what to wear? You have so much!"
"yeah I know but I dont know."
I giggled to her response. I walked closer to her closet and closed my eyes. I reached out and grabbed anything I felt first. I opened my eyes and I had a BVB shirt and some cheetah tights. 
"wear this" I handed it to her. She was smiling like a child. 
"thank you Frank! Pick out my shoes."
"okay." I kneeled down and did the same thing again. I grabbed some pink converse. 
"here you go" I turned around and noticed she was changing. She had her back towards me though. 
"oh crap! I'm sorry."
"I didn't know you were changing."
"oh it's okay, don't worry about it."
"alright I guess. Oh umm, here I got these." I handed her the shoes. 
"Frank are you okay?" 
She got the converse with a confused look. 
"um yeah. I just..I feel bad."
"don't! It's okay. I shouldn't have been changing in front of you."
"um well still, I'm sorry."
"it's fine." she walked over to me and gave me a small peck on the lips. It wasn't that I felt bad. I mean, I did but the reason that I was blushing and stuttering is that, I know Emma has a nice body but without a shirt it's even sexier. She has a cute little butt too. It was just unexpected and I can't get it out of my head. 
"okay so I have the day planned out." 
I went to sit next to her on the bed as she was tying her shoes. 
"what are we doing?"
"well that's a surprise. Finish getting ready and you'll see!"
"okay let me just do my hair." I watched as she got up and turned on her straightener.
"ooh!! Can I help you with your hair!?"
She turned around with a giggle and a grin. 
"yeah! That'll be fun! Just don't burn me."
"I'll try not to." I chuckled and set a chair down in front of the mirror. She sat down still with the same childish grin. I took the straightener and checked if it was hot. It was cause apparently I burned my finger. 
"careful Frank, it's hot."
"I think I see that MJ"
"just making sure."
I parted her hair and started to straighten it. I tried so hard to not burn her so instead I burnt myself.
When I was done, I was quite impressed with the good job I did.
"k, I'm done."
"wow Frank, you did a pretty good job. Are you a first timer?"
"nah, I use to have long hair when I was back in freshman year so I use to straighten it."
Emma started to crack up. 
"really!? Oh god I can't imagine you with long hair! That's too funny."
"yeah it was. I'll show you a picture later."
"alright and I'd like a copy as well."
"sure thing marshmallow. Are you ready now?"
"yeah let me just do my make up and we can go."
"okay I'll be waiting." I winked at her and sat on her bed. I watched as she teased her hair, put hairspray, did her eye liner, red lipstick, and all that girl stuff. She's a beautiful scene girl. 
"ready!" she said jumping up and down. We locked arms and walked out the door skipping. 


Gerard's POV
The decorations were set, food was out and there was a few people arriving already. Where in the world is the birthday girl and Frank?! 
"Gee!" I heard my name from the kitchen. I walked over to the kitchen and found Frank. 
"oh thank god you came, guests are here already."
"okay cool, can I talk to you for a second?"
He took me to his bedroom. 
"okay so, I have Emma blind folded in the car."
"why what the hell? What did you guys do?"
"well, we went out to eat at this fancy restaurant. I got a discount with Eddie's mom."
"oh you went to the restaurant she works at?"
"yeah it's rad. Anyways and then I told her I was gonna take her to a park! She has no idea she's here!"
he started to giggle by himself. "umm, well why don't you bring her inside?"
"I dont know, just thought I'd make her wait for a while."
"oh god, Frank you're so dumb" I started to walk out the door when Frank jumped on me. 
"Frank! I'm not as strong as Bob!"
"if you can carry Eddie you can carry me."
I saw Eddie walking towards with a smile and shaking her head. 
"oh god, what are you guys doing?"
"Gee's giving me a piggy back ride!"
"ugh Frank! Don't jump!"
Frank got off me and hugged Eddie, gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. She turned to me and hugged my waist. 
"Happy Valentines Gee"
"Happy Valentines Eddie."
I picked her chin up and gave her a kiss. She stroked the back of my back gently with her finger tips which tickled me and then she lowered her hand to my butt and squeezed it. I did the same to her. 
We both giggled. 
"oh Eddie! I almost forgot!" I wrote her another poem. I took the paper out of my back pocket. 

