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32. From Here on Out, it's Hell. 

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Frank's POV
Like every Saturday, the doughnut shop is empty. A few people come by here and there but otherwise, I miss saying, "hello welcome to NJ's best doughnut shop! How can I help you?" it's so boring today!! And the worst part is that I don't have my phone so I can text my marshmallow to come over. Great.
Luckily, I just saw Jade walk by. 
"Jade!" I yelled. She stepped back a few feet and waved through the window then left. 
"Jade!!" I yelled again. 
She repeated her sequence with a confused look. I waved her inside. 
She walked over to the cash register. 
"what's up Frank?"
"are you busy?"
"not really, I was just gonna pay my phone bill that's all."
"is it really important at the moment?"
"not really, why?"
I slid on top of the table that was next to the cash register and got on my knees. 
"can you PRETTY PLEASE stay for a while! I'm bored out of my mind!"
"oh fine, but you didn't have to get on your knees!"
"but its dramatic." I walked back over to the cash register and she grabbed a chair to sit next to the table I slid on. 
"so how long have you been working here?" she asked as she took a bite of the doughnut I gave her. 
"um, since I was a...sophomore I believe."
"and you are a junior?"
"yes ma'am"
"I thought you were a freshman"
"oh very funny Jade" 
She started to laugh hysterically. 
"oh I'm so funny."
"sure, now shut up, you are interrupting me from greeting my costumers." 
A new costumer came by. Literally, I've never seen him around. 
"welcome to NJ's best doughnut shop! How may I help you?"
I saw Jade stand up laughing and placed a hand on the guys shoulder. 
"it's not the best with Frank around!" she shouted laughing and looking at me. Then she looked at who she was holding. Once those two met eyes, they both seemed to be surprised. 
"oh my god" was all Jade said. 
"Jade? Is this you? You look so different! Did you do something to your hair?" the guy put a smile on while Jade didn't make a sound from all the chaos that's probably going on in her head right now. Who is this guy? Finally, she managed to say something. 
"Henry? Henry Chester?" she was gasped harshly. 
"yeah, you remembered. Wow, how long has it been?"
"ah.. I... I Don't know." by Jade's expression, it looks like she got her thoughts figured out.
"what are you doing here Henry?"
"well, I use to live down here but then I moved to LA, but now, my dad got a job here so we moved back. Annie let me know you guys lived here as well so she gave me your house number. Did your house keeper tell you I called?"
"house keeper, wh-what are you talking abou....oh, duh, house keeper. Um, no she didn't tell me but um..did you leave a message or anything?"
Jade looks nervous as hell. I think she's so nervous that her nose turned red at the tip. Ha! Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. 
"yeah, I just wanted her to let Edith know I want to talk to her. Talk about what happened and that I miss her, a lot."
Could this be Edith's ex? Oooh just wait till Gerard hears about this...
"do you think you can let her know? Or maybe, can I go by your house later so Edith and I could talk?"
"I'm sorry Henry, I won't let her know anything. And you can't come by my house. You broke Edith's heart and my family won't tolerate that. I'm sorry Frank, but I have to go." she gave him and me one last look and left. 
So, my answer has been answered. This fucker broke my Edith's heart. I don't like this guy anymore..
This guy turned to the counter and smiled. 
"how may I help you?" I stated with a pity smile. 
"oh, um may I have a chocolate doughnut please." 
"alright," as I got the doughnut, I remembered the first day I met Edith. She ordered a chocolate doughnut, "that'll be $2.50." 
"but $2 for the pretty girl" Gerard's words replayed in my head. Edith started to blush. I remember watching both of them blush. They both had googly eyes. It's fresh in my head as if it was just yesterday..
"thank you" he said, Grabbed his doughnut and left. As he walked out the door, I noticed he was wearing the Farmers Market uniform.. God.
The rest of the day, I wasn't able to manage working well. The scene that I saw was just too dramatic. Henry? Edith's ex? He is way different from Gerard. Even Edith, she's a punk girl. Henry looks like an athlete. Should I even tell Gerard? I don't think it'll be a good idea if he hears it from me...

