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Chapter 1

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I only see light.

It’s pissing me off.

I blinked and sat up off the ground, covering my eyes with my hand. It was way too fucking bright for my taste. My hand didn’t work. So I tried my arm. Didn’t quite do the trick. I huffed and set my arm down, scowling into the light. I heard some voices, but who knows, they could just be the angels coming to tell me I was too bad for heaven, too good for hell. It could be people… But it was very, very bright. Then again, I was very, very high last time I checked…

A click resounded through the light, and then the light went away. A door, I could tell it was so, closed, and I was left in near complete darkness. Great. I wasn’t dead. Means I had to come down from my high. “Shit,” I said, listening to my voice echo. I chuckled and said shit again, loving the echo. “I ain’t got no friends…” I sang quietly, hearing my voice echo perfectly. Huh. The room must have had really good acoustics.

I looked around the darkness, trying to make out the blobs sitting in the darker shadows. I saw a couch, chairs and a table as basics. I scrunched my nose and looked at the ground. I saw my eyes glinting in the slight light of the dark, and I crawled towards the thing reflecting me. It was either a universe, or a mirror. I carefully raised a hand off the ground and slowly poked the thing. Just a mirror. Okay. Good. I chuckled and carefully picked up the mirror, making faces into the glass, laughing at myself. My green eyes were sparkling in the lack of light, my hair still looked purple, and my scarf was choking me slowly. All was good.

I heard voices again, and since I wasn’t dead, it wasn’t angels. I blinked and looked around the room, paranoid as hell. I mean, people watching me? Kinda creepy in my thoughts. Not that I’m not used to it… I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked around again, noticing a bar of light a little ways from me. I armied quickly and army-crawled over to the light, putting my head on whatever I was crawling on, which smelled like feet and alcohol mixed with dirt and rubber, and shoes. Lots of shoes.

“… looks tough…” I heard, and I huffed, wanting to know who the people outside were talking about. It was a guy, a low gruff voice with no face. Yet. I am getting out of here. I am. The dark is shit. I’ll get pale, and lose my aim. Though, it might help me at night…

“I think she’ll survive too,” a muffled voice voiced, sharper than the low one. Sweet. I had two strangers on my side of the world.

“C’mon, you guys, she didn’t even have a switchblade on her anywhere,” a third voice said, one that sounded almost crystal clear. I frowned and suddenly gasped. They checked all of me. I face-floored. “…things she had in her pockets was a pencil and sketchpad with god knows what in there.”

“What do you think Poison? Should we follow D’s orders and keep her?” the second voice said, sounding like a little kid saying, ‘CAN WE KEEP HER?’ I giggled into my palm and stood up off the ground, looking at the door. I could try the handle, or I could burst the door open…

I took a deep breath in, stood up straight, and kicked the door.

The moment my foot connected with the door, I started falling backwards a little as the door did the same, only out. Shitty thing is I broke the door. Ah well. The world was fun to watch fly backwards, to listen to the shouts of the men. Fun fun fun…

I hit the ground running. Well, falling. It hurt like hell, and made my body bounce. I hated bouncing. It wasn’t fun. I saw two guys run over, holding guns out and pointing them at me. Other guys, three of them, came up behind them, looking either confused or crossed. I sighed and shut my eyes, waiting for the world to come back into sound. I heard talking, and my breathing, but nothing other than that. I guess the door didn’t bounce.

“Stay the fuck on the ground!” I heard a voice yell at me above the rest, and I opened my eyes, looking at the barrel in my face. “You are useless, we can kill you.”

I sighed again and shut my eyes, moving slowly to stand up. I opened my eyes and slowly held my hands up, my face passive. “Okay. You got me,” I said, looking at the five men staring at me. “I have to ask, who are you?”

A stocky blond man rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Your name first.”

I smirked and put my hands down, sending them to my pockets. “American Spirit. Now, angry blond man, please tell me your’s.” I chuckled and looked at the ground, kicking my heel on the floor. “Like I’d disclose my names when I have guns pointed at me. I can’t tell you mine until you put the guns down and say your’s.”

I heard murmuring, and then guns being pocketed. “Look here,” I heard a voice say, and I looked up to see a near-midget walking up to me. “We need your name,” he said, raising his eyebrows. “I suggest you say it.”

I raised an eyebrow at the man. “Or?” I asked, grinning. “Going to shoot me with toy guns?” The midget took his gun out at aimed it up, immediately shooting up at the ceiling. I looked up at saw that, indeed, it was not a toy gun. I looked back down. “I can’t say until you say, shortie.”

A man with an afro walked up to me and gripped my face, forcing me to look into his eyes. “We need your name,” he growled, annunciating each and every word. “Or we will kill you.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Violet Rage,” I spat out, glaring at the man with the afro. “Mind letting my fucking face go?”

