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30. Bob and Linda Catch Up 

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Bob's POV
"Linda!" I yelled. Linda was by the drinking fountain drinking water. She stood up and smiled at me. 
I walked over to her and gave her a big hug. 
"you wanna go to Burger King after school? You catch up?"
"sure! That'd be great!"
"okay cool." 
I felt someone touch my shoulder and turned around to see who it was. 
"oh hey Rebecca"
"t'sup Bob, can you come to my locker with me?"
"sure. I'll see you later Linda."
"Bye Bob"
I dont know if it was just me but I think Linda's smile faded...

As we walked to her locker, we talked about a party that's going on on Saturday. When we turned the corner I found Eddie and Gerard. 
"t'sup guys" I smacked Gerard's  head and hugged Eddie. Gerard kicked my ass. 
"hi Rebecca!" Eddie said and gave her a hug. 
"hey Eddie" she said and returned the hug.
"hi Gerard." she said and he just gave her a faint smile. 
Gerard and Eddie went to Gerard's locker right across the hall. At the other end, I saw Victoria coming. I watched Eddie and she noticed as well. I saw her elbow Gerard and he turned around to see who was there. He noticed her and wrinkled his nose. They left and I turned my focus to Victoria. She flipped her hair sideways and gave a mean look to Edith. Then she turned to Rebecca and smiled. She walked over to us.
"hey Becky, ready for Saturday?"
"sure thing. You don't mind if I bring Bob do you?"
Victoria looked at me head to toe. 
"of course not. Hello Bob" she said with an evil smile. 
"hey" was all I said. I hate her little attitude. She also gave me a mean look. 
"well, I have to go and meet up Brian. I'll see you in a bit." she winked at Rebecca and Rebecca giggled. Victoria left and Rebecca turned to me with a "this bitch" look. 
"oh Vicky can be a tinny Winnie slut sometimes."
"I dont know if I should agree with you"
"you can, I don't really like her anyway.."
She gave me an evil smile just like Vicky. Just this one wasn't creepy at all. I returned the smile and we both headed to 6th period. 

Emma's POV
I hate 6th period. It's so annoying. And to make it even worse, none of my friends are in this class. Vicky's friend is in this class, Rebecca. Again, I don't know what Bob see's in her. I mean, she's cute and everything but what makes her ugly is Victoria. How can you be friends with such a slug?! I honestly think Linda is way better. I love her pixie haircut and her blue...streak? Linda just passed by my class with a blue streak. Wasn't it pink? When did she dye it??
"Emma, can you please read the question on the board?"
That blue streak looks good on her. It's between royal blue and turquoise.
"ahem, Emma?"
I should dye my hair soon, me and Frank should get matching streaks!
"oh what!?! I'm sorry, what did you say?" 
"can you read the question up on the board!"
"oh um, what are the first 10 amendments?"
"okay thank you. Answer it now"
"um...The bill...of Rights?"
"yes thank you. Please pay attention next time"
Well this is embarrassing, I can't believe he had to call my name out 3 times! I swear this class is really boring. And to make it even worse, everyone was looking at me! Oh God...


I was walking to my locker when I saw Linda by the vending machine.
"hey what's up Linda!"
She saw me and smiled.
"hey Emma! Haven't talk to you in a while. How've you been?"
"awesome! And you? How long has it been?"
"It's been so long! Well I've been alright too. A little ticked off but its all good."
"why? What's bothering you?"
"uhh, let's talk somewhere else." 
We walked to the dark hallway no one ever goes to. As we walked over there, I texted Frank:
"hey Frank, I won't be able to hang with you guys today, I have something to do. I'll see you and the others after school. Love you :)"

Frank's POV
"awww!! Hey guys! Emma isn't going to be with us today!" I shouted and everyone turned to face me. 
"why so?" Eddie said who was cuddling with Gee by the tree. 
"I dont know, she didn't say but she's going to see us after school."
"well she'll be missing me cause I got somethin' to doo" Bob said. 
"what are you doing?" Gee asked moving closer to Bob.
"I'm meeting up with Linda."
"ohh..alright." He and Eddie went back to their little cuddling spot next to the tree. 
"you guys! Emma isn't here!!!" I started to pretend cry and Jade came over and gave me a hug. 
"there, there, you'll see her after school. You can live without her for 20 more minutes of lunch and the last period right?"
"I'll try" 
"good boy" she patted my head and kissed my temple. 
I faked sniffed and sat back down. I took my phone out and replied to Emma:
"Alright babe, I'll be missing you :') I love you too!"