Edith's POV
The Swan Lake performance date was extended. I can't believe it! Now I have to wait even longer! Talking about waiting, where's Gerard? He said he was gonna pick me up after Ballet class since he wasn't able to make it to my class. I've been waiting for half hour now. And what's even more awkward, I just spotted Vicky...
Thank God Carlos was walking with her though, no attention is drawn to me. 
Annnd, finally. Gerard arrived. I got off the ground and stood up. He parked right in front of me. He lowered down his window and looked at me all "cool". He was wearing some shades. All bad..
He stepped out of the car. 
"sorry I'm late sugar, I was helping out the new guy at my job." 
"oh really? Ehh, I guess it's no biggie. I waited half hour that's all.." I shoved him to his car. 
"I'm truly sorry. By the way, you look cute in your leotard." he shot me a wink. It was too hot so I didn't bother to put on my sweats. I was just in my black tights and my leotard. I walked over to the passenger seat and was about to step in when I heard Carlos call my name.
"bye Edith!" was what he said waving a hand. Vicky was..smiling. Awkward. 
"bye carlos!" I said and waved back. I didn't want to be rude so I just smiled back at Vicky. I stepped inside the car and Gerard took his shades off. 
"what was that about?" he said as he drove out to the road. 
"Vicky's smile" Gerard moved the mirror by his side so he can move to the next lane. 
"oh I dont know. I don't really mind it though. I didn't want to be rude so I smiled back."
"I hate her."
"me too" we knuckled punched and took a right turn heading to his house. 
"hey, so um, Bob is going to a party tonight which Rebecca invited him to and he wants us and the others to go. Do you want to go?" Gerard stated as we parked outside his house. 
"who's party is it?"
"I believe it's, I dont know actually. Something about a college party though."
"ooh, I haven't been to a college party since I moved here." 
Gerard looked at me with an awe expression. 
"you've gone to college parties?"
"yeah, back in LA. I'm not too fond of them now though."
"not even me and I'm older. But I don't like partying anyways." Gerard chuckled. 
"I don't like to party as much anymore, partying is, ehh. But I kinda want to go today.."
"are you sure?"
"yeah it'll be fun, specially with you.." I scoot closer to him and gave him a gentle peck on the cheek. 
"hmm, alright. We'll go." 
"yay, I'm hungry."
"let's step inside?"
We both stepped out of the car and walked to his front door hand in hand. 
When we walked in, Mikey and Mrs. Way were watching TV. 
"good afternoon Mrs. Way, hey Mikes." 
"hey" Mikey replied without looking up at me from his phone. He's probably texting Jade. 
"hi mom" Gerard said and walked to the kitchen opening the fridge and chugged on the orange juice.
"hey Gerard. I see you brought your little ballerina girlfriend! Hello Edith!" she stood up and walked over to me and gave me a hug. 
"you look so adorable in your leotard! Do a pirouetté!"
I twirled and said thank you doing
"oh how beautiful! C'mon, sit with me." she grabbed my hand and I walked with her to the couch. 
"how are rehearsals for Swan Lake coming?"
"pretty good, the date for the performance got extended for a couple of months though."
"oh darn, well, I'm going to go see you!"
"really!? That's wonderful!"
"yeah it is, I just can't wait to see you dance in your tutu!"
"well thank you, can't wait to see you there!"
"mom, we're going down to my room." Gerard walked over to us placing a hand on my shoulder. 
"alright then, I trust you two so don't let me loose the trust!" I stood up and followed Gerard to his room. 
"alright mom don't worry!"
We walked inside his room and shut the door. I jumped on top of his bed grabbing the blankets and covering myself like a worm. 
"what are you doing?" he said. 
"I love your bed! It's so comfortable!" I sniffed the blankets and they smelled like his colon. 
"the blankets smell like you" I commented. 
"well what do you expect, it's MY bed now scooch!" he took off his shoes and lyed down with me on his bed. We cuddled up the instant we made contact. 
"let's take the blankets off though, it's freaking hot!" he pushed over the blankets to the other side of the bed. 
"yeah it is, so about the party, do the others know?" I said. 
"I'm guessing"
"do you know If they're going?"
 "I think Ray and Christa are going and for sure Frank and Emma since there will be drinks but I dont know about my brother or your sister."
"I kinda doubt Jade will go. If I'm not much of a party person anymore, why would she be one"
"ha right, it's the other way around with Mikey and me."
"really? Never expected that."
"yup, he sure does like to party."
"wow, what do you plan on wearing?"
"I dont know, normal stuff."
"me too, I guess. I'm not too excited."
"nor am I, I'm just going cause you want to go and cause of Bob"
I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
"if you don't want to go we don't have too.."
"no but I kinda do want to go, it's just ehh, I don't like parties."
"you don't make sense.."
"it doesn't matter. All that matters is that, we should have fun"
"true, I'm sleepy."
"go to sleep then"
I felt Gerard move his hand to my abdomen. Then, of course, he started to tickle me. 
"Gerard stop!"
"I'm not gonna let you go to sleep!"
"you just told me to do so!"
"so I lied.." he continued to tickle me. We made a huge mess on his bed. He ended up on top of me. Legs on each side, gasping for air just like I was. 
"you are so immature Gerard!" I pushed him off me so I can sit up on the edge of the bed. 
"so I am."
"will you stop talking like that!"
"so I will."
"really Gee?"
"I'm kidding pretty girl"