Edith's POV
I looked at Gee in surprise. He had the sweetest smile on. The poem said the following:
"I carry your heart with me
(I carry it in my heart) 
I am never without it
(anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing my darling)
I fear not fate
(for you are my fate, my sweet)
I want no world
(for beautiful you are my world, my true)
And it's you are whatever a moon has always meant 
And whatever a sun will always sing Is you

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)"
I looked up at Gee who was resting on the wall looking up with eyes closed. I walked over to him and placed my left hand on his heart and kissed his neck. I repeated the last phrase of the poem. 
"I carry your heart ( I carry it In my heart)" he looked down to me and kissed me. 
"this is by EE Cummings huh?" I said. 
"yeah but I dedicate it to you my darling. Happy Valentines day." he kissed my forehead and lowered his arms to my waist. 
"Happy Valentines day. I'm sorry I didn't get you anything. I swear I will, I just can't decide what to get."
"it's okay Eddie, you being my girlfriend is enough." he was stroking my hair. I still had my hand on his chest. We stood there in silence for a moment enjoying the peace.
"titty twist!" I said and twisted his nipple. 
"ouch Eddie!! You just ruined the moment!" he grabbed his chest. 
"I'm sorry you know I love you."
"what if I did that to you huh?"
I raised an eyebrow at him. 
"yeah I wouldn't dare." he said. 
"good boy" I said and tapped him right under his belt buckle. Gee started to blush. I grabbed his hand and we both walked to the living room where everyone was at. 
"what were you guys doing in the hallway?" Mikey asked. He was eating Emma's favorite chips. 
"I wouldn't eat those if I were you." I said to him looking back an forth at the bag and him. He widened his eyes and put the bag away. He knew exactly what I was talking about. 
"so anyways, Gee and I were just talking."
"oh alright well where's Frank and Emma?"
"oh god Frank, I'll be back." Gerard said and walked out the front door. 
"what's he doing?" Mikey asked.
I shrugged and him and I walked over to the window to see what Gee was gonna do. 

We watched as Gee walked over to Frank's car. Inside there was Frank and Emma. Why is Emma blind folded? Gee opened Emma's door and grabbed her arm and helped her step outside. Frank got out and started to scream at Gerard. Gee grabbed Frank by his shoulders and started to speak to him. I'm guessing he told him to turn around with his hands behind his back. Gee took out some hand cuffs and hand cuffed Frank! Where did he get the hand cuffs? He then walked over to Emma and lead her to the front porch. He saw me and Mikey looking out the window. He lipped spoke to me and I understood he said to get everyone ready to scream surprise. 
"okay everyone, Emma is coming so get ready to scream happy birthday." everyone at the party ducked and I turned off the lights. I looked out the window and noticed Frank was sitting on the ground. I signaled Gerard that he was able to come inside. Moments later we saw Emma without the blind folds but with a grin. 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" everyone said and she walked over to people and thanked them. I walked outside to see what Gerard was doing. 
"Eddie! Help me! Gerard is trying to rape me!" Frank said while Gee was holding Frank's hands behind his back. 
"Gee where did you get the hand cuffs?" 
"I bought them when I was at the store."
"why you child?"
"because they looked cool.. ANYWAYS.. I hand cuffed Frank because he wouldn't let Emma in yet and I thought it was time she'd go inside."
"Frank, why didn't you let her in?" I asked.
"cause I wanted her to get impatient first!"
"but it's her party!"
"I know but it was gonna be fun if she was impatient..Gee! Unlock these things!!"
"oh fine" Gee took out the key and unlocked them. Frank ran inside the house. Gee and I started to laugh and walked in as well. 

The rest of the night was fun. Everyone was having a good time and I think Emma and Frank had a little too much to drink. Bob was having a good time with Rebecca. She seems nice, I hope Bob is happy with her. My mom and Frank's parents arrived later that night. I can't believe they didn't mind the drinking. Well, my mom did. She forbid me to drink so I didn't. Even Gee told me not to. He said he doesn't want me to get addicted. I listened. 
"this the best birthday ever! Thanks to my Frankie!" Emma yelled and kissed Frank. I sure can tell she's having fun with Frank and everyone at the party. 
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