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34. You Just Don't Know When to Stop Do You?

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Victoria's POV
My last period was hell. It was boring and I had to take a test. There was a new kid though, he wasn't as cute for me to go for. Oh well. 
I was waiting for Becky at the front gate when I saw Gerard. He saw me but looked away nervously the instant we made eye contact. It's funny how he just can't get over the past. 
"Vicky!" I heard my name being called from my far left. I took a look and found Rebecca with Bob. 
"hey Becky, hello Bob."
"hi Vicky." was all Bob said to me, "I'm gonna get going Becky. I'll text you later." he kissed her on the cheek and we both watched as he approached Gerard and his little friends and started to walk out. I looked back at Becky who seemed annoyed. 
"what's wrong?"
"it's nothing. Bob annoys me sometimes.."
"I know what you mean.. Well, ready to go?"
We held hands to the bus stop that took us to our usual coffee shop in the city. 

Edith's POV
Gerard and I started to head home when I felt a vibration in my pocket. It was a call from an unknown number. 
"Edith, it's me Henry. Can we please talk today?"
I walked away from Gerard so I can talk with more freedom. 
"dude, you just fucking called at the wrong moment."
"so can we?"
"you are such an ass! Meet me at school at 6pm moron, and don't be late!"
I instantly clicked on him not waiting for his reply. I don't need to know what he has to say, if he really wants to talk, he'll meet me at school at 6.
"who was it sugar?" I walked back to Gerard and we held hands again. 
"it was my my dad, I rather not talk about it.." 
"oh, alright." 
Gerard gave me a sympathetic look and not questioned it any further. I truly feel really bad to have to lie to him but it's for our own good. 
I think I've gotten better at lying, Gee seems to believe me..

When I got home, I through off all my stuff on my bed, undressed and took a nice and hot long bath. It's my way of relaxing and forgetting about this Fucked up world. 
Before I realized it, it was already 5:30pm. I have been in here for about one hour and a half. I came out to a freezing hallway and room. It was still dark, no one was home yet. The only light that came in through this apartment was from the big window in the living room. In my robe, I stood in front of the window, watching as a car pulled up in front of the apartment. A couple came out. The minute I saw the quirky couple, I knew it was Mikey and Jade. I was right. They stood in front of the gate for a second, talking about who knows what. Then they kissed adorably. It made me think of how my love towards Gerard and his love towards me could be ruined the moment he finds out Henry is in town and I hid it from him. Just thinking about it makes me angry and sad combined together. 
I walked back to my room to change. Its a chilly night so I wore a beenie, my Green Day hoodie, black jacket, black skinnies and my checkered vans. Moments later, I heard the front door open and a big long sigh from Jade. 
"Boo!" I screamed, jumping out of my room hoping to scare her. 
"hi Eddie" Jade walked over to kitchen and opened the fridge. My prank failed miserably. 
"Where are you headed?" she came back out with a pizza in mouth, carrying a cold pizza box and orange soda. 
"eww that's cold."
"whatever's.." I closed my eyes, thinking over my words before I say something I'm not suppose to say, "I'm going to settle things over with, a 'friend' of mine. What was his name, oh! HENRY!" 
Jade dropped the pizza box and the pizza from her mouth. 
"do you have anything to tell me Jade?"
"uuuhh...I- no.."
I walked over to her with so much adrenaline going through my veins. 
"ok Edith, I know you're mad but I'm really sorry. I didn't want to be the one to tell you.."
"and you wanted me to find out on my own in front of Gerard!!!" I stomped on the ground with so much force the table moved. 
"oh god! I guess I should have said something. I'm really sorry, does Gerard know?"
"fortunately not! And you better keep your mouth shut! If he's going to find out, he will hear it from my stinkin' mouth you got it!!"
"yes -Ed- Edith"
"alright now, I'm going out to the devils cave. Bye bye now." 
I stormed out of the apartment feeling rather dizzy. I shouldn't get so mad anymore...

Victoria's POV
It was 6:24pm already. This is the best I've had so far with Rebecca these past few weeks. Since she's been too busy hanging out with Bob and his friends, I don't get to hang out with her much. It sucks to pretend to be not-so-close friends. 
"so, like I was gonna tell you about Eddie an Gerard.." Becky said as she took a sip of her tea. 
"ooh! Yea tell me!"
"ok well, I found out something about Edith's past. One of her ex's is living here now and goes to our school."
"what's his name?!"
"Henry, Henry Chester."
"are you shitting me right now?! He's in my fourth period!"
"and, he was Edith's boyfriend before Gerard back in Los Angeles. She loved him so much but then he broke her heart. I don't know why though. That's what I didn't find out.."
"this is really juicy news! How did you find out?"
"I over heard when Eddie was explaining to Frank during third period but I wasn't able to hear everything."
"wow, that's badass!" we high fived and I looked around the shop to see if anyone I know is in the shop. 
A few cute guys here and there but no one to worthy for me to hit on. 
"oh my gosh Rebecca look who just arrived.." I pointed at the front door where I saw Edith walk in with..some other guy..
"Victoria! That's Henry! Her ex!" Becky whispered as we ducked so we won't be seen by them. 
I watched them order coffee and take a seat by the window on the other side of the coffee shop right across us. 
"dude! We need to get close to listen to what they have to say!"
"we can't! It'll be too obvious Vicky, we have to just stay here.."
We watched them and watched them. Nothing interesting happened. It looks like a serious talk, no happy emotion was shown across either of their face.