Emma's POV
"okay well, I've been ticked off cause, well, I have a little crush on...Bob" Linda said with a soft voice and I almost screamed of happiness. Thank God I was able to cover up my mouth. 
"but please Emma, don't say anything!" 
"I won't! I freaking promise!! I think you and Bob are like perfect for each other."
"really? Aww..." Linda through herself on me giving me a tight hug. She was sobbing on my shoulder. 
"what's wrong?!" I said to her. 
"that stupid bitch Becca!!"
" know?"
"of course! It's obvious! They're always together!!"
"but I don't think they ARE together.."
"but he likes her and since she hates me, she'll go out with him to make me pissed off!"
"wait what?" I pulled her off me so I can face her.
"she hates me.." she sniffed and whipped off a tear. 
"well, it's been a middle school thing. I really don't know why, we just, hate each other. It's ridiculous. And since the 7th grade, she's been wanting to take all the guys I like away from me."
"how does she know you like Bob?"
"well, I guess she found out in the Dance, cause you know, he was my date.."
"oh right right, well, fight for your man woman!!"
"Emma, it's not that easy with her! She's way prettier than me.."
"oh hell no, what?! Do you want me to slap you??"
"dude, she's pretty and all but you are way Better. Better style, better hair, better FRIENDS!"
"I guess, but... I've had bad experiences with guys and it just brings my self-esteem down.."
I moved closer to Linda and put my hands on her shoulders. 
"listen Linda, you're beautiful. Don't ever forget that. Those guys that turned you down, are full of shit. Don't listen to them. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. One day, a guy will come up to you an tell you you are beautiful. And he'll love you for who you are." I hugged her and she continued to sob on my shoulder. 
"and that guy is Bob!" I said pulling away to see her beautiful face. She giggled. 
"ahh, that's what I want to see!"
"thank you Emma, you're so sweet" she hugged me once more and the bell rang. 
"let's go shall we?" I said and she nodded. We locked arms and walked to our 7th period. 


Bob's POV
After school I walked to my locker and found Becky waiting for me by my locker. 
"hey Bob, ready to go?"
"oh I'm sorry, I can't go with you today, I'm going to be busy."
I saw Linda standing by her locker that was a few feet away. She closed her locker and left. 
"hey Becky, I'll text you later, I really have to go." I hugged her, gave her a kiss on the cheek and followed Linda. 
"Linda!" I called. She turned around and smiled. 
"hey!" she said. 
"ready to go?"
"sure, let's go." 

At Burger King, we both ordered a large number 6 with a large milk shake. She got one of her fries and through it at me. 
"hey!" I said. 
"can you get me some ketchup?"
I gave her a death glare. 
"fine" I got up and through her the ketchup packages. 
We continued speaking about random stuff till we were done and extremely full. 
"god, I'm full" she said unbuckling her belt and pants. 
"that's ironic." I said with a grin. 
"cause you barely even have a belly and unbuckling your pants and belt doesn't seem to help since you don't even have a belly!"
"aha, but I feel it. You just see it. It helps indeed."
"whatever you say."
I leaned back resting on my chair. She leaned forwards and rested her elbows on the table. 
"so, how are you Bob?"
I leaned forward just like her. 
"great, and you?"
"I guess just fine. Umm, what have you been up to lately?"
"well, school...kinda"
"no way! Bob Bryar caring about school?!"
"yes yes, I know, but I want to be able to pass all my classes so senior year could be fucking great."
"ah, I see what you're doing there" she pointed a finger at me and narrowed her eyes with a smile. 
"that's good Bob, what else?"
"well, I've also been doing so garage band work. I've been working on my drums skills." 
I got the two straws that were on our table and started banging the table as if it were a drums set. She giggled at my face expressions. 
"that's really good, you should form a band with your friends."
"maybe...nah, I dont think they'll want to"
"why not?"
"I dont know. I just don't think so."
"well, you should probably ask."
"yeah I will. What have you been up to?"
She thought about it for a while.
"nothing much actually. Just a few paintings and sound check stuff with bands. You know, the usual."
"right, how's the sound check stuff going?"
"pretty good I guess, I've been working with a new band."
"which band?"
"they're called Sonaliens."
"never heard of them."
"cause they're new duh!"
"oh whatever. I see you dyed your streak blue"
"yeah I did, you like?"
She tangled her blue streak with her index finger giving me a flirty smile. 
"yeah it looks good, blue is my favorite color."
Again, I dont know if it's just me but is she blushing?..
"thank you."
"um, have you had any boyfriends lately?" I asked her with a mischievous smile. She seemed to blush again. 
"um, a few..dates here and there but nothing serious."
"I dont know, I'm not really interested but I give it a try."
"oh I see"
"yeah, how about you?"
When she asked, I started to think about Rebecca. 
"well, I dont know if you know Rebecca? Hazelnut?"
"of course I know her. Are you guys together? I see you guys everywhere together."
"well, not officially. But I'm planning to ask her out. What do you think?"
"think of what?"
"should I go for it?"
"well, I guess if you like her that much.."
"I really do..she's beautiful, nice, loving, but the only thing that kills it is that she's friends with that whore Vicky."
"I guess so.."
"yeah.." I sighed thinking about all those times I have spent with Becky. 
"when are you planning to ask her out?" Linda spoke and it made me jump back into our conversation. 
"I dont know, I have to find the right moment."
Every time I mentioned Rebecca, Linda seems to not make eye contact with me.. 
"how do you know Rebecca?"
"well, I've known her since 7th grade."
"were you guys friends?"
"um...not exactly. Actually, not really. She hated and hates me."
How can someone so sweet hate someone?!
"why does she hate you?"
"well, I dont know. She's been trying to take all the guys away from me since 7th grade.."