Gerard's POV
I snuck up behind her and covered her mouth with my right hand and wrapped my left arm around her waist and brought her down with me. 
"I'm gonna kidnap you one day. Aha!"
I Felt her mouth open and before I knew it, she bit my hand. 
"fuck! Owie!" I let go of her and she climbed on top of me. 
"that's what you get!" 
She grabbed my hands, pinning me to the bed. 
"I'm gonna rape you one day." 
She kissed me roughly and I bit her lip. 
"what makes you think I won't like that huh?" of course, since I'm a guy, I was able to let go of her grip and move my hands to her hips. She placed her hands on my head playing with my hair. 
"you look sexy in your uniform." 
"you look sexy in your leotard." 
We collided our lips together roughly. I moved her over on the bed so I was resting on my side. I placed my hand on top of her right breast down to her waist, hip, and onto her right thigh. 
I went right back up to her neck. I massaged it with my thumb and let go of the kiss and smiled to her. 
"I love your smile Gerard."
"I love everything about you Edith." 
We continued to kiss till we felt a vibration between my thigh and her hip. I moved aside so I can take out my phone. It was a text message from Frank.
"are you going to the party?" Frank asked. 
"Frank wants to know if we're going to the party." 
"yeah sure." Edith sat up and hugged her legs to her chest. 
"yeah you?" I replied to him. 
"yeah, I'll Meet you at the party." 
"sure, see you then."
"alright bye."
"so I'm gonna head home to change Gerard." Edith got off the bed and stood in front of me on the edge of my bed. 
"Do you want me to take you?"
"don't you have to get ready?"
"I change fast."
"alright I'll wait. I'm too lazy to walk anyway."
I giggled and stood up. I walked to my closet to choose an outfit for the night. Edith listened to her iPod and lied on my bed. 

I decided to wear all black. Black Tee, black skinny's, black vans and a black A7X rubber band. It's been a while since I've worn this rubber band. My hair, as usual. Messy jet black hair down to my ears. 
Edith was listening to Asking Alexandria. Her music was bumping so loud she couldn't hear me. I walked over to her and poked her stomach. She plugged off her headphones.
"I'm ready, let's go" I said. 
"someone looks good." she got off my bed and smacked my ass as she grabbed her stuff. 
"thanks. Mind passing me my keys? They're on top of my night stand."
"sure." she walked over to the night stand and grabbed them. 
"I need to give myself one last look in the mirror before I leave." I rocked my hips side to side in front of the mirror to tease Edith. 
"Gerard you are so conceited." she smacked my ass again and walked over to the door.
"good looking Is my middle name sugar." she laughed and we both walked out the door.


I waited For Edith in her living room while Ms. Lynn was cooking her famous cookies and Jade and I were playing video games. We were playing Mario Kart.
"ha! I beat you once again! Loser!" Jade stuck her tongue out at me. 
"oh shut up, watch me beat you this next round!"
"I'd like to see you try."
"just wait and see."