He let go, and I heard a cough come from someone in the back. I looked back there and the stocky blond man had his arms folded, biting his lip and having very shifty eyes. “Violet Rage?” I spat on the ground to show I was listening. “You’re in a diner." I looked around while keeping my face straight and saw that yes, he was correct, I was in a diner. "I’m Mr. Moonstruck, that’s Party Poison,” motioning to the man next to him with red hair, “that’s Fun Ghoul,” poking the midget in his back, ”that’s Kobra Kid” pointing to another blond, a thinner one, ”and over there is Jet Star,” nodding towards the afro man. “We’re—“

“Going to let me go,” I said, chuckling and walking past the two guys in front of me, into the room I had originally intended to enter. “I hope you had fun looking, but I have places to be, people to see…” I noticed a door to my right, and I turned around to face the five. “Other than you guys. I do have a friend or two…” I turned around and put my hand on the door handle. “I think.” I opened the door and stepped outside, blinding myself with the light. I felt on my head for my sunglasses, the in my pockets… Nothing. “Shit,” I murmured, walking away from the diner down the road. “Completely normal to walk down the side of the road in a dangerous, new area…” I sang, stumbling a little bit. “FUCK,” I said loudly, huffing and continuing to walk, trying not to fall over again. I had no clue which direction I was headed, but whatever way it was, I wasn’t facing the blinding sun. Which was good. I was already seeing stars and finding it hard to walk with confidence without breaking out in the middle of the road spinning.

I started singing Hollywood Whore when I heard an engine. Me, being the drunk car enthusiast I am, I turned around, shielding my eyes from the big ball of radiation we call the sun. I couldn’t tell what model, but a Pontiac was headed right towards me. Fun fun. “It’s all going down the drain…” I sang before turning back around in the direction I intended and walking. The engine revved, and I scowled. It sounded like it was smoking. Le sigh. It revved again and I turned around to see it very close to me. I started walking backwards though, because it was a beautiful car, despite its appearance. It just needed a new paint job, some dent fixes, a good car wash…

I noticed an afro inside the car and sighed. I didn’t want to be bugged by these guys again. They’re probably the type of people to run up to you with a box of tissues and a used bottle of vanilla lotion. Not my kind of people. I shook my head, rasied a middle finger to the car, and walked off the side of the road into the scruffy desert area. I lost sound of the engine – I wasn’t going deaf, was I? – and a door shut. I sighed and patted my pocket for my iPod, my little comfort buddy. Something to stop myself from hallucinating sounds again. It wasn’t there though. I don’t know why, because I always fucking carry it everywhere, I don’t go anywh—“OH MY GOD SOMETHING TOUCHED ME,” I screamed, jumping into the air, eyes wide. “FUCK.” I heard a fucking creepy chuckled, and once I had landed I turned around to see the red head from earlier shaking his head. “What?” I asked, scowling. “I fuckin’ got scared, it’s normal, ass hole.”

He shook his head and smiled at me, putting his hand on my shoulder. To which I growled at. “Violet, c’mon, with everything falling down around me, I’d like to believe in all the possibilities,” he said, smiling at me with his head turned to the side a bit.

I blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice. I would have blinked a fourth time, but I don’t know a word to work for four with a ‘ce’ on the end. “What. The. Everliving fuck. Was. That,” I said slowly, looking at the red haired man like he had just proposed he had wished to have sex with a cow. “Are you as high as I am, or are you just always that weird?”

The man chuckled and looked down at his feet, which were being annoying and getting dirt on mine. Not that mine weren’t dirty or anything… “You can’t run away, you know.”

“Fuck off. Running away would be fast. I’m walking, duh.” I began the process of walking backwards with my arms outstretched. “See? Running away would be quick. I am just going home. Now if you excuse me…” I turned around and put my hands back in their pockets, where thye belonged. “I have a tree to find.”

“Violet Rage.”

“That’s my name, remember it, you might be screaming it sometime in your life,” I called over my shoulder, smirking. “Or moaning it later as your wrist grows tired yet again…”

“Get back here?”


“I have candy.”

I flicked the man off behind me. “I don’t like candy.”

“And more drugs.”

I stopped. Drugs were good. I liked drugs. I turned around from the waist up to see the man holding a bag in the air. Good pint sized bag… and it was absolutely filled with crack. I looked at the man like he was crazy, grinning, and ran back to him, snatching the bag and taking off the way I was going anyway, down the road.

He and I ran for a while, me cackling and sprinting with ease. After a while I lost the sound of him, and I stopped. He was a quarter of a mile behind.

I chuckled again and looked back at the road, and the mirages of water on the road. Wait. Water. Fuck, I’m thirsty… I saw the water things again and suddenly they became the most tempting thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I began running to the nearest one, which faded away once I got close. I scowled and ran to the next one, watching it disappear too. I let out an exasperated huff and began running after the water, arms outstretched to get the water faster. “I WANT THE FUCKING WATER,” I called to no one, chasing a mirage. Then the mirage turned into something I saw out in the desert. So I broke off in a run away from the road, into the desert at high noon.

Oh hai there.
Happy one year! This is “My Name is Violet Rage V2.0”, renamed Out in the Zones. I quite like the first chapter already. But that’s what I said last year. So we’ll get to see how well I do on this rewrite.
(Yes, I know, Violet’s a lot different. But you see her now, and later she’ll work better with her character. I promise. Trust me on this.)
Just wait, a year from now, I’m going to rewrite this… I don’t know. I have high hopes for this fiction. Refiction. Rework. Whatever the fuck you call it.

P.S. Shit day. Review. Even if it sucked ass. I know, it probably did. That's just who I am this week. That thing up above was done a week ago. I was happy then. Now it's just... I hate life sometimes. It's not karma. It's just life being a bitch.
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