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33. Backstabbers Alright...

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*you guys, I made a little change to chapter 32, instead of the Swan Lake performance being extended a few months, I made it a few weeks. Just letting you guys know so there won't be confusion later on in later chapters..

Edith's POV
I approached Gee and he wrapped and arm around my shoulder. 
"Henry, this is my girlfriend, Edith." 
Apparently, Gee had no clue this was Henry, the guy we hate with all we have. So I decided to leave him oblivious to what was going on. I looked at Henry straight in the eye and wiggled my nose side to side. I hope he remembers...

Henry's POV
Oh my god, it is her. The secret nose wiggle. I remember we created the code so that every time we needed to make something up in the spot we could follow each others lead. Edith lynn, the only girl I've ever loved..
"Hi I'm Henry Chester. Gerard and I work together. I'm new around town. Nice to meet you." I extended my arm to her.
"nice to meet you Henry, I'm Edith Lynn." she shook my hand with a tight grip. 
"Edith, I'll be back alright? Henry, take care of my girl while I go get something to eat."
"alright man" Gerard and I did our bro handshake. 
"I love you Gerard!" Edith yelled. She emphasized the "I love you"
We watched Gerard leave and disappear in the crowed to make sure he wasn't near to hear the bad language that will be encountered this very second. Edith and I locked eye contact. She had those fiery eyes with "I'm gonna kill you" written all over her face. 
"Henry, I'm glad you remembered our secret nose wiggle." 
"I'm glad too."
"what are you doing here.." she stepped closer to me. Even though this room is filled with loud music, I think I can hear her heart beating with fury..
"it's too much to explain, do you think we can meet up somewhere some other time to talk?" I grabbed her hand being very cautious that no one see's. She immediately let go. 
"as much as I don't want to, I will because I think it's necessary." she looked through her purse taking out a pen and paper. 
"look, here is my number. Put it in your pocket right now before I punch you in the balls. And hide it! If Gerard finds out about this, I will chop your dick off and shove it so far up your ass it'll come out through your mouth you hear me?" 
"yes ma'am." 
"and don't call me ma'am" she stepped on my toes really hard. 
"fuck!" I yelled. And that's when Gerard arrived holding a plate of nachos and a soda can. 
"what happend to him?" I heard him ask Eddie. 
"I accidentally stepped on his foot on our attempt to ball room dance. Your a bad dancer Henry." she placed a tight grip on my shoulder with a sweet smile. But I know from the inside it's raging with anger. 
"are you okay? I'm sorry for stepping on you." I know for a fact she doesn't mean that sorry. 
"yes I'm fine. I'm gonna step outside for, some fresh air." 
"want us to follow you?" Gerard asked eating a mouthful of nachos. 
"no thank you! I'm fine on my own.  It was nice meeting you Edith, bye Gerard!" I said eagerly and walked out as fast as I can with my foot hurting like a mother fucker. 

Gerard's POV
"what's his problem?" I said to Edith as she drank from my soda. 
"I dont know, he looks like a weird person."
"ehh, I guess." 
"well enough about him, let's go do something yeah?"
"Like what?"
"lets dance!"
I placed my almost all eaten nachos and empty soda can thanks to Edith down and we walked over to the dance floor. 

Frank's POV 
Emma and I were talking to a few people before I got distracted by the most dreadful scene I just saw. Henry is in this party, he was talking to Gee and Eddie. God, how in the world did they play that so well? They fooled Gee right under his nose. And once he left, this fucker was trying to make a move with Edith?! That's some bullshit. At least Edith is not interested. Not that I had doubts she wouldn't, but just you know, making sure. I knew Eddie would find out sooner or later about Henry being here, but what about Gee and Eddie's little secret? Will she be slick enough to hide it for long?
My thoughts were interrupted by a squeal that just had to be Emma. 
"Frank! Let's dance!" it was Emma's favorite song that was not screamo. It was Foolin' by Def leppard. She took me in her arms and whispered "I love you." she's had a little bit too much to drink tonight. I can smell it in her breath. 
"I love you too Emma" 
I whispered back. I don't think I'll be drinking much tonight. First of all, cause its a college party and it could probably be dangerous and second, I need to take care of Emma cause, again, it could be dangerous. 

Bob's POV
I bet, if I didn't have Linda In mind, I'd be having a blast right now. I can't get it out of my head, I've hurt Linda. I've never hurt a girl in my life before! Physically nor mentally, specially in their hearts. Well, except Eddie, I play fight a lot with her and we both end up with bruises. I hope drinking will help me forget, I'm almost finished with my second beer... Im feeling buzzed...