We were half way through the last race and I was beating Jade! For the first time out of 5 whole games, I was winning. I was about to block one of the banana peals when I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes. 
"Edith get off!" 
"okay sorry.." she let go and hugged my shoulders from behind instead, nibbling on my neck. 
I had crashed to the wall and Jade had passed me. There was no way I can catch up and beat her. So I got 2nd place. 
"fuck!" I screamed and through the controller to the ground grabbing my hair trying not to pull it off. 
"what?! Oh yea! I beat you again fuck-tard!" Jade got up and did a little prance around me and Edith, who was still hugging me from behind. 
"Edith! Why!?!?" 
"I'm sorry, I love you." 
She whispered in my ear:
"I left you a hicky" 
I turned to her amusedly striking my head. 
"sorry" she smiled again and kissed my cheek. She got up and walked over to the kitchen. I followed her inside. 
"kids the cookies are ready!" Ms. Lynn yelled taking her gloves off. 
"hell yeah!" I said beating everyone to the table and grabbing two cookies in each hand. 
"leave some for the fishes will you?!" Jade said grabbing one and sitting down on the chair. 
"you only say that when you are drinking out of a water fountain Jade."
"oh whatever."
"okay so mom, we're gonna head out now." Edith said Grabbing her purse. 
"where are you guys going?"
"the party remember?"
"oh right, have fun sweetheart and Gerard, please keep an eye on her. I don't want her to come home drunk."
"I'll keep her safe don't worry."
"alright you two, keep it safe and have fun."
Edith and I left the apartment and raised down the stairs to my car. 
"your slow" I said to Edith who was on my tail. 
"I have small legs shut up." 
We reached my car and she jumped on my back. She got off and I opened the car door so she can head in. I walked over to the drivers side and got in. 
"you look good by the way." I said to her with a cheesy grin. She was wearing ripped pantyhose, denim shorts and combat boots with a Black Flag tee ripped from the sleeves. Her hair was put up in a messy, sexy pony tail. Her septum went great with her style as always. 
"thank you. You too"
"I know" I replied with a mischievous smile. She looked at me and punched me in the arm. 
"shut up prick."

Ray's POV
I arrived at the party with Christa, Bob, and Becky. The place was packed. Full of college kids. It's supposedly hosted at one of Vicky's cousin's house. What exactly am I doing here if it's technically her party? Oh right, Bob made the others and I come. Nice. 
"hey Becky, Bob, I'm gonna go to the food stand with Christa cause we're starving. Is that cool?"
"oh yeah, make yourself's at home." Becky replied with a smile and Christa and I hurried to the food stand. 
"Ray, can you imagine us being in college next year and there's parties like this every weekend?" Christa commented as we chugged down some hot wings. 
"I think I can Christa.."
She widened her eyes and took a bite off her hot wing. I giggled. 
"oh Christa, you're so adorable. You got a little something on your cheek." I removed some sauce off her cheek with with my thumb. 
"oh thank you baby."
"your welcome pumpkin." 
We continued eating when I saw Victoria eyeing Gerard and Edith who were speaking to Becky. This bitch just doesn't know when to stop. Speaking of Gee and Eddie, when did they get here?
On the other side of the room, I saw Frank and Emma arrive. I'm pretty sure they just got here and they already have a drink in hand? These guys..gosh..

Edith's POV
"so Becky, when did you dye your hair? It looks good on you!" I yelled over the music. She had dyed her hair red. 
"oh like, 2 days ago or something." she replied. 
"hey don't you think Gee should get a red streak on his bangs? Wouldn't it look good?"
"Edith, I'm not gonna get it, we talked about this!"
Becky took a look at Gerard and smiled. 
"yeah it would look good. You should do it."
"you too? Gosh, I hate girls. They agree on everything!" Gee said jokingly and I slapped his arm. 
"I'll be back Gee, I'm gonna go get something to drink" 
"no alcohol sugar!"
"I know! Gosh!" 
I walked away to the food stand where I found Ray and Christa. 
"what's up guys! Having fun?"
"if eating food is your definition of fun, then we're having a blast!" Christa said which made Ray and I laugh. I got my punch and a straw. 
"I'll see you guys later."
"bye Eddie." 
I turned around facing the direction I came from and saw Gee talking to some other person. I couldn't recognize the person because his back was facing me. Gee spotted me from behind the guy and called me over. As I was getting closer, Gee had said something to this guy and the guy turned around to face me. The minute he turned around and made eye contact with me, I panicked. My heart started to beat faster and faster as I got closer to my loving boyfriend who was smiling and to this guy who's jaw seemed to touch the ground. It was my ex boyfriend Henry. 
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