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31. That's What Friends Are For

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Bob's POV
When I got home, I checked my phone to see if Linda texted back. She didn't. Could she really be pissed off? If so, why exactly? Or not pissed off, sad. I know I would be sad if I found out the person I like loves someone else. I could just imagine how hurt she feels. My phone rang and I checked the caller ID. Rebecca. 
"hi Bob, are you still busy?"
"not anymore, what's up?"
"ok well, I'm really bored. Wanna go out for like something to eat?"
The Burger King meal wore off already. I was getting a bit hungry. 
But, should I really go? Wouldn't it be rude for Linda?
"oh yes, I'm sorry, where would you like to go?"
"hmm, I dont know. Let's figure it out ones you're here yeah?"
"sure. I'll be right over."
"are you okay? You sound a"
"everything's totally fine."
"are you sure?"
"sure thing Becky"
"alright I guess, see you in a while?"
"sure bye gorgeous"
I hung up and set my phone down beside me. I, just can't. I really do like Rebecca. I love Linda, as a friend though..

Gerard's POV
We arrived at my house and it was lonely. I think Mikey might be hanging with Jade. They never seem to have a problem going in their relationship. I walked to my room to fetch a blanket and some fresh cloths for Linda, I don't want her to be getting sick. I walked back to the living room and found Linda crying on Eddie's shoulder. 
"let it all out Linda.." I heard Edith say. She stroked Linda's back. I sat down opposite side of Linda and placed the blanket over her. She looked up at me and whispered thank you. 
"I think you should change into this..." I handed her a shirt that was Eddie's that she left the day she stayed at my house. And also some sweat pants I have that I hardly wear. 
"you don't mind if she wears it right Eddie?"
"of course not"
Linda got up. 
"you can change in my room. Just walk down to those stairs and that's my room." I pointed at the stairs that lead to my room that were next to kitchen. I watched her as she dragged herself down there. I sat down next to Eddie who was looking at me worriedly. 
"did she tell you what happened?" I asked placing my hand on her knee. 
"no, I was afraid to ask because she was sobbing really bad. Something might have happened with Bob.."
"yeah, I just hope nothing happened to both of them." 
Linda came back up and we turned our attention to Linda who sat on the other couch across us. 
"do you want to talk about it?"
Eddie asked. 
"if it has to do with girl stuff, I could leave.." I said thinking maybe it'll make her more comfortable. 
"no it's fine, I trust you Gerard as well as you Eddie so I'll just say it.."
Eddie entangled her fingers with mine and shot me a smile. I returned the love. 
"so what happened?" I said. She sighed deeply and began.
"well, I'm not sure if Bob told you guys anything but we met up after school to catch up on things"
"yeah he told us" Eddie answered. 
"well, I guess we did. And..." she sniffed and her eyes started to swell up, "and, we started to talk about dates and girlfriends and boyfriends and stuff. Then we started to talk about Rebecca.."
She let out a small whimper. 
"please don't say anything you guys.."
"we won't, we promise." Eddie said and gripped my hand. 
"well, I've had a crush on Bob since like 7th grade but didn't really get to know him till now, he said he was in love with Rebecca! Do you know how awful that was for me!?" now finally, she started to cry again. 
"oh that's awful.." Eddie got up and kneeled down in front of Linda giving her a much needed hug. I placed a hand over my chin thinking of past events that relate to this exact thing. Images came flooding into my mind. But I can't worry about it now, I have Eddie and I have to help Linda feel better. I got up and paced around the room. I can't seem to forget. I walked over to the kitchen and got a cup of water to calm down. Eddie watched me as a drank water. She raised an eyebrow at me and I knew exactly what she was asking; if I was fine. I blinked and nodded once. Eddie half smiled, I think she knows how I'm feeling. I walked back over to the living room and sat down next to Eddie on the ground. 
"does he know you like him?" I asked. 
"I don't think so and I hope not because it'll just be too weird."
"I think you should say something though.." 
"no! Cause he's in love with that stupid chocolate girl!"
"do you hate her?" Eddie said. 
"yes! And she hates me too!!"
"how can someone so sweet hate someone.."
I placed a hand on Eddie's shoulder and she turned around to face me. I simply shook my head lightly.
"you don't know her very well as much as Linda and I. Rebecca was sweet back in elementary school and 6th grade, but ones she met Vicky in 7th grade, everything went down hill. Vicky influenced her a lot and she was just, different from then on. She's still nice and everything but she can be a backstabber ones she gets bored of you. Her current victim is Vicky."
"wait, she's backstabbing Vicky right now?!" Eddie widened her big eyes even wider. 
"well, that's what Bob told me."
"Wow, that's some bullshit. But Linda, why do you two hate each other?" Eddie got off her knees and sat down on her butt. 
"well, I really don't know but if I have to guess, it was because of this one guy that we both liked called Jacob. Long story short, Jacob ended up with me and I think that's why she hates me. And since then, she's been trying to take all the guys I like away from me." 
Linda has stopped crying now but she still has swollen eyes. But with every word, she seems to want to cry again. I think she's holding back tears. 
"well, if you like Bob that much, I really think you should talk to him about this.." 
"no, cause he's probably mad at me for just leaving out of nowhere.."
"I hardly doubt it, Bob is not that type of guy" I said and wrapped an arm around my girl. 
"are you sure?"
"I'm pretty sure. None of us are are like that." Eddie looked at me with a smile and I kissed her cheek. 
"you guys are too cute together.." Linda sniffed and started to cry silently. 
"linda, if you really try, you and Bob can have a great relationship as well." I stood on my knee's and gave her a hug. She hugged me by my waist with a tight grip. I hugged her tighter back.
"thank you Gerard. And you too Eddie, you guys are awesome." 
We all got up and group hugged. Eddie had to kill it by checking the text message someone sent her. 
"oh hey Gee, can you go drop me off at my house? My mom just texted me saying I have to get home"
"sure sugar, let's go."
"yeah I have to go too, it's getting late. You guys don't mind if I take the cloths right?" Linda said getting her stuff. 
"no it's cool, don't worry about it."
"alright thanks."
I grabbed my car keys and we all walked out the door. 


