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The Concert/ Accidently met

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Victoria and Sam went to the concert and after that they she accidently met someone that she hates(well kind of)..

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January 30, 2001

Hi Im Victoria...You can call me Tori...well that's what everyone calls me. Im 21yrs old... And I have an annoying brother, his name is Sam we are twins...anyway back to the story...I was having a really good dream until my brother woke me up...

Sam: (screaming)hey Tori your coming with me!!!

Victoria: coming where?

Sam: you know to the concert.

Victoria: what are you talking about?

Sam: geez you forget easily.

Victoria: (ok im gonna call her Tori for short from now on) no I dont.

Sam: yes you do!

Tori: fine what is it then?

Sam: well remember that you’re going to my favourite band's concert with me?

Tori: no I’m not you can go by yourself!

Sam: ahh no, mum said you have to go with me!

Tori: yea right...

Sam: Want me to call her?


Sam: only if you say yes.

Tori: Fine ill come with you!! Just dont call mum.


Sam: (Shouting from down stairs)ARE YOU READY?

Tori: (Shouting from upstairs)NO IM NOT!

Sam: (Shouting from down stairs)YOU TAKE SO LONG TO GET READY!

Tori: (Goes down stairs)No I dont!

Sam: Whatever...

Tori: do i really need to go with you...I hate that band...

Sam: someday you'll love them..

Tori: (making barfing noise) i think im gonna vomit!

Sam: whatever!

-Skip to the part where the band sign your Simple Plan Stuff-

Ofcourse i didnt go i was waiting outside for my brother to finish talking to David...His favorite.

When he finished.. we stayed there for another hour...And after that we went out of the Concert Arena.

Then unexpectedly we bumped into Peter I mean Pierre... I didnt know it was him until...

Sam: (Whispering) i think we just bumped into Pierre...

Pierre: Im so sorry, err did I see you in the concert?

Tori: amm no i dont think so because i didnt want to get autographs..

Pierre: So.....youre not a fan...

Tori: (thoughts) what kind of question is that?

Sam: By the way im Sam this is my sister...And yes she is a huge fan.

Tori: No im n-

When i was just about to say 'No Im NOT' he cutted me off by elbowing me...

Tori: (holding my stomach/rubbing it) ofcourse i love you guys...

Sorry, what did I Just said??? Please dont tell me i said i love them!

Pierre: cool...sorry i didnt get your name...

Tori: Amm..err.. im tori...what about yo- i mean i alre-...

Pierre: (takes his hands out) Im Pierre...Obvously...

Tori: (smirks)(shakes)

Pierre: (Smiles) Nice to meet you Tori...(Stares at Tori for a while while smiling while shaking my hand)(brakes it and said) Anywayyys i gotta gooooo(looks at his watch)now.. i think im late...

Sam: ok cya Pierre...

(when he left)

Sam: what was that?!

Then suddenly there was a man running the other way were going...Then he bumped me really hard.

Tori: Ohh God my ancle i think i twisted it.

Seb: OMG im sooo sorry!!!

Sam: omg are you seb?

Seb: sorry ammm Sam right...

Sam: yea...and this is my clumsy sis Tori..

Tori: WHAT!!!!

Seb: Im sure shes not that clumsy..

Tori: Let me guess your also late.

Seb: not really but i have to go now...(help Tori up)

Tori: Thanks and bye..

Sam: kay bye Seb.

Tori: (looking around to make sure no-one else accidetaly hurt her)

Sam: (chuckles) oh come on...

When we got home i ate and after that i had to rest at my bed for the rest of the night.
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