Linda's POV
I hope what I just said isn't too obvious. I doubt it..Bob is too oblivious to me. 
"oh really? Like who?" 
"oh this one guy. You don't know him but we both knew him because I was in his tech crew for his band and she knew his friends. She knew I liked him... So she went out with him."
"I'm sorry Linda, but I just somehow can't believe you"
"it's okay, I don't care, you're obviously blind in love." 
I think what I said offended Bob by the way he responded to me. 
"I think I can care about my friends even though I'm in love with a girl Linda..."
Those words hurt me so much. He's in love with her?...
"you're in love with her?"
I said holding back tears. 
"well.. I think so.."
That was the last straw. I couldn't take it anymore. Before I realized it, I was crying. 
"Linda, what's wrong?"
"nothing, I have to go Bob... I'll see you tomorrow." 
I grabbed my stuff and left without a word. 

On my way to the bus, I texted Emma asking her if she could meet me up somewhere. Unfortunately, she couldn't because she was out with Frank and she felt really sorry and she'll make it up next time. Great, and it just started to rain. Fuck my life..
"Linda is that you?" I heard a voice behind me. It was Edith and Gerard. I looked up at them hoping they wouldn't see my teary eyes with this rain. 
"have you been crying?" Gerard sat down beside me looking straight into my eyes with sharp, determined eyes to find out if I was crying or not. I wasn't able to lie so I nodded. 
Edith sat down on my other side and hugged me. 
"let's go to my car" was what Gerard said and both of them, entangled their fingers with mine on either side with a tight grip and we walked to Gerard's car under the rain. 

Bob's POV 
Linda left. Why? Did I do something wrong? I looked outside and it was pouring out. As I walked out heading to the bus stop, I analyzed some things. Linda doesn't like Becky. I feel bad for not believing her of what she said about Becky. It's hard to believe since she's so nice to me. And the thing she said that Becky steals her guys? Could that mean she likes me? Doubt it, she shows no sign of interest. But why did she start to cry? She does compliment me a lot. And she seems to always have a smile when I'm with her. Come to think of it, she has thrown signals at me. When we text, she always puts a heart. In class, I sometimes find her staring at me. She's really cool with me and sometimes sends me a flirty smile. Oh my God, why didn't I notice this before, she DOES like me. I feel like an asshole now, for bringing up her name too much. I shouldn't have talked about how I feel about her too much. Maybe that's why she started to cry, cause I said I was in love with Becky. If I would have known, I wouldn't have brought it up. I'm such a douche. 
"Linda, I'm sorry :(" I texted her when the bus arrived. I got the bus feeling very ashamed. I even felt ashamed passing by people because I felt they were giving me death glares for braking a girls heart. I swear I'm not that type of guy. I'm sorry...
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