I went to drop off Linda home first and on our way to Eddie's, we stopped by the market I work at. 
"are you gonna want anything?" I asked Eddie. 
"yes! I want some....Hot Cheeto fries!" 
"alright, are you gonna come or wait?"
"do you mind if I wait?.."
"not at all pretty girl."
"thank you! I love you!" 
Before closing the door, I winked at her and she shot me that sexy smile of hers. God, I love that smile. 

Inside, I felt weird. I never come here when I'm not working. Well, only ones in a while but it's really rare. I feel like I'm working. I was by the chips section when my boss walked by. 
"Gerard! What are you doing here?"
"shopping for chips, what are you doing here talking to me?" my boss and I are cool like that. 
"aha, I see what you did there. Anyway, I just want to show you a new member to the family. Meet Henry Chester." 
Just the sound of that name makes me want to punch this boy in the face. But that'd be rude since it isn't the Henry I hate. This guy seemed like a football player. He was pretty tall, black hair. Short and curly. Typical sports guy. 
"hello I'm Gerard Way, I work here Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes Saturday and Sunday. Nice to meet you."
I extended my arm to shake hands with him. He shook hands with me and began. 
"guess I'll be seeing you around then. I'm Henry Chester."
"well, Sir, I have to get going. See you tomorrow. Nice meeting you Henry."
"see you Gerard."
My boss said and I went to the cash register where I found my brother. 
"hey, I didn't know you worked today." I said as he checked out my stuff. He sighed. 
"yeah well, we don't know a lot of things." I gave him a confused look. He looked up at me. 
"yeah I dont know, I'm irritated."
"of what?"
"welcome to my club, see you at home Mikey"
"see you"
I got my stuff and walked to my car.
When I opened my car, I found Eddie sleeping. I giggled because she was sorta drooling on my seat. I drove her home with low music playing in the background. 
When we arrived to her house, I parked right outside. I watched her sleep for about 30 seconds. Then, I decided to get back at her since she's always harassing me. So, I lowered my hand to unbutton her pants. I pulled on the waistband of her girl boxers gently and she immediately got up. 
"what the hell?" she said rubbing one hand on her cheek. 
"I got you back." I said and grinned. 
"bitch" she said with a grin and punched my arm. We both got out of the car and looked up at her apartment window. 
"I think they're not home." she said. All the lights were off. 
"what if they're sleeping?"
"doubt it. No one goes to sleep early in my house." she said and snorted. 
"I'm sleepy" she rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes. 
"me too" I held her by her hips. 
"are you working tomorrow?" she asked. 
"yeah. I'm coming out at 12:30 though." I said between a yawn. 
"good, are you gonna go to my rehearsal tomorrow?"
"of course." 
"okay, well, I'm gonna go now cause then I'm gonna fall asleep on your chest."
I chuckled. 
"alright, see you tomorrow beautiful."
I kissed her softly on the lips. 
"bye handsome." she kissed me back with more passion. She let go and pulled on my belt buckle. She turned around and I smacked her ass. 
"I'm gonna get you" she said walking in the front door. 
"I know!" I screamed out and got in my car. I turned on my car and drove home as fast as I can before I fall asleep driving. 
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