Third person POV (narrator)
The night went on lustfully and wild. People making out here, a couple having sex in the upstairs room, it was crazy. As for Edith and the others, everyone was doing something different. Ray and Christa headed to the dance floor after eating so much and left home not too late. Frank and Emma went to the patio with a few other strangers to prank other people. Typical them. Bob and Rebecca danced the whole night but Linda was in Bob's mind the whole time. He wasn't able to enjoy himself. Victoria, as always, mingled with others. Bumping into Edith here and there. And as for Gerard and Edith, the night wasn't as expected. Well, mostly for Edith. Gerard didn't expect to have so much fun at a college party with his girlfriend. Edith's night was ruined by Henry's appearance. Henry had left the party right after he talked to Edith. He couldn't take the sight of them being lustful in the patio. He had observed them form afar; from the balcony to the patio. He remembered all those beautiful times he shared with her. He regrets 100% for the things he did and said of her. But the thing no one knows that caused this but his cousin Annie, was his addiction to cocaine. How much does he wish to go back in time to that era...

Monday morning

Edith's POV
I awoke feeling lazy. I don't want to go to school today. Thank god I showered at night. I'm even too lazy to get ready! I just through on my black hoodie over a tank top and olive green skinnies and converse. I had my hair done in a French braid so when I untied it, my hair was full of soft black curls. I find it unbelievable how much my hair has grown for the past couple of months. My hair grows really slow. My hair was up to right under my breasts. My bangs grew as well down to the tip of my nose. I trimmed them a little to still have my scene bangs. I've always wanted my hair like this, so I left it down so it can flow with the wind. 
After I was done changing and my necessities, I stepped outside only to find it was a nice, chilly, spring day. 

At school, it seemed to be a petty normal day. The jocks always bullying people, the sluts with other sluts, the nerds playing chess in the grass. It was pretty chill. 
Until I turned the corner to my locker. Henry was walking with the principal towards my direction. I walked towards them trying not to look at Henry but the stupid principal just had to stop and say something to me. 
"Edith, you'll be dressing in your physical education cloths today right?" 
"no promises." I said walking passed them. I arrived at my locker when the principal said something again. 
"oh really? Fine, I'm not going to give you detention today. Instead you'll be showing this new student around school all day." 
It's as if he knew I hate Henry and I don't want to get close to him. I shut my locker with force and turned to face them with an annoyed smile. 
He returned the same exact smile with a pint of hatred and evilness. 
"what if I didn't want to Mr. Hendricks.."
"I will personally call your mother and tell her what bad behavior you have. You know, the last time she was here she told me she expects you to have appropriate behavior or else she'll move you schools and you won't be able to see your friends and your boyfriend. You wouldn't like that would you.." 
This guy sure does keep me on check. 
"oh god, fine. Let's go new kid." 
I passed between them pushing Henry's shoulder with mine. 
"treat your fellow classmates correctly Ms. Lynn!"
"yeah yeah" 

I turned the corner and exited a door that lead to the schools parking lot. Henry followed me. 
"Edith wait!" I heard him say. 
"Henry, you can find your own way around school can't you? Or do you really need my help.."
I continued to walk towards the usual parking space Frank and Gerard park at. 
"yeah I can, I'm not that stupid. But I think we need to talk." 
I had stopped to face him and he was right behind me. I looked at him straight in the eye. 
"Edith, when can we talk.."
I looked around too see if I saw Gerard's car. 
"you have till my boyfriend arrives."
At the name "boyfriend" he rolled his eyes. 
"okay look, I know I did wrong to treat you the way I did. If you would have known what was going on with me, you'd probably understand. I regret everything I did, fully and I just want to let you know I still really like you." 
"what was going on with you.."
"look, it's too much to explain. I dont know even know if I have enough time to explain..."
"just tell me the main point!"
"I was addicted to cocaine..."
Silence fell and that's when I heard a car coming close. It turned the corner and I noticed it was Frank's car. He parked at the spot we were at. Before he got off his car, he shot me and Henry a weird look. He got out and half smiled at me before he walked to the door that leads to school. 
"Henry I think you should go" I whispered to him. I tapped his shoulder before leaving and ran to catch up to Frank. 
"Frank!" I yelled. He turned around and put a grin on his face. 
"hey pretty girl, how's it going?"
"pretty good. I see you shaved off your fo-hawk"
"yeah I did, it was getting pretty old." 
"you look good by the way."
"thank you."
We walked up the stairs And out to the left side to his locker. 
"where's Emma?"
"she has a doctor's appointment. She'll be back before lunch."
"oh alright." we arrived at his locker. He was Opening his locker as he spoke. 
"who was that guy you were talking to?"
"oh..some, guy I met on Saturday's party. He's also Gerard's friend."

Frank's POV
Huh, so this Henry guy is now Gerard's friend. Interesting. 
I absolutely love Edith with all my heart but honestly, I don't like the fact that Edith is hiding who this guy is from Gee.
"Edith, can we talk?" 
"alright, follow me."
I shut my locker and we continued to walk to the dark hallway no one ever passes by at.

"Edith, I'm sorry to brake it to ya but, I know your little secret." I said as we sat down, criss cross on the ground of the hallway. 
She narrowed her eyes. 
"what secret.."
"I know who Henry really is." 
Her eyes widened and her face turned red. Her eyes started to swell up. 
"Frank, please don't tell Gerard.."
A tear started to roll down her cheek. 
"why are you hiding it from him?"
"because, everything is going so well between me and him and I don't want him or me to get mad. Please Frank.."
That's actually pretty explainable. 
"I'm sorry Edith, I thought you were hiding it for other reasons."
"Frank, you know I love Gerard. There isn't any doubt... Why would you doubt me..."
She through her upper body on me and rested her head on my knee. She started to sob. I placed my hand on top of her head. 
"I'm sorry, it's just..Gerard has gotten hurt a lot and I want to be here for him this time.."
"I see what you mean, but don't worry with me, I truly love Gerard with all my heart....How do you know Henry?"
"well, Saturday morning, Jade was at the doughnut shop hanging out with me and he comes in and him and Jade have a little argument. They included you in it so I found out like that.."
"Jade knows..."
"why didn't she tell me..."
"I'm guessing cause she didn't want to see you brake down like this for a guy that's not worth it.."
"I guess so.. Well, please Frank, don't tell Gerard, For the mean time. I'll tell him, soon.."
"the sooner the better Eddie."
"I know, just please give me a minute."
She looked up at me and I shot her a smile. 
"thanks Frank."
"anytime pretty girl.." 
We hugged for a very long time. 
"has the bell rang?" she asked. 
"like about 10 minutes ago!"
"we should get going!"
"yeah we should!"
We got our stuff and ran to our first period. 

Frank and I headed to our usual spot during nutrition talking about gibberish. 
"...well my theory is that chickens were meant to be flying birds but were too fat to fly" Our argument was about chickens not being able to fly. 
"Frank, that doesn't make sense!"
"what doesn't make sense?" Gerard asked as he was picking at some leaf he had in hand. 
"Frank thinks chickens were meant to fly but were too fat to do so."
"really Frank? Eddie, you would not believe how long he has believed that! We had an argument about this back in 7th grade!" Gerard grabbed my hand and pulled me down with him to sit down. Frank also followed our procedure. 
"You know what!? I think you guys are full of monkey poop that's what I think!" Frank yelled throwing us grass. 
"you said the same back in 7th grade!"
"oh shut up and leave me alone." 
Frank looked passed me and immediately got up. I watched as he through himself on Emma, kissed her and grabbed her hand pretty harsh and brought her to us. 
"Emma believes my theory huh"
Frank pointed a finger at both of us. 
"oh the chicken theory? Yeah I do!"
"of course you would, you guys have the same IQ and it's not so high!" I started to laugh at Gee's comment. Emma and Frank tackled  Gee laughing into the ground. 
"what's going on?" Ray and Bob arrived with Mikey and Jade.
"no one believes Frank's chicken theory but Emma"
"oh" they all sat down and started to eat their chips. 
"you guys have heard of it?"
"like only a million times!"
We all started to crack up because no one believed Frank. How can he even come up with that theory?!