Henry's POV
"so explain to me more about why you are making this addiction to cocaine thing up." 
"Eddie, I'm not making it up, why do you think I never let you come watch me play baseball at practices? Every time after the practice, I went with Kevin to do that shit. You remember Kevin right?"
"of course I remember that fucker.."
Kevin was my accomplice on all the bullshit I did to Edith. That bastard is long gone now, we lost contact after I got help..
"well, you've got to believe me..I dont know how else to prove it to you.."
"well, did anyone know about this?"
"only Annie, but I made her promise not to tell you.."
"well whatever, I guess I believe you. Why did you do it though.."
"well, my life was hell at the moment. My dad had died, my mom was depressed all the fucking time and never paid attention to me. My coach pushed me to do better and my grades were going down. I didn't want to repeat junior year again. And, Kevin was a fucking crack head. I tried it once and I liked the feeling of it so I kept doing it.."
"You know, I think it's wrong to tell you how much I hate you every second. So, I'm going to be a little nice right now. I don't blame you, I've done the same thing.."
"well thank you for being nice for once since I arrived here. What did you do?"
"well I didn't go extreme, I only smoked weed and drank a lot but I use to do it everyday.."
"why did YOU do it? Your life seemed perfect.."
"yeah, before all that bullshit you did to me. I felt so fucking disgusting after going out with you. So the only way I could forget was by getting waisted"
"wow, I had no idea I caused that. I'm really sorry. And...I'm also very sorry for almost making you have sex with me. I've become to learn that was really wrong.."
"no fucking really Henry?! You are a fucking douche I swear!" 
She slammed the table and it made a few people turn their head. 
"I'm sorry. It was wrong.." 
She didn't bother to look at me in the eye..
"Edith, I know you have a boyfriend and everything but I just want you to know that you are truly the only girl I've liked. My world seems so jacked up right now, but every time I see you, you brighten up my day but just for a few seconds because I always see you cuddling with your boyfriend and it tears me apart and makes me realize I lost someone so special. You are beautiful to me Edith," I leaned forwards on the chair, "your smile,  your eyes, your nicely shaped lips, your personality..your amazing dancer body.."
I caressed her cheek but she immediately jerked off. 
"Henry, please don't do that.."
"I'm sorry.."
"look, as hard as it is for me to forgive someone that has hurt me that much, I'm forgiving you. Why? Because, I can't hold grudges. And it wasn't all your fault, you did cocaine and I understand where you're coming from. I know it's hard so I forgive you.."
You don't know how long I've been waiting for her to at least give me a hug. Her placing her hand on top of mine is close enough. I couldn't help but start to tear up. She was also tearing up. 
"thank you Edith, for understanding me and forgiving me. You don't know how much I appreciate it.."
"you're welcome.."
"can we stay friends, since I'll be living here now.."
"you know, I still very much hate you, we'll see in the future.."
I took a sip of my coffee and continued. 
"what's going to happen with Gerard?"
"what do you mean?"
"are you gonna tell him?"
"well, I'm planning to but I dont know how. He's gonna want to kick your ass though that's for sure.."
"you've told him about me?"
"of course dumbass.."
"I deserve it.."
"hmm..well, I guess our job here is done so mind dropping me off at my house?"
She got up and grabbed her frapuccino. I did the same as well. 
"sure thing Hailey-girl" 
She gave me a frightening look.
"don't call me that.."
We stepped out and walked to my car in silence. I don't mind the silence though. I'm kind of glad, I feel like a humongous weight lifted off my chest...

Victoria's POV
"wow, that was interesting and boring at the same time" I commented as we walked to the bus stop. 
"yeah, but you would not believe what I got." 
Becky passed me her phone and on the screen was a clear picture of Edith holding Henry's hand at the table. 
"Rebecca, I freaking love you! This is perfect!"
"you should show it to Gerard!"
"I will! Let's just hope he believes me this time.."
The bus arrived and we got in. 
Through out the whole bus ride, I imagined all the great things that can happen to Edith and Gerard when I show him the picture. They're probably gonna break up and I'll be there to comfort Gerard and he'll fall for me again. Hopefully this is how it ends.
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