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Ravens Fly Across the Moon

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You get to find out the baby's name and shit.

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"Pistol Capone Hausman? What kinda name is that", Frank asked, turning up his nose.
"The kind that belongs to a bad ass little girl", Kim glared at him. "You have no room to talk. You named your daughters after gay ass flowers."
"I'm hating", Kim answered, smirking.
Just then, the nurse brought in the little bundle of shit and spit up, and handed her to Kim.
"Hey, Frank- you wanna hold her. I mean, you were there for the birth. I owe it to you."
Frank was really shocked. Wasn't it the father's place to hold the baby first? He was just a neighbor...
"Matt won't mind. You saved her life. I wouldn't have been able to have her in the house." Kim smiled kindly at him and passed him the tiny little body wrapped in a receiving blanket. Her eyes were bruised from wear she'd been positioned during the birth, and she had the roundest and reddest little cheeks. Her chin was sudden and she was as pale as a ghost. However, the hair color of this little girl didn't seem to fit.
"I'm naturally blonde. That's why she looks how she does", Kim told him, seeming to read his thoughts.
"But your eyebrows are dark."
"Don't ask me about that", she said. "I've been curious of how that's possible all my life. But, my natural hair color is dirty blonde that shines red, yet grows in platinum. Can't be helped."
"Why do you dye it black", he asked. "Isn't blonde like, the superior hair color."
"...I'm one for the inferior."
It was another two hours before Matt got his ass to that hospital. He sprinted down the hall, into the room, and stood in shock when he saw his daughter.
"I figured we'd name her 'Pistol'. That okay", Kim asked.
"Um... yeah... That's fine."
"Do you want to hold your baby?"
"Of course."
Frank carried the little girl over to her father, who had tears in his eyes.
"I can't believe I missed it."
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