Henry's POV
I can't stand this anymore. I don't want to be in this school having to live with the fact that Eddie has a boyfriend. I saw them during nutrition. Gerard was on the ground laughing being tackled by two others and Eddie and some others were laughing. She some how found me staring at her. We made eye contact for a few seconds then I looked away because Gerard had gotten up and tackled Her. I can't stand seeing them together.. It hurts me too much.
I walked in my trigonometry class early and introduced myself to the teacher before finding a seat at the back of the class. A few students started to head in when I saw Gerard. 
"hey dude! I didn't know you were coming to this school. How's it so far?" Gerard said taking a seat next to me. 
It's Hell seeing you with my girl. 
"it's pretty cool so far."
"that's great. Have you met any friends?"
"a few here and there."
"wanna hang out with me and my friends?"
"no.. It's all good. I wouldn't want to bug you guys." 
"you wouldn't bug us! It'll be fun." 
The bell had rang and at that second, I saw Edith come in and shoot me a mean glare when she noticed I was talking to Gerard. 
"um, I'll think about it.."
"hey my love!" Eddie said giving Gerard a kiss on the cheek and sitting down across him. 
"hey Eddie! Help me convince this guy to hang out with us." 
She glanced at me before speaking. 
"oh c'mon Gerard, don't force Harold to hang out with us if he doesn't want to!"
"it's Henry" I said a little annoyed. 
"oh sorry, HENRY.."
She evilly smiled and turned around in her seat to face the front. 
"ok class, please welcome Henry Chester, he's new to our class."
There was a low and lazy welcome from the class. 
"class, take out your books out and turn to page 77."
I can tell this class will be hell...

Victoria's POV
I was running laps in my physical education class when I saw Rebecca at the bleachers. 
"Becky!" I yelled. She looked up from her book and came down the stairs rather quickly. I walked towards her direction and we met half way. 
"hey! How's it going?" I asked her. 
"pretty good, you?"
"alright I guess, still hating Eddie."
"oh haha, are things with Brian?"
"ehh, I'm getting over him."
"oh I see"
"how are things with Bob?"
"as usual, pretty boring though. We don't really see Linda much so it gets boring to hang out with him."
"aww Becky, I miss hanging out with you!"
"I know me too! I have so much to tell you about Eddie and her stupid boyfriend."
"don't you mean, sexy Gerard, and skanky Eddie?"
"oh right, well, let's go to the coffee shop to talk over it after school yeah?"
"sounds perfect!"
"alright see you then Vicky!"
"love you Becky!"
I ran down the stairs and continued running. My plan is going as expected. Since I couldn't find out shit about Edith and Gerard for myself, Rebecca is my spy by getting Eddie and her stupid gang's trust. Her playing with Bob's feelings is her own thing. I have no idea why and I don't really care. Yay me!!

Linda's POV
I decided to ditch this last period because I hate US history. It's so boring! I went to my usual spot that unfortunately I shared with Bob; under the bleachers inside the Gym. Immature freshman come down here and make out. Its disgusting. I looked to my left because I heard someone coming. Probably another freshman playing around. 
"Linda?" I heard a voice say. I looked again and found that it was Bob.
"yeah it's me Bob.."
"oh thank god, Linda, can we please talk about what happened?" 
"what do you mean?"
"if I said anything to offend you in Burger king I'm truly sorry." 
Remembering what happened that day makes my eyes swell up. 
"Bob...don't worry about it, it's nothing."
"Linda, I know there's something wrong. Even if you don't believe me, I care a lot about you okay?"
I couldn't handle not to cry so a tear slid down my cheek. Thank goodness it was dark down here. 
"Linda, I'm sorry. I wasn't planning on telling you but maybe this will make you talk.." he took a pause and a deep breath, "I know you like me.."
My heart seemed to stop for a moment and my world seemed to crash down on top of me. Fuck my life.. 
"how do you know.."
"well, I noticed when I analyzed it. When you started to cry when I said I love Becky was one reason, when you said Becky has tried to still all they guys you like was another and the main, yeah.."
Bob sat on his butt and placed a hand on my knee making me get the chills.
"Linda, I love you. Really, I love you as my best friend. You are an amazing girl, you have all my trust. I can tell you anything and everything. But I don't see you as a girlfriend material like, well for my taste, you know?"
"of course I get you, you put it in such a NICE WAY ASSHOLE!" 
I got off the ground and ran outside of under the bleachers. 
"hey! Were you ditching! I'm gonna call the principal!"
"shut up Pickle!" 
Mr. Pickle didn't respond to that. He knows not to mess with me. 

Bob's POV
Fuck my life I screwed it again with Linda. How can I have been so stupid! I noticed what I said right after she started to run. That was really rude. If I was a girl and I was told that, I think I would have done the same thing. Maybe even punch the guy. I feel like a total asshole! I sat there the rest of the period thinking how I could have word it better. God, us guys have to learn how to explain ourselves in a nicer